Positive self talk quotes

Use positive self talk quotes to manifest abundance

Use positive self talk quotes to manifest abundance

Positive self talk builds an abundance mindset

Positive self talk quotes are a powerful way to manifest abundance. When done correctly, they can improve your mental health and chase away anxiety.

Positive self talk is the mental equivalent of eating a lean diet with fresh vegetables and exercising regularly. Over time it improves overall mental health. It creates optimism and radiance. You elevate your thought patterns to attract abundance and prosperity.

There are other important reasons to use positive self talk quotes: protecting yourself.

Most of the negative media you are bombarded with each day is the mental equivalent of a fatty diet with processed food and chemical additives.

Over time online negativity and fear creates poor mental health, anxiety, disease or depression The negativity can create a scarcity mindset.

Worst of all, many people you interact with each day are bombarded with this negative mindset as well!

Protect yourself from negativity with positive self talk quotes

Positive self talk quotes can be your protection from this. They can vanquish the negativity.  

When you learn to develop the habit of positive self talk, it strengthens you. Your confidence and belief in yourself grow. Over time your positive beliefs develop an abundance mindset that attracts prosperity and good relationships into your life.

Positive self talk quote affirmations help you gain positive feelings about yourself and others in many ways:

  • You cultivate optimism and a positive outlook
  • You ditch the social anxiety
  • You feel secure about who you are
  • You gain self-esteem
  • You don’t struggle with worthiness issues
  • You have a confidence in how you approach the world
  • You no longer argue with people because of misunderstandings or mistaken perceptions
  • You strengthen your relationships

However, positive self talk quotes must be your own to be effective. You can’t just pull online quotes that someone else wrote or they won’t work well.

Free Positive Affirmations Worksheet

To fully understand how to customize positive self talk affirmations that are personal to you, I offer a free worksheet. It’s a complete guide about how to write positive self talk affirmations, with instructions and examples.

OK, let’s start you on your way to understanding how self talk quotes can attract abundance and happier life. Here’s what we’ll cover:

In this article on how to use positive self talk quotes to manifest abundance, you will discover:

What is positive self talk and how does it come about?

Let’s break down exactly what the definition of a positive self talk quote is, by looking at each aspect.

  • Self talk is the internal conversation you have, your inner voice, emanating from your protective subconscious (Subby for short)

  • It occurs as your automatic response to internal and external emotional TRIGGERS

  • Self talk is also known as your attitude: A positive inner dialogue it is known as a good attitude, negative inner dialogue is known as a bad attitude

  • A quote is an affirmation that you repeat whenever a trigger occurs

  • Positive means self-affirming, self-accepting, beneficial to your health

So when we put all these terms together it clearly defines a positive self talk quote. It is how you react to life events, by accepting yourself in a beneficial way.

Remember that self talk is a habit, like smoking or over eating. So learning the habit of positive self talk requires:

  1. Breaking the habit of negative self talk

  2. Replacing it with new habits of positive self talk and neutral self talk

The difference between positive self talk and negative self talk

Positive self talk is a proactive habit: you are choosing to react to life event triggers in a certain way.

Negative self talk is a reactive habit: it is a negative automatic response to triggers. 

The big problem with negative self talk habits is they can generate limiting beliefs. These are beliefs you have about yourself – and others. They can turn into an overall negative mindset over time.

Limiting beliefs can color your entire life in a negative way. They can spread to all areas of your life, robbing you of happiness and abundance.

“She wont talk to me” becomes “No one loves me.” Or a breakup becomes “I’ll always be lonely.” A bad job interview becomes “It’s hopeless, I’ll never get a good job.”

I provide some examples of negatives self talk habits later in this guide. You will quickly see how they can escalate into a scarcity mindset.

For a more in depth look at the consequences of negative self talk, check out my guide to negative self talk examples.

Now that you know the difference between positive and negative self talk quotes, lets delve into why your self talk quotes aren’t manifesting the abundance you are meant for.

Why your positive self talk quote must be your own affirmation

When you repeat someone else’s quote, it won’t resonate with your subconscious (Subby.) This is because everyone has their own unique set of triggers and thoughts.

Here are some examples of what happens in your inner dialogue with Subby, when you repeat someone else’s self talk quote:

Someone else’s quote:       “I accept myself as I am”

Subby:                                   “But I hate how I act. Why should I accept myself?”

Someone else’s quote:       “You are enough just as you are.”

Subby:                                   “But I am frustrated with my love life. No, I’m not enough”

Someone else’s quote:       “I am accepting myself unconditionally no matter what.”

Subby:                                   “But I am a loser. Why should I accept that?”

As you can see, Subby simply won’t accept others quotes. (Especially poorly written or irrelevant ones.) Subby will be in conflict with quotes that aren’t authentic, honest and that don’t come from you.

Lets look at what happens when you do write your own self talk quotes, customized and relevant to you. 

This diagram shows you what occurs when you choose your own responses to life events. When you are self accepting and positive in your automatic response to triggers, you build an abundance mindset:

self talk examples to build an abundance mindset

Self talk examples: the 4 steps to react to triggers in a self-accepting way

This 4 step sequence above illustrates how to respond to life events in a proactive way. Where you choose the habitual response.

Follow the 4 steps on each line from left to right, to see each positive self talk example. You can get a feeling for how the habit of positive self-talk builds an abundance mindset.

  1. Triggers: Your automatic emotional reactions to life events: people, events, places, things, technology, etc. (internal and external stimuli)

  2. You develop proactive positive  responses to those triggers

  3. This strengthens your self-confidence and belief in yourself (and others)

  4. Over time, this proactive habit transforms you: you develop a positive mindset that attracts abundance, better relationships and prosperity

The rewards of a proactive (being prepared with a positive, self accepting response) to a trigger is an abundance mindset.

Negative self talk examples: how they are triggered

Negative self talk is also a response to triggers, same way as positive self talk. The difference is negative self talk is reactionary. It is a negative, uncontrolled emotional response.

We are all triggered, by instinct. The difference is how you habitually respond. For example, you can look in a mirror and say positive things or you can say negative things.

Triggers are Subby’s way of protecting you. It automatically responds to internal and external stimuli.

What are examples of external stimuli and how do they trigger you?

External stimuli are all the people places and events happening outside of you. Internal stimuli are thoughts, perceptions and fears emanating from inside you. 

An external stimulus that causes a negative automatic emotional reaction from you could include many kinds of irritants:

  • A car cuts you off in traffic, and you automatically react with a hot head: “What a jerk!”

  • You see a former love interest and automatically react with anger or hopelessness: “I really blew that relationship, though I tried hard. I’ll never find love again.”

  • You look in the mirror and wish you had different facial or body features and you automatically react with frustration: “I wish my eyebrows were thicker.”

  • You hear about a coworker getting nice treatment from the boss but not you, so you automatically react by feeling jealous, lash out or start an argument: “The boss is so nice to Taylor, why doesn’t she talk like that to me?”

What are examples of internal stimuli and how do they trigger you?

Internal stimulus are the thoughts inside your head.

They can trigger negative self talk reactions for all kinds or reasons:

  • A negative emotional interaction with someone from your past that you replay as a memory when you meet someone new

  • A childhood wound that you are guilty, ashamed or intimidated about, and when you are reminded of it by life events, you feel those emotions again

  • A negative reaction to a boogeyman that you have been programmed to hate or resent by media, friends, school, peers etc. When those bogeyman are mentioned or you see images in social media or the news, you react with anger, resentment or hate, right on cue

  • Deep fear beliefs you have developed about a person, group, event or thing

Key to understand right now: Your internal emotions may be perceptions or negative fear programming, they may not be reality!

You may find yourself reacting negatively or hating a person or event that you don’t know anything about! 

There may be past events and places you remember or fear in your mind, that are not relevant to your life now. For example who cares what happened in High School?

Internal stimuli thought habits are the most difficult to change, because they can be coming at you from all different angles. Factual, emotional, memories or perceptions.

Your mind is generating automatic emotional reactions to thoughts to protect you from perceived harm.

For example:

  • Thinking about a lost love and automatically reacting with feeling sad, crying or hopelessness: “I wish we could have stayed together.”

  • Replaying or obsessing about an event that happened in the past and automatically react with shame, embarrassment or feeling crushed: “Darn, I am an ass. I wish I didn’t say that stupid thing to Sam at the wedding!”

  • Being programmed by negative media portrayals to hate this or that person, group, race, religion, political party or country. They are not your beliefs, but trigger you to react with feelings of anger, resentment or hatred against people you know nothing about.  So when you see these ‘programmed boogeymen’ or slogans mentioned on social media, tv or the news you automatically react negatively: “I hate this or that politician, person, place, issue or influencer” without being conscious of why

  • An emotional wound from your childhood that causes you to automatically react by feeling shy, aloof or childish: “I peed on the bed as a child. I’m a loser”

  • Imaginary boogeymen created by media propaganda to make you hate your fellow man or vote a certain way out of fear: “That political party is bad, they want to cut Social Security from grandma.”

Lots of potential triggers! They are everywhere and ongoing. Worst are the imaginary boogeyman ones you have created in your mind.

But there is good news about these triggers that control you. You can become proactive instead of reactive. You can learn new automatic responses to the same stimuli.

Negative self talk are just reactive habits of thought that can be changed.

This is where positive self talk quotes come in. To reprogram your automatic habits as positive instead of negative thoughts.

Understanding this is how you end anxiety, anger, grievance, hopelessness, depression, poverty and sadness.

How negative self talk can turn into a scarcity mindset

If you are automatically reacting in a negative way to stimuli, your negative self talk is programming anxiety and hopelessness beliefs in yourself.

Over time, this global negativity can create a deep set of beliefs that together form a scarcity mindset.

These scarcity beliefs are the number one thing that blocks abundance from manifesting in your life.

Diagram: How positive self talk supports an abundance mindset

This positive self talk diagram gives you a visual. It shows how your attitude and faith can be sabotaged by negative self talk.

To view this diagram:

Physically cover the red box on the left with your hand. The flow chart in yellow shows how your self talk beliefs work together to manifest an abundance mindset.

Then, remove your hand from the red box. Now you see how negative self talk can sabotage and block abundance.

This is why it is urgent for you to become proactive in your response to negative and fear triggers. Choose your response. This allows you to respond in a positive way. 

Here is my 4 step sequence to show you how.

Its a simple process. You eliminate reactive negative self talk by replacing it with proactive positive self talk. 

How to write up your own positive self talk quotes, using my 4 step sequence

Using the positive self talk quote examples as a template, create your own customized self talk habit.

Follow these steps to stop negative self talk habits and replace them with positive ones.

  1. Start with a short list of 3 or 4 triggers. Ones that you have strong negative automatic emotional reactions to:

    • Example trigger: When a car cuts me off in a mean way, I automatically curse at them

  2. Write new, simple one sentence positive self talk response to each trigger. Instead of being reactive, be PROACTIVE in how you want to respond. Be ready for it ahead of time

    • Example of a positive self-talk quote: “I take 2 deep breathes and relax when other drivers make sudden moves or drive erratically”

  3. Then, repeat a 2 or 3 word new belief you want to have

    • Example new belief: “I am a patient driver”

  4. Stay with it and repeat your sentence and 2-3 word belief each time the trigger happens. Do this for 4 to 6 weeks till Subby internalizes them. Over time, you transform into a new global mindset.
    • Example new mindset: “I’m a patient driver”

    • Example new mindset: “I’m a considerate driver”

    • Example new mindset: “I’m a generous driver”

I use this exact process in traffic. I haven’t gotten a traffic ticket in 14 years and have zero points.

Vanquish negativity with positive self talk: a proactive approach to life

Use the above 4 step positive self talk process as an excellent proactive tool to respond to triggers. It will transform all areas of your life.

Note: If you need more assistance managing your negative self talk habit, I provide a Negative Self Talk Worksheet that can really help.

Use the positive self talk 4 step sequence to be mentally prepared to handle triggers in advance.

You can proactively affirm ahead of time to:

  • Treat coworkers with kindness and patience rather than reacting with scoffing or aloofness
  • Treat loved ones with patience rather than frustration
  • Be helpful to your manager rather than resentful
  • Be grateful to yourself when you look in the mirror rather than wishing you were different
  • Proact to healthy food and lifestyle rather than eat or binge to reduce stress

Stick with this process for 4 to 6 weeks. Your abundance awaits!

Final thoughts about how positive self talk can manifest abundance in all areas of your life

I trust you find my guide to positive self talk quotes helpful. There are 3 main points I hope you take from this:

  1. You have a choice to be proactive. You can move away from reactive negative self talk, by replacing it with proactive positive self talk quotes and affirmations
  2. The key to manifesting abundance is to use positive self talk quotes to build a global set of positive beliefs that build your faith in yourself and the universe
  3. Please take advantage of my free positive affirmations worksheet to fully understand affirmations. It goes way beyond this article to help you transform your life
Removing negative self talk can be very difficult to do without assistance. It takes persistence and planning. If you feel you need assistance, I have workshops and courses to assist.

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