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Here are your Free individual employee development plan examples in PDF and Excel
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If you have arrived from my article that explained the innovation of this employee development plan example, it explains how to set up and build out this plan.

If you have arrived from other sources, please refer to the Employee Development Plan Examples article first, for a complete understanding of the benefits of a performance-oriented development plan.

How to use this individual development plan template for employees as a fillable PDF or customizable Excel document.

The Fillable PDF allows you to customize a development plan for individual employees, by department, in three easy steps. 

This EDP works for most any business or industry as a career development plan and professional development plan. 

I use a sales dept as an example to demonstrate how to fill out and set up the plan, but it is appropriate for any industry, including:

  • Professional services and financial services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail and wholesale trade industries
  • Transportation & warehousing
  • Etc.

There are three steps to customizing this employee development plan template

Step One: Enter Name, Dept, and period

  1. Fill out Dept name ( and number or division)
  2. Employee name ( and ID number if required)
  3. Enter Quarter number for year ( 1-4)
  4. Enter period date range for Quarter for example 1/1/22 through 3/31/
Employee Development Plan Example

Enter name, dept, quarter, and period

Step Two: Break out 3 modules of proficiencies from the bucket of proficiencies

To better prioritize proficiencies, separate them into three Modules:

  • Job Role proficiencies
  • Job support proficiencies
  • Soft skills proficiencies 

You will typically have several categories within each module. 

For example in sales, you may have 4 categories of job requirements: generating sales revenue, appointment setting skills, closing skills, and demo presentation skills.

For each category, enter the proficiencies to rate, rank, and prioritize.

Job role proficiencies example

soft skills proficiencies

Soft Skills proficiencies example

Step Three: Rating and ranking job role proficiencies

Each listed job proficiency is rated for proficiency of 1 to 10 and ranked by how urgent needs to improve 1 to 10 by employee, then by manager/employer.

  • The goal is to prioritize employee development efforts for the quarter
  • This also develops employee performance metrics

Manager then goes through and rates and ranks them as well, ranking the 3 or 4 most critical and urgent proficiencies for this quarter.

Employee and manager discuss if needed, then agree on development goals in the areas that are most crucial to focus on this quarter. 

Manager has final say on the final list of 3 to 5 which proficiencies employee is to focus on. 

Manager then writes specific aspect of proficiency for employee to work on.

Rate proficiency and rank by need to improve, then agree on specific development goals

Rate proficiency and rank by need to improve, then agree on specific development goals

Not included with Free Download: 

Manager summary sheet: Maintaining proficiency mindfulness with employee

Manager will write out a summary sheet of the 4 to 5 specific improvements to be worked on in order to: 

  • Add to daily schedule for employee to review
  • Add as a daily task with weekly completion schedule
  • Allow for 15 minutes of time with manger each week to ask for assistance or resources

This daily review maintains a sense of mindfulness and kaizen improvement awareness of employee.


Use this simple 3 step employee development process with any employee, for guaranteed performance improvement.

Through the continual development process of kaizen, you build ninja employee performance over time.

Download the Free Employee Individual Development Pan Template in PDF now

Download the Free Employee Individual Development Pan Template in Excel now

Download the Completed Example of Employee Development Plan Template now

Note: These employee development plan examples are excerpted from the
Employee Development Plan Template Kit.

These free templates do not include:

  • Instructions and templates for the Manager/Employee Quarterly Development summary (EQD)
  • Employee Daily Goals Summary
  • Manager Review of EQD
  • Rewards & Awards templates.

The complete Employee Development Plan Template Kit does. It includes:

  • PDF eBook with complete instructions and plenty of examples and screenshots on how to set up a lean kaizen development plan to build ninja employees
  • How to administer your quarterly employee development plan ongoing on auto-pilot
  • Innovative 4-page plan template that is customized from employees job description and job requirements
  • Advanced employee-management partnership concept that takes input from both employee and manager
  • Daily development goals reminder for employee to refer to each day
  • Customizable employee development plan templates in fillable PDF as well as MS Excel spreadsheets – for easy employee file management

If you appreciate these employee development plan template examples and want to keep employees engaged and focused on their job roles, get the entire 4 part innovative Employee Development Plan Template Kit here:

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