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5 tips to remember when completing this free Positive Affirmations Worksheet PDF


For best results, there are a few things to keep top of mind when completing your affirmations worksheet:

  • Abundance is already yours by divine right. You just have to release it from the universe

  • There is a spiritual element to manifesting affirmations. This means you must have faith and expectation that the abundance you desire will in fact manifest

  • The affirmations have to spring from your own beliefs. Examine what you want to manifest and why. Make sure your values and beliefs are in alignment with your affirmation

  • If you have a scarcity mindset or limiting beliefs, it could block your affirmation from manifesting. You may need to address your self talk and beliefs first

  • The goal of positive affirmations is to transform your mindset. You are building faith in yourself. You are building faith in the universe. You are making a permanent positive change

Attract abundance through your faith in yourself and the universe

Affirmations work by changing how you look at yourself and how you look at the world. It’s a mindset change to a winning mindset.

By affirming your intent each day, you are building your faith that the universe will release your abundance. This faith has many dimensions:

  • You build faith that the universe has your best interest in mind and wants you to be happy and fulfilled

  • You build faith in yourself that you are ready to receive and can handle what you are asking for

  • You build faith and expectation that your subconscious can connect with the universal superconscious (humanity, infinite intelligence, the universe)

Because when you believe in yourself, you see the world differently.

“Change how you see the world, and you change how the world sees you.”

Change how you see the world, and you change how the world sees you

Use this positive affirmations worksheet PDF to transform to a winning mindset

Affirmations are one of the most powerful tools you can use. They manifest abundance, jobs, love, peace and prosperity.

Properly done they can:

  • Accelerate your career trajectory with positive affirmations for work and career affirmations

  • Gain peace with who you are with body positive affirmations

  • Remove blockages to abundance by getting rid of limiting beliefs and negative self talk

  • Gain personal power with confidence affirmations

  • Manifest a love interest by making you have faith and readiness to receive

  • Grow your creative mindset with creativity affirmations

  • Manifest weigh loss through health and fitness affirmations

This list of what you can do is literally endless. May prosperity and peace be yours.


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