Boost Employee Job Performance With a Lean and Focused Development Plan

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Employee Development Plan
Template Kit

With complete instructions guide and templates

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Do you find employee development plans to be ineffective? Are you looking to better engage employees so they are more productive?

Now you can engage and focus your employees like never before with this new 

Employee Development Plan Template Kit.

This EDP is the leanest, most powerful way to truly develop the employee’s development path and gain their buy-in and engagement. 

Employee and manager can quickly rate and rank which job role proficiencies to prioritize for the coming quarter, with management final say.

A better way to improve employee performance metrics

Simplify the EDP process while increasing employee performance with this new innovative approach: 

  • Build partnership between employee and manager by giving both input, with manager having final say
  • Fast set up of your development plan template from a bucket of proficiencies drawn from the employee job description and job requirements
  • Designed so you can the complete quarterly review in 15 to 30 minutes
  • Achieve both continual kaizen skills development and training at the same time
  • Simplify employee performance metrics by standardizing the EDP process
  • Accomplish team-building and cross-skills development
  • Set it up once, and simply update at each quarterly review
  • Includes rewards and awards schedule to motivate employees for achieved performance levels with spiffs, bonuses, perks and time off 

Why managers, HR, and business owners need this modern approach

Employee development plans have lost their way. They’ve become these huge, bloated HR beasts that smother their original intent: employee performance development. 

Because of this enlarged scope – and the large labor costs to complete them – many companies have turned these into annual events or blow them off completely. 

This further disengages employees and dilutes their focus.

Even managers can become disengaged with the large scope of these development plans. They become an annual exercise in CYA – complete them because they are required. 

If you want to stop wasting everyone’s valuable time with plans that are too large in scope, and focus on employee development, this template is for you.

This EDP Template Kit focuses on building a partnership of consent between employer and employee by including inputs from both.

illustration of the individual employee development plan example

Employee and manager quickly rate and rank proficiencies together

Easy to set up, and easy and fast to update quarterly

Set the Employee Development Plan up one time, based on the employee’s job description. Ongoing, it can be completed in 15 minutes each quarter, during employee’s quarterly review. 

These lean development plans will become something employees actually look forward to, to measure themselves against benchmarks that they themselves help set!

Get this template kit now, to quickly build a customized employee development plan that includes: 

  • Two editable employee development plan templates: one in fillable PDF and a second template in MS Excel that you can customize and use immediately
  • Easy step-by-step instructions on how to set up the bucket of proficiencies from employee’s Job Description and Job Requirements
  • Explanatory guide on the three simple steps to build out the development plan template
  • How-to guide for management to administer quarterly review in 15 minutes
  • Includes employee development plan examples and screenshots for each section

Order Now Only $27.00

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Larry Lafata

Larry LaFata is the founder of and a Career Mindset Coach. He is dedicated to helping you discover your Career Destiny, regardless of your background, education, or experience.

Larry brings over 25-years of business development experience with Fortune 500 companies including T&T, Ceridian, ADP, and Doctor Computer.  He synthesizes this experience into the creation of his straightforward Employee Development Plan Template Kit.

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Larry Lafata

Larry LaFata is founder of and the world’s only Career Destiny Coach. He is dedicated to help you discover your Career Destiny, regardless of your background, education or experience. His innovative courses include Define Your Career Destiny one week home study course and Career Destiny Workshop for Besties.

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