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Career Destiny Coaching provides flat rate, affordable coaching for those who say “Help! I don’t know what career I want!”

Nothing is better than a supportive, experienced Career Coach who can help you find what career is right for you, and is affordable, too!

Especially since you will find the average career coach is $49 to $250 per session. (Total career coaching packages can run to $3500 or more.)

However, most career coaches are trained to help you with job search, resume and interview prep. Not career discovery.

I am a unique kind of career coach, known as a Career Destiny Coach. My only focus is to guide you to find the career or business you are meant for. What I call your Career Destiny. 

And I do it affordably at only $147 for my Define Your Career Destiny course.

Now you can book a session with me at no charge, to see if my affordable flat-rate career self-assessment process is the right one for you.

If you are uncertain about what career path is right for you, contact me now. Your career discovery is my only focus.

The Best Career Coaching Services are those that are a good fit for you


There are many kinds of career coaching. To keep it affordable, you want to shop for the best career coaching services that are a fit for your exact situation. 

For example, the best sports stars of all time had coaches to guide them to the top of their sport. Serena Williams in tennis, Tom Brady in football, Tiger Woods in golf, they all know: coaching makes champions.

However a football quarterback like Tom Brady would not use a tennis coach, would they? In the same way, not every kind of career coach is right for you. 

For example if you need your resume optimized, you’d choose a job search coach, not a career development coach. If you are struggling with office politics in a job you love, you might need a mindset coach not a career change coach.

The same concept applies if you are uncertain as to what career or business you should pursue. Only a Career Destiny Coach like Larry LaFata is 100% focused on helping you discover what career is right for you.

And talk about affordable, I do NOT charge to book a coaching session. My career discovery packages are super transparent, no hidden costs or add ons.

Your Career Destiny awaits!

The difference between a typical Career Coach and a Career Destiny Coach

This table compares how a typical Career Coach approaches helping you find a career compared to a Career Destiny Coach: 

Typical Career Coach  Career Destiny Coach
A typical career coach focuses on your problems A Career Destiny Coach focuses on your possibilities
Most career coaches try to dump you into a personality test box in order to match you to a jobCareer destiny coach uses an innovative assessment process that frees you to self-select your Career Destiny 

A typical paid 30 minute call with a Career Coach is just a band-aid to help you feel better. 

Let’s face it, no one can fix your career problems in 30 minutes

A Career Destiny Coach offers free consults to determine if their career self-assessment courses are a fit for your career path.
 If Larry can’t help you, he will use his 25+ years expert experience to guide you in the right direction, for free 
A typical Career Coaching Package ends up at $500 to $3500A Career Destiny Coach offers a flat rate, affordable package home study courses or Career Workshop from $99 to $297

Most importantly a Career Destiny Coach uses self-assessments, NOT personality tests which can put you into a box

Because they are not well-trained in career self-discovery, most career coaches use personality tests to match you to a job

By categorizing you into one of 16 personality types, they can LIMIT your perspective of what you are capable of!


Personality tests can put you into a box
Career coaches who use personality tests can may be putting you into a box!

Summary: A Career Destiny Coach is an affordable career coach, trained and experienced in career discovery. He specializes in helping you discover the career you are meant for, not put you into a box.  With affordable flat rate packages.


Book your Complimentary Career Destiny Coaching session at no charge

Find out how I can help you by booking a free 30 minute coaching consult to uncover the next steps of your career or business path.

We’ll use our time together to validate where you are now. Then we can identify the shortest path to your career future. 

If my courses or workshops can’t help you, I will give you an honest expert assessment of what kind of career coaching you need, what to expect and what to look out for.

To book your free coaching consult, just enter the time and day you are available and I’ll contact you by video call or phone call.

Your Career Destiny Awaits!

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