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Define Your Retirement Destiny

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Shaping Your Retirement Plan

Most people don’t like to think about retirement, and if they do, they only think in terms of their financial retirement plan. But retirement is important to think about, because it is a lifestyle that you have the opportunity to shape in alignment with your Career Destiny.

You may want to retire early, you may never want to retire. But if you want to do it your way , it must align with your Career Destiny.

Find out how to fashion the retirement you want with this easy Retirement Cultivator

First, go Through this list and check off the Retirement beliefs that you have now.

Then, go through the list again, this time check off the retirement beliefs that you want to cultivate

What Does Retirement Mean to You? Retirement Beliefs that I have now Retirement Beliefs
I want to cultivate
I have to work full time as long as I am physically able
I want to veg out and relax on the porch of a retirement home
I want to make a difference when I retire by volunteering
I can never retire due to poor planning
I can’t retire till at least 72, then live a very frugal life.
I can retire at 65, live on Soc Security and reverse mortgage
I can retire at 62, live on an annuity and reverse mortgage
I can retire and live comfortably on savings & investments
I am all set for an awesome retirement
I don’t live for retirement, when I’ll be too old to do stuff
I live for retirement, when I have all kinds of free time
Retirement means hang out with grandkids and do hobbies
My retirement income is based on a side business I’ve set up
I want to start a second career or business when I retire
Retirement means I stop working and live on a fixed income
Retirement means I stop working full time and go to part-time
Retirement means I continue to work doing what I love
Retirement means I slow down, work as much as I enjoy it
Retirement means curtailing my life and hunker down in poverty
Retirement?  it’s too far off to even think of
I’m too scared to think about retirement
I don’t understand retirement
I retirement is a chance to better manage my life in the now
Let’s just see what happens when I get there to retirement
I don’t have to ever retire, because my work is play
I don’t have to retire because I’m living my Career Destiny

What retirement planning scenario do you want to cultivate?

Compare the “Retirement beliefs you have now” answers with “Retirement beliefs I want to cultivate” column. Are you happy with the retirement beliefs you have now?

If you have half-baked ideas or are not clear about the retirement lifestyle you want, now is the time to cultivate the beliefs you desire.  By defining your retirement plan and nurturing the beliefs and expectations you want over time, you can make them a certainty.

One way to make them a reality, is take your answers and write down a short paragraph that you can refer to regularly. Watch your mind manifest it into a tangible development over time.

Your Retirement beliefs have a huge impact on your Career Destiny

Your retirement beliefs will affect how you approach your career or business destiny in a huge way.

For example, if you believe retirement is going to be a boring dead end, will you strive to earn and save in a lackluster way?

Thankfully,  you can shape and cultivate retirement beliefs that decisively influence the Career Destiny you want, and they can work together to give you the most wonderful retirement you can imagine.

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