How a mindset coach can resolve the limiting beliefs holding back your career destiny

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a mindset coach helps you resolve limiting beliefs

If you think you have limiting beliefs holding you back from your career glory, a mindset coach could be the answer.

Limiting beliefs are the biggest obstacle to your happiness, success and career fulfillment. We all have them in some form. Some we know about, others  are hidden, working silently in the background.

How a mindset coach helps you

How can a mindset coach help? A good mindset coach’s main focus is to help you establish supportive beliefs and eliminate or resolve your limiting beliefs.

This keeps your mindset aligned and free of conflict. You then become mentally ready and open to attract the people, places and opportunities you are meant for!

In fact, because limiting beliefs are so debilitating and so destructive to your self-confidence, they are the NUMBER ONE thing I focus on.

Of all the topics I cover in my role as mindset coach, limiting beliefs are given the deepest treatment.

I help you work through them at length, in my Define Your Career Destiny courses and career coaching services.

So if you are hamstrung by self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your destiny, there is a solution. If you have anxiety about meeting your career aspirations, a mindset coach can provide you with a pathway out.

In this article: How a mindset coach can help you overcome your limiting beliefs, we will cover:

What are limiting beliefs, and how does a mindset coach help you identify where they come from?

We all have limiting beliefs in some form, some we know about, some that are hidden, working silently in the background to hold us back.

If you are frustrated by negative self-talk or have anxiety about finding a fulfilling career that meets your career aspirations, a good mindset coach can provide a pathway out.

To understand limiting beliefs and how to identify them, let’s briefly examine where all beliefs spring from


What are beliefs, and where do they come from?

Beliefs are the emotional expression of your values.

So beliefs don’t just pop up out of thin air, there is a subconscious values script running and launching each one. A mindset coach helps you identify them and cultivate them.

If you have fearful or wounded values, the negative emotional expressions of those values are limiting beliefs. Your perception of the world is skewed to the negative. 

If you have strong, positive values, you will generate empowering beliefs and your perceptions of the world will be positive.


What are your values?

Values are the hardwired subconscious rules you live by, they are your mental gatekeeper. Every internal or external sensory input you receive is processed through your values to create beliefs. 

A good mindset coach knows you must examine your values, in order to understand your mindset beliefs.

They also understand that your beliefs are perceptions, and can be changed with the right process.

How your values shape your beliefs

Here is a visual I put together for my mindset coaching clients, to show how your values shape your beliefs:

Woman surrounded by graphics of mindset beliefs

As you can see from this meme, all sensory inputs, whether external from the world at large or internal thoughts and memories you think about,  process through your values filter to create limiting beliefs.

Identifying and understanding this process should be a key function of the best mindset coaches.

What are some common self-limiting beliefs examples? 

Your self-limiting beliefs reflect both your internal and external world perceptions and can include:

Internal limiting beliefs examples:

  • Worthiness beliefs: “I am not good enough to have this, because ……(self-worth, self-esteem or martyr excuse here such as) I’m not smart enough, thin enough, no one cares about me, not pretty enough, young enough etc..”
  • Excuse beliefs: “I can’t do this because………(insert slacker excuse here such as) I don’t have enough time, money, looks, experience, education, etc.”

External limiting beliefs examples:

  • Scarcity and lack mindset beliefs: “There are not enough…….. (scarcity mindset excuse here such as) good jobs out there, good spouses out there, nice people to hang out with, places to park, etc.”
  • Fear of outsiders beliefs: “This person/job/company/organization sucks because…..(enter your fear of those who don’t have the same beliefs that you do here such as) they are rich and I am poor, they are right and I am left, they are this color and I am that color, they are this religion and I am that religion, they are from this city and I am from that city, etc.”
  • External forces beliefs: “The world is scary/ugly/doomed because of …….(enter boogeyman or fear of external events you can’t control, such as) climate change,  the government, the economy, social justice, some group the media taught me to hate, China, etc.”
  • Save the world martyr beliefs: “ I have to save the world, I can’t be happy, I have to spend all my energy as an activist on ……. (enter your save the world from your perceived boogeyman/ martyr excuse here such as) because of the gap between rich and poor, racism, social justice, poverty, climate change, because of that political party, etc.”

Limiting beliefs like these can be TOXIC. They can immobilize you, freeze you in place. Fighting perceived fears  like this can use up all your energy and happiness. They become a bad mental habit that generates anxiety in your life.

For example, instead of concentrating where you need to focus your efforts to manifest your destiny, you may spend all your mental energy on social justice causes. You may be creating a boogeyman belief that siphons all your happiness.  

As you will now learn, many of your beliefs are simply perceptions. Even your most fearsome bogeymen and most hopeful fairies beliefs!

Are limiting beliefs real?

You generate limiting beliefs for all kinds of reasons, conscious and unconscious. But beliefs themselves are your perceptions, they are based on the information you had at the time. They may not be real!

For example, if you believe your boyfriend was cheating on you, you would change your emotions and get angry. If later you found out it was all a mistake and misunderstanding, you could change your belief back to he is loyal. 

So although you were 100% convinced in your perception and belief of cheating, and super angry, it was all just a perception you had.

Can you imagine how many of these false perceptions like that you have, where you are 100% convinced you are right? Imagine how many erroneous beliefs you carry around with you, making you angry and anxious all day?

Luckily, because beliefs are mental perceptions, erroneous negative beliefs like the examples above can be changed with the help of a mindset coach. And with my innovative process, relatively easily. 

A mindset coach addresses your values and beliefs to eliminate your negative beliefs and identify supportive beliefs.

What does a good mindset coach do to help you overcome your limiting beliefs?

A mindset coach addresses your values and beliefs to eliminate your negative beliefs and identify supportive beliefs.

A top mindset coach will have a deep research background on how values and beliefs work. Look for those who have authored books, blogs and courses on the topic.

The best mindset coaches will have a consistent process that works the same for everyone to address and eliminate your limiting beliefs. That process must be transparent; they need to be able to tell you exactly what they will do to eliminate your limiting beliefs and build out empowering beliefs and supporting beliefs.

This chart is part of my Define Your Career Destiny home study course. It gives you an overview of how your values direct your beliefs.

values determine your career destiny

Your beliefs are the emotional expressions of your identity, ethics and survival values, and do not exist on their own. Limiting beliefs simply reflect the misexpression of values that may be wounded by fear, pride or scarcity.

What is the three-step process that the best mindset coaches use to overcome your limiting beliefs?

The best mindset coaching process uses established best practices to identify and eliminate your limiting beliefs. 

In its simplest form, mindset coaching focuses on aligning your beliefs to your values.

Best practices a mindset coach will use in their coaching process includes: 

  • First, a top mindset coach will help you to identify your values and isolate any values conflicts
  • They will help you to address and if possible, resolve your values conflicts
  • Once your top money, earnings, career, and retirement values are established, you can then examine your beliefs
  • Second, a mindset coach will guide you will self-select the empowering money, career, and retirement beliefs you want to cultivate and eliminate those limiting beliefs you do not want
  • A mindset coach will help you use the power of intention to permanently internalize and integrate the new beliefs you want to cultivate, and eliminate limiting beliefs you want to discard

The confidence you get from aligned beliefs

Using a mindset coach to align your beliefs can bring you peace, security, enthusiasm, and deep confidence throughout your life and career.

You stop second-guessing yourself. You remove uncertainty, anxiety, and frustration because you have made yourself into a magnet for what is yours by divine right.

When you take the time to cultivate your beliefs, you are like a farmer cultivating lush crops and prosperity. 

You have a whole new range of possibilities that open up that you might have never considered before. 

In its simplest form, mindset coaching focuses on aligning your beliefs to your values.

How a mindset coach helps you to overcome limiting beliefs so you can power through to your Career Destiny

The beliefs you choose – and the limiting beliefs you identify and ruthlessly let go of – will power your future career roles, your lifestyle, retirement planning, and your approach to money. They determine if you are happy and in control or filled with anxiety.

A mindset coach can help you to choose beliefs that power you through obstacles and limitations to support your Career Destiny.   

You should now understand why I originated this adage for my mindset coaching clients:

The world will accept your beliefs if you do! 

Its your choice to change your beliefs and thus how you look at the world. You can choose fearful beliefs or you can choose empowering beliefs.

A mindset coach will guide you to cultivate beliefs that you deserve wealth, beliefs that you deserve wonderful fulfilling relationships, beliefs that you deserve to be in a career or business you love. 

If you infuse those beliefs with emotion and resolve, they will manifest.

Summary of why you need a mindset coach to overcome limiting beliefs

The best mindset coach helps you eliminate limiting beliefs by aligning your beliefs to your values. This helps you to cultivate attraction beliefs.

So you can magnetize the prosperity you are meant for and deserve.

Building a positive mindset, and identifying the values and beliefs that manifest your Career Destiny are covered in detail in my Define Your Career Destiny one week home study course.

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