Positive affirmations for work

career affirmations that really work

There is a 6 step process to manifest career affirmations

Why your positive affirmations for work aren’t effective...yet

There is nothing more powerful than positive affirmations for work to achieve your career, money and relationship goals.

They are the absolute best way known to man to boost your career path trajectory!

So why don’t they work effectively for most people?

The 3 reasons your positive affirmations for work don’t get results

Reason One:

If your subconscious is not clear about what you’re asking, the affirmation wont resonate properly.

Note: There are 6 steps to follow for affirmation success, as outlined in my Positive Affirmations Worksheet. We will cover them here as they pertain to your affirmations for work.

You can learn how to easily write Positive Affirmations. My worksheet guides you step-by-step:

Reason Two:

The affirmations must be in your own words and images. If you grab an online off-the-shelf career quote that someone else wrote and try to apply it to yourself, it may fail.

Reason Three:

The big reason is this: your subconscious doesn’t believe you – because you don’t believe in yourself!

It will not manifest a positive affirmation for work if it doesn’t align with your internal beliefs.

Positive affirmations and quotes - examples of why they fail

Lets look at these 3 reasons above in play. Here are a few examples of positive affirmation and quotes that fail. 

First of all, go online and do a search for any kind of affirmation or career quotes. Pick up a few affirmation cards as examples.

Read them out loud and ask yourself if they make sense. Are you confused? Do believe them? Neither does Subby.

Here’s what your subconscious mind (Subby for short) is thinking when you give it vague “I am” affirmations:  

You:                “I am abundance”
Subby:            “What exactly does abundance mean?”

You:                “I always have more than enough money”
Subby:           “You are full of it! We can’t even go on vacation this year.”

You:                “I am the architect of my career”
Subby:           “What’s an architect do?”

You:                “I am creating my dream career”
Subby:           “But I dream of scary monsters a lot.”

Even Louise Hay affirmations can confuse Subby:

Louise:           “I only give out that which I wish to receive. My love and acceptance of others is mirrored to me in every way.”
Subby:           “Huh? I have no idea what you are trying to say here.”

We can go on like this all day. Vague, non-specific, intangible thoughts do not work. Subby just can’t comprehend them.

These examples illustrate the 3 reasons you don’t get results because:

  1. The affirmations are not clear: Subby may not know what an architect is or  what abundance means

  2. The affirmations are not in your own words and images that are relevant to you: a dream career, more than enough money etc. means different things to each of us

  3. Subby doesn’t believe you! Subby knows you are broke, and don’t have enough money or abundance: you can’t fool Subby

Bottom line is affirmations and quotes for work must be composed clearly and aligned with your beliefs, or they will not work. This is where so many go wrong using abundance quotes from online authors.

This problem is resolved for you in this guide to composing positive affirmations for work.

In this article, "Positive affirmations for work - that really work" we will cover how to write affirmations and quotes that manifest

To give you a thorough understanding of how the process works, this guide covers:

What are affirmations, and how do they work?

What are affirmations, and how do they bring you abundance, positive relationships and career success?  

  • Affirmations are a statement of faith beliefs, that you recite with great desire, to manifest what is already yours by divine right

  • You repeat these affirmations for 4 to 6 weeks. Over time, they become accepted by your subconscious mind as real

  • Your subconscious then communicates to the universal superconscious to fetch what you are asking for

  • Once you are ready to receive, the universe will open the door to supply you with the people, places, events and things you are meant for and ready for

Remember, the universe wants you to win! It wants you to receive what is already yours by divine right!

I offer a full explanation to the question of “What is a positive affirmation and how do they work? ” here.  

What is a career?

A career is a network of professional relationships within an industry. Your standing in this network defines your success and earnings power.

So your affirmations for work must be geared to increase your personal power, in order to strengthen your status in these relationships.

This can happen very quickly for you, because affirmations change how you see yourself.

Meme: How affirmations for work manifest abundance

how career affirmations manifest abundance

The meme illustrates the miracle of how a thought can become a manifestation:

  • You’ll note that Subby is the central power source. It powers the connection to the universal super conscious (aka infinite intelligence, humanity, the universe) to fulfill your desire

  • Your strong, clear subconscious intention, faith and deep desire is what powers Subby to connect to the universal superconscious

  • The universe wants you to win! Abundance is already yours by divine right. The universal superconscious will provide you with the people, events and opportunities you need to manifest

With the correct affirmations for work, Subby will fetch anything you ask it to

affirmation work" Subby will fetch whatever you ask him too

If you give Subby clear instructions, it will fetch anything you ask of it. (If you ask with faith and are ready to receive)

For example, what if you said to your dog  “Subby, I am the architect of my career.” He will look at you sideways: “What are you asking me to do?”

But if you say “Subby, fetch this stick!” he will know exactly what you are asking.

Try this for yourself with a website search. Google is a lot like Subby.

If you enter “I am the architect of my career” it will fetch you “Careers in architecture” for results. Not what you intended.

Google and Subby can only fetch what they understand your intent is. The clearer and more specific you are, the better results that will be fetched.

As a career mindset coach and career discovery coach, I utilize affirmations for every client, they are just that good of a tool. You just need to be shown how to properly apply them.

In this guide I will share the 6 steps I use to program career and work manifestation affirmations so they will work. So you can attract the career and money abundance you deserve.

What is a manifestation affirmation?

Manifestation affirmations are the way to bring into being that which you desire and are ready for.

Let’s look at the word roots to better understand these big words:

  • To manifest simply means to bring into being, to bring substance to a thought

  • To affirm means you are declaring, avowing, asserting that you deeply desire something

When you affirm what you deeply desire with faith, it will manifest in some form.

Can you see the power in this?

How manifestation affirmations for your career can transform you

The whole idea of manifestation affirmations and positive self-talk quotes are to transform you.

You are shedding old habits of thought and building NEW habits of thought. This creates an abundance mindset that opens the door to prosperity.

By manifesting affirmations:

  • Mentally and spiritually, you are growing your subconscious to receive ever larger prosperity, wealth and relationships

  • You are building empowering beliefs within yourself

  • You stop self-limiting beliefs from dominating your self-talk

This is the ‘law of attraction’ you hear so much about. It should be called the ‘law of readiness to receive.’

You can only attract that which you are mentally ready to receive.

Career affirmations work to expand how you see yourself and how you see the world. They change what you believe about yourself.

Manifesting abundance in your career: You only receive what you believe

change how you look at the world and you change how the world looks at you

When you change how you look at the world, you change how the world looks at you.

All of a sudden, it will assist you now. Because you are ready to receive. Your fortunes can change very quickly, once you truly change your beliefs.

Your abundance manifestation is directly proportional to your faith in receiving it. Affirmations for work are the vehicle to do this.

Compose positive affirmations for work correctly and they work wonders for your career trajectory and many other areas

Once career affirmations are internalized and become “part of you,” great things happen in your life.

You can can use them in many ways, including:

  • Affirmations and quotes for career change

  • Affirmations for work, for a new job, job interview or promotion

  • Affirmations for success in business

  • Abundance affirmations

  • Positive affirmations for anxiety or work stress

  • Love and relationship affirmations

  • Spiritual affirmations

For whatever you desire, there is an affirmation which will fulfill it in some manner.

Here’s how to write affirmations for work that will change how you look at yourself and how you look at the world.

The 6 rules to properly compose positive affirmations for work

Let’s get started on how to properly compose your affirmations for work. Simply follow these 6 rules to composing manifestation affirmations that will immediately boost your career.

Note: These 6 steps are derived from my Positive Affirmations Worksheet.

Rule one:  an affirmation must be stated in the present tense, as if it is being achieved right now

Your subconscious mind lives in the now, it’s a survival mechanism. The present tense is the only language it comprehends.

Wrong way    “I desire a marketing job that pays $80,000 a year ”

Right way      “I am a social media marketing pro who makes $80,000 per year”

Rule Two: An affirmation needs to be in simple, clear, to the point, concise language

Subby is a survival mechanism, and is formed by about 7 years old. So it needs simple clear instructions to understand what you are asking for.

Wrong way    “I want a career that is a celebration of my individuality”
Subby is saying HUH What?

Right way      “Being a green energy entrepreneur is a fulfilling career for me”       

Rule Three. The affirmation must be stated in the positive

Your subconscious does not understand or resonate with the word no.  When you tell Subby “I don’t want” or “No” it  doesn’t understand these negative terms clearly, because they are vague and not specific.

Wrong way    “I am no longer a partier”

Right way      “I am sober”

Wrong way    “If I am nice to my pain in the ass supervisor, maybe they will be nice to me”

Right way      “I have a great relationship with my supervisor”

Rule Four: Affirmation must be in the form of a clear, specific visual image for Subby to fetch it

The subconscious thinks in pictures and images, not words. So you need clear, specific descriptions with detail.

Wrong:                       I desire a million dollars

Right way:                 I earn $180,000 per year as an ecommerce entrepreneur

Rule Five: Affirmation must engage as many of your 5 senses as possible, with as much desire and expectation as possible, to build urgency


Affirmations for work must be recited out loud: this activates the physical, mental and spiritual power of your mind to work together.

  • Recite them in front of a mirror is helpful

  • If you can’t recite affirmations out loud, silently to yourself 5 to 10 times a day

  •  Keep them on your phone and everywhere around the house so you see them all the time and are submerged in their power for 4 to 6 weeks

You must infuse your affirmations with deep feeling, strong desire and urgency.

(Your subconscious has to connect to the universal superconscious in order to manifest your desires, so it needs a lot of power and mental energy.)

See your affirmation clearly. Hear the sounds of it. Taste it and smell it. Experience how it feels, how it will satisfy you.

Expect it to manifest. Make it urgent, a MUST HAVE.

The more powerfully you engage your senses, the more powerfully Subby will go after it.  

Example: “I have a tremendous feeling of joy and prosperity in my new fresh food restaurant. “I feel thrilled and excited helping diners to enjoy their sushi and vegan dishes in a modern atmosphere”  

Rule Six. This rule is a key: The affirmation must be aligned with your beliefs for it to work

If you believe you are not worthy or don’t deserve to have what you want, Subby will know this, and be conflicted about what you are asking. It may be unable to comply with your request.

Luckily if you need assistance, I can help you. You can cultivate the beliefs you want, and eliminate limiting beliefs with my home study courses.

Now just give it time: you need to repeat affirmations for 4 to 6 weeks to instruct them and integrate them into your subconscious

You need 4 to 6 weeks, because as you repeat these each day, Subby will consider them against the 6 rules. If it feels the request aligns with who you are, it will accept and integrate them.

This is how and when the transformation begins: Subby accepts your affirmation.

If the 6 steps are done properly, Subby will go to work 24/7 once it accepts your affirmation.

Subby will connect to the universal superconscious, on your behalf, until your affirmations manifest.

Examples of affirmations for work as a starting point

Here some examples of career affirmations and career quotes that use the 6 rules:

  • New career affirmation: “I am the top real estate agent in northern Ohio, making $350,000 per year. I really enjoy working with homebuyers and I feel very satisfied when I help them find a home they love.”

  • Entrepreneur affirmation: “I am enjoying great wealth of $800,000 a year and tremendous job satisfaction as a green energy solar startup in Hawaii.”

    Career action step affirmation: “I get right to work on my action plan for 1 hour each morning at 6:30 am.”

  • Self-confidence affirmations: “I am increasingly calm, confident and relaxed, when answering questions from my manager at our weekly marketing meeting.”
  • Motivation affirmation: “With 4 deep breathes this urge to slack off passes away.”

  •  Peace affirmation ,  “My desire to post angry comments on social media to users that don’t agree with my world view, vanishes by eating a piece of celery or apple.”

Try creating several of your own affirmations for work that are important for you.  In any area you feel a need. They are much more powerful when they are in your own words and you own images fuel the desire

Recite them wherever you want to excel in your career, reduce your anxiety and stress, increase your earnings or deal with a strategic flaw.

If you are serious about career discovery affirmations and how to find your Career Destiny, I have you covered. You will learn how to compose customized career affirmations in my Define Your Career Destiny home study course.

If your affirmations for work still aren’t working: eliminating self-limiting beliefs

You self-talk to yourself 1000’s of times a day.

If you are repeating limiting beliefs or unworthiness beliefs to yourself all day, your career affirmations might not be accepted by Subby.

You may need assistance to eliminate those limiting beliefs and cultivate positive beliefs to remove the blockages to your destiny.

Positive affirmations are the most powerful way to achieve your desires. However, the other side of the mental coin is that negative self-talk creates limiting beliefs. They are one of the most difficult habits to change.

This chart explains this concept:

Diagram: How limiting beliefs interfere with your affirmations for work 

how limiting beliefs affect your career mindset

To see how your beliefs work together to reinforce your career mindset, look at this chart first by physically covering the red box with your hand.

To see how your negative self-talk affects you, take your hand off the red box.

If you have limiting beliefs sabotaging your self-talk and how you affirm yourself, it will affect your career mindset negatively.

Your beliefs are a key to allowing career affirmations and positive intentions to work. This is because your beliefs determine your readiness to receive.

Final Thoughts

You now have good understanding how to compose affirmations for work – that work.

  1. There are 6 rules that apply to successfully manifest your career affirmations

  2. Subby has to clearly express what you want in order for it to manifest

  3. If you have conflicting beliefs that sabotage your faith and readiness to receive, your affirmations for work may fail

If limiting beliefs are preventing you from manifesting your Career Destiny

If you need assistance removing the limiting beliefs that are blocking your career abundance, you are not alone. It is the #1 blockage that clients struggle with to achieve their career destiny.

I show you how to remove limiting beliefs and cultivate beliefs that manifest your career destiny in my Define Your Career Destiny home study course.

It is a one week self-assessment that guides you step-by-step to identify the 5 factors of your career destiny.

My Free Career Discovery Guide shows you how the 5 factors work. Sign up to get your free copy.                       

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