Use Rewards to Motivate Yourself and Your Team

The art of setting up a rewards plan

How to Use Rewards to Achieve Your Objectives - Larry LaFata

Rewards are a powerful tool for motivating personal and team behavior.

  • A rewards plan gains incredible buy-in from the team
  • Rewards are great for team-building and to increase productivity in competitive environments
  • Rewards can make any process fun
  • Reward programs are highly customizable for any organization
  • Can make any challenge easier
  • You can create unlimited rewards plans with this program

This PDF ebook program includes:

  • How to use rewards and motivation to thank others and to achieve goals
  • The five types of rewards and penalties that give you options in any situation
  • How to set up a rewards plan for yourself, your team or your family
  • Careful with Penalties
  • Rewards Worksheets to customize an unlimited number of Rewards Plans

Unite the team with a fun common cause
Whether you need to motivate a team, a family or any organization, a rewards program lets you include everyone on the same playing field. It unites the team in a shared objective and increases team interaction in a positive way. You may even get a little trash talk once they get competitive!

There are five kinds of rewards you can apply, each offering its own special dynamic. There is a reward plan you can apply to motivate teams and individuals in almost any situation. Sample plans and worksheets are included to give you some starter ideas.

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