Positive Affirmations Worksheet

Positive affirmations worksheet to manifest what you desire

Positive affirmations connect you to the universe to manifest what you desire

This positive affirmation worksheet helps you to manifest what is already yours by divine right

Positive affirmations are one of the best ways known to manifest abundance in your life.

Your abundance is already yours by divine right, you only need to request it from the universe for it to manifest.

However, in order to work effectively, affirmations need to be customized in your own words. This new step-by-step positive affirmation worksheet shows you how.

For example, you can’t take an online career quote that someone else wrote, and think it will work for you! If you are chasing someone else’s affirmation, it has a low chance of manifesting. 

This is because everyone is at a different point in their journey to manifestation. You will each require different levels and types of affirmations.

This positive affirmation worksheet allows you to tailor your affirmations exactly to where you are now.

Note: If you want a to concentrate specifically on positive work affirmations, this resource provides a great guide

Follow these 7 simple rules to ensure your positive affirmations manifest

There are 7 simple rules to follow to complete this positive affirmation worksheet. 

They are specifically formulated to properly communicate your affirmation to reach your subconscious mind (Subby for short). 

For example did you know Subby needs to be communicated in positive terms, never negative? Or that Subby needs to be communicated to like it is 7 years old? 

By following these 7 rules, you will supercharge Subby to communicate your desires to the universal superconscious so they can manifest.

For best results with your affirmations worksheet, read this complete instruction guide before you start. That will give you a strong understanding of how the affirmation manifestation process works.

All answers must be a ‘yes’ for your affirmations to work. The complete instructions are below.

Positive Affirmations Worksheet by Larry LaFata

With this Positive Affirmations Worksheet, you will master how to manifest affirmations for career, abundance and relationships


To give you a thorough understanding of how the process works, this worksheet covers: 

Let’s start from the beginning:

What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is a clear statement of your faith to manifest (bring into being) what is already yours by divine right.

What is the process for manifesting affirmations?

To manifest an affirmation, your subconscious mind needs to connect to the universal superconscious with your instructions.

(The universal superconscious is also known as infinite intelligence, the shared mind of humanity, the universe, etc.) 

It is the universal superconscious that bestows your abundance!

There are 7 must-do rules that guide how to write affirmations for manifestation. They ensure your subconscious mind (Subby for short) understands exactly what you want.

When Subby is clear about what you want, and has faith in your readiness to receive, it can properly present your desire to the universe.

How the positive affirmation worksheet powers your affirmations to manifest

In order for your affirmations to succeed, you need to power your subconscious with strong desire and faith.

Faith and belief are literally what powers your affirmation to manifestation.

The meme explains how your positive affirmation manifests from desire and intent to reality.

How to manifest abundance through positive affirmations

Your subconscious mind connects to the universal superconscious to manifest your desires

How to manifest your positive affirmation - the process

  1. You state your deep desire and intention, using the 7 steps explained in the worksheet

  2. You instruct Subby over 4 to 6 weeks, until the affirmation becomes part of who you are

  3. Subby connects to the universal superconscious with your intentions

  4. The universe will provide the people, places, circumstances and opportunities to manifest your desires (that you are ready for)

The universe wants you to win! Have faith.


Why this positive affirmations Worksheet is actually a mindset shift

As you deeply program your affirmation into your subconscious mind, you are making a mindset shift.

There is a subconscious mental transformation that takes place, because you believe in that affirmation. The affirmation turns into faith and becomes part of you.

It doesn’t happen overnight, except in the movies or make-believe. So don’t waste your time on short cuts. You can’t manifest something in 24 hours in my experience!

That is the reason for step 7, repeating your affirmation daily for 4 to 6 weeks..

You need 4 to 6 weeks of repetitive programming, because you are literally “changing your mind.” Your affirmations are programming Subby with deep faith that you deserve to manifest them.

The #1 key to manifesting an affirmation: You receive what you are ready for

THIS IS THE KEY to manifesting your affirmations: The universe will grant what you want in the form you are ready for.

If you do not have faith or readiness to receive, your affirmation may not manifest.

For example, if you have a scarcity mindset, you are telling the universe you don’t believe you are ready to receive. Though you may powerfully desire a work-at-home job for $250,000 per year, if the universe feels you don’t believe you are ready to handle it, it won’t manifest.

Even if you are ready and open, you may not receive exactly what you ask for. The universe will fulfill your desire in the form you are ready for.  

For example:

  • You may think you want a Maserati because you saw one in a music video. But the universe grants you a Porsche that makes you fantastically happy

  • You may think you want a job in computer programming, but land a job in fashion that fulfills your dream career

Addressing limiting beliefs with positive affirmations

If you feel unworthy, confused, are angry about something or conflicted about a choice, it’s a sign of a blockage. You may have limiting beliefs or negative self-talk blocking your abundance. On a psychic level you are conflicted. This will interfere with manifestation of your abundance. 

For example if you want to be an injustice martyr who “saves the world” this anger belief may keep you conflicted. So you simply won’t have the psychic space to manifest abundance.

Limiting beliefs can include grievance, insecurity, unworthiness, guilt and fear. These beliefs use up your psychic energy, and will weaken your power to manifest your rightful abundance. Over time they become a hardened negative mindset.

Positive self talk affirmations can address this mindset if properly done.

How limiting beliefs can create a scarcity mindset

This meme gives you a visual of how limiting beliefs filter how you perceive life events.

When you view life events through a negative beliefs filter, you develop emotions that make you suffer. You will feel a sense of lack, scarcity, anxiety and insecurity. You make it difficult to have smooth relationships with others.

This is why eliminating limiting beliefs are my number one goal for clients. It’s my primary focus in my career discovery courses.

Positive self talk affirmations are the best known way to turn this negative mindset around.

How limiting beliefs can create a scarcity mindset

Limiting beliefs filter how you see the world in a negative and limited way

If you have limiting beliefs or negative self talk, you may need to fix them first in order for your affirmations to work. 

You can use this positive affirmation worksheet to reverse these limiting beliefs, and clear the way for your affirmations to fully manifest.

Let’s clear up a few terms and get started.

What are the differences between affirmations and self talk?

Affirmations, self talk and quotes are often used interchangeably, but there are differences.

Especially in that self-talk is reactive, affirmations are proactive:

  • Self talk is unregulated thoughts and beliefs you spontaneously repeat to yourself throughout the day and night. They are reactive. If these repeated thoughts include negative self talk and limiting beliefs, it can create a scarcity mindset. This causes you anxiety, insecurity, anger, mental health problems and overall unhappiness

  • Affirmations are spiritual beliefs you carefully program. They are proactive. They manifest the abundance, good mental health, relationships and money that you are already meant for by divine right

The glory of this difference is you have a choice!

You can choose to cultivate positive affirmations. You can choose to eliminate the negative or limiting thoughts that you have been programming yourself with.

Positive self talk affirmations examples to prepare you to manifest your affirmations

Developing positive self talk is a great way to begin to make Subby receptive to your affirmations.

Here are a few examples:

  • Love and relationship self-talk affirmations: “I am calm, confident and relaxed when I meet a new love interest”

  • Positive self-talk affirmations for anxiety: “I take a deep breath and relax when I get triggered to worry about the office/my friends/my family”

  • Self-talk affirmations for work: “I understand my boss has a department to run, and I am helpful to her”

  • Body positive affirmations: “I am happy and accepting of the body I was born with”

Cultivating positive self-talk like this can greatly expand your readiness to receive.

However, embedded long term limiting beliefs are one of the most difficult habits you can change.

Like affirmations, there are several steps to eliminate them. You have to dig a bit deeper to identify what they are.

If you want assistance, my Define Your Career Destiny home study course with career coaching can help. It helps you identify and resolve limiting beliefs. It also shows you how to cultivate a positive beliefs mindset so you can manifest your Career Destiny.

Ok, you have the big picture of how the flow of the affirmation manifestation process works. Let’s get to the specifics so you can complete the worksheet.

Preparing to manifest your affirmation: what is the scope of your request?

You have a desire you want to fulfill. It may be a better love life, a positive mindset or a new job.  

You may want to reduce stress and anxiety at work, with family or friends. Positive affirmations can help you with all of these.

Carefully consider what you are asking for. What is the scope of your need?

The larger the scope of your ask, the bigger your faith and readiness to receive needs to be.

Beliefs alignment: are your beliefs really yours or are they someone else’s?

Are your beliefs in alignment with your affirmations? 

I say this because you may be brainwashed by some of the powerful influences out there.

Social media, school, family and friends. They all affect and distort what beliefs you think are important.  Without knowing it, you may be trying to manifest someone else’s’ goals!

This means you may be expending a ton of energy fighting imaginary boogeymen that others created in your mind. Like Don Quixote, you are tilting at windmills that don’t exist!

  • You may think you have to “make an impact.” But who says? Just being fulfilled at work may be how you best help the universe

  • You may think you have to be a social justice martyr and save the world. But do you really? Are you actually fighting for someone else’s agenda? Are you angry about something you can’t change?

  • You may think you need to make a big salary. But will it require a total life sacrifice that will make you unhappy?

All this peer pressure and media pressure may be causing you what I call ‘beliefs anxiety.’

Your internal beliefs and sanity are conflicting with signals from the outside world.

This pressure may be misleading you away from the path you are meant for. You may think you want to be someone you are not.

My career destiny proverb explains the difference between what you want and are what you are meant for:

the career you are meant for

How to write positive affirmations: instructions

Whatever level of faith and readiness you are at, you can bring your thoughts to manifest.

You can properly compose your personal affirmations by following these 7 steps. Try some simple affirmations first. Then move up to the bigger life changing affirmations over time.

Here’s the instructions how.

Positive affirmations worksheet instructions: The 7 steps

Rule One: State the affirmation you desire to manifest

First thing to do is state the affirmation you intend to manifest.

  • “I earn $95,000 a year in my internet marketing job”

  • “I am in love with my ideal soul mate”

  • “I drive a Bentley Flying Spur”

Key Point: Your affirmation must align with your belief and readiness to receive.

You can’t just affirm “I earn $95,000 per year” if you don’t have a job or industry experience.  Because you are not ready to receive. (A lottery ticket is not an affirmation, it is a wish.)

You need to affirm what you truly believe you can realistically handle.

Your belief system needs to be aligned with what you are asking for. Then Subby is free and clear to connect to the universe with maximum urgency and without reservation.

If you have a scarcity mindset or lack of faith, your positive affirmation may falter. For example, if you negative self talk all day, then you might believe:

  • You are not worthy

  • Don’t deserve to have what you are asking for

  • Don’t have the experience, age, looks, body type, education (or whatever shortcoming that you believe you have)

  • Are angry at the world and want to manifest an easy way out rather than deal with your problems

  • You have an imaginary boogeyman who social media/school/peers has you fighting in your mind, such as social justice, climate change, hatred, racism, human nature etc. Subby will sense you have this conflict and may not be able to connect to the universe


If you are conflicted, Subby will be conflicted, too. Your lack of faith will prevent Subby from having the power to connect to the universe.  

So you may need to work on your negative self-talk or limiting beliefs first, before you try to affirm major transformations.

Luckily you can cultivate the beliefs you want, and eliminate limiting beliefs you have, with my process at defineyourcareer.com.

Rule Two: State the affirmation in the present tense, as if it is being achieved and in progress right now


Your subconscious mind (Subby) lives in the now, it’s a survival mechanism. The present tense is the only language it comprehends.

By stating affirmation in the now, you are powering the belief it exists. You are creating the expectation it will come true.  

 Career Affirmation example

Wrong way      “I desire a marketing job that pays $80,000 a year ”

Right way         “I am a social media marketing pro who makes $80,000 per year”

Rule Three: An affirmation needs to be in simple, clear, to the point, concise language


Subby is a survival mechanism, and is pretty much formed by about 7 years old. So it needs simple clear instructions.

Wrong way      “I want a career that is a celebration of my individuality”

Subby is saying HUH?

Right way        “My fulfilling dream career is working as a green energy entrepreneur”

Rule Four. The affirmation must be stated in the positive


Your subconscious does not understand or resonate with the word no.  When you tell Subby “I don’t want” or “No” it  doesn’t understand these negative terms clearly, because they are vague.

Think through what you are asking for, and pose it as a positive request.

Wrong way      “I am no longer a partier”

Right way        “I am sober”

Wrong way      “I need to lose 40 pounds”

Right way:        “I have a fit and healthy lifestyle”

Rule Five: Affirmation must be in the form of a clear, specific visual image for Subby to fetch it


Subby thinks and reacts to pictures and images, not words. So you need clear, specific descriptions with detail.

Wrong:            “I desire abundance” 

Subby is asking “What exactly are you asking for?”

Right way:        “I earn $180,000 per year as an ecommerce entrepreneur”

Rule Six: Affirmation must engage as many of your 5 senses as possible, with as much desire and expectation as possible, to build urgency


You must infuse your affirmations with deep feeling, strong desire and urgency.

Your subconscious has to connect to the universal superconscious in order to manifest your desires. So it needs a lot of power, conviction and emotional energy.

See your affirmation clearly. Feel it. Hear the sounds of it. Taste it and smell it . Experience it.

Expect it to manifest. Make it urgent, a MUST HAVE.

The more powerfully you engage your senses, the more powerfully Subby will go after it. 

 Example: “I have a tremendous feeling of joy and prosperity in my new fresh food restaurant. “I feel thrilled and excited helping diners to enjoy their sushi and vegan dishes in a modern atmosphere” 


Rule 7: Give it time. You will need to repeat affirmations multiple times a day for 4 to 6 weeks to instruct them and integrate them into your subconscious


Repeat your affirmations out loud (or just read them) as often as you can each day. Anytime you get a chance. The more often the better.

Do this for 4 to 6 weeks.

At a minimum, recite them each morning and evening. 

Pro tip: The power of your affirmation needs to be the same as if you had a new love interest and can’t get them out of your head!

(Some recommend reading into a mirror. That could be a mistake because Subby needs to act upon you mentally visualized image. Your imagination and faith is what powers Subby.)

You will reach a point after affirming for a couple weeks where you don’t think anything is happening, but it is. Programming your subconscious takes persistence and time.

There are two reasons for 4 to 6 weeks+ of programming your mind:

First off, you need 4 to 6 weeks because you are making a transformation. You are creating a new lifelong belief. You are creating a new habit of thought.

Secondly, (like you would with a new love interest) Subby is getting a feel for if you believe and are ready to receive: 

As you repeat your affirmation each day, Subby will consider it against the 6 rules above.

  • If it feels the affirmation request aligns with who you are, and what you are ready for, it will slowly integrate them. (Your affirmation literally becomes part of Subby as new neural passages in your brain!)

  • If the 7 steps are done properly, at some point it “clicks” for Subby. A mindset transformation happens. Subby accepts your affirmation beliefs (YAY!) and commits to act on them

  • Then Subby becomes like a homing device. It goes to work 24/7 to connect to the universal superconscious. It will work tirelessly on your behalf, until your affirmations manifest as part of your life

Here are examples of positive affirmations, career affirmations and peace affirmations as a starting point


  • Career role affirmation: “I am the top real estate agent in northern Ohio, making $250,000 per year. I really enjoy my work and I feel like I’m on top of the world”

  • Career role affirmation: “I enjoy great wealth of $800,000 a year and tremendous job satisfaction as a green energy startup in Hawaii.”

  • Career action step affirmation: “I get right to work on my action plan for 1 hour every morning at 6:30 am.”

  • Peacefulness affirmation: “I am increasingly calm, confident and relaxed, when answering questions from my manager at our weekly marketing meeting.”

  • Motivation affirmation: “With 4 deep breathes this urge to slack off passes away.”

  • Career social media affirmation:  “My desire to post angry comments on social media to posts that don’t agree with my world view, vanishes by taking 3 deep breaths.”

Try creating several of your own positive affirmations that work for you.

They are much more powerful when they are in your own words and you own images fuel the desire.

You can use affirmations in many ways. Recite them wherever you want to excel in your career, improve your love life, increase your earnings, reduce anxiety or deal with a trigger or strategic flaw.

Final Thoughts:

Positive affirmations are the most powerful way known to transform yourself.

They help you manifest abundance, while at the same time remove, stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts.

If you follow the instructions in this worksheet, positive affirmations will work for you, guaranteed

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