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Values Based Motivation

Values Based Motivation

The powerful way to influence yourself and others

Discover the secrets of motivation by learning to ‘decode’ the factors that shape behavior.

You’ll laugh when you realize why the kids don’t listen to you – and how easy it is to change that dynamic by simply understanding their motivation direction.

You’ll also learn to apply these factors to be self-motivated for a lifetime.

In this ebook, you will discover:

  • Learn how to motivate anyone – by speaking to their correct motivation “level”
  • How your values drives your motivation and that of others
  • Learn to speak the “Motivation Language” – to connect with others on their deepest levels
  • Identify your own lifetime motivator values
  • How to to understand how motivation works – so you can better manage the behavior of yourself and others
  • Understand what roles motivate you

This Adobe PDF eboValues Based Motivation - Larry LaFataok program includes:

  • Motivation – Clarifying what motivation is and how it works to manage the behavior of others by understanding their deepest motivators
  • Values Based Motivation Flowchart, so you can see the relationships between values, motivation direction and outcomes and understand how it works
  • My Values Worksheets, where you identify  your motivation values, your pleasure values, your pain values and your lifetime motivator values
  • Roles That Motivate You, a worksheet to identify what Roles most motivate you and how you can shape your own behavior



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