Attention Business Owners and Department Managers:

Boost employee job performance from day one
with this new
Employee Development Plan Template Kit

Gain massive performance improvement
by developing employee job proficiencies

Employee development plan template kit

This innovative development plan comes with complete instructions, examples and templates.
So you can implement a failproof EDP for employees right away.

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The smart way to develop, engage and retain your employees

Do you want to develop employees to be more productive – and save time doing it? Do you need a way to better engage difficult employees?

Now you can train, engage and focus your employees without spending a lot of time or money on it, with this new Employee Development Plan Template Kit.

Most employee development plans confuse employees by not focusing on job role proficiencies. That confusion makes more work for you as manager. That all ends now.   

This template kit is specifically designed for busy business owners and dept. managers who need a fast, turnkey process to develop employees and maintain their engagement. And to do it on auto pilot.

Studies show employers need an EDP to maximize job performance and retention

Providing a career development plan improves job performance and shows employees you care about their career growth.

Recent employee surveys confirm this.

Studies show the key to employee motivation is professional development and advancement. More than 93% of employees say they would stay with the employer who invested in their development and career advancement.

This step-by-step EDP plan is an easy way to get that done.

Build ninja employee performance improvement - even with difficult employees

  • This EDP plan has one focus: ninja employee performance improvement

  • Designed to save manager time each quarter: employee completes their own development plan, manager simply adjusts and approves it at quarterly review

  • Fast set up and implementation with Excel templates that you customize from employee’s job description

  • This template helps you develop critical “soft skills.” Soft skills build employees interpersonal skills,  leadership, teamwork and professionalism  – and you can even use them to correct difficult or insubordinate employees

Why business owners need this modern employee development approach

As a small or medium business owner, professionally managing employee development is often beyond your scope of operations. After all, you’re a business owner, not an HR Dept.

You may have looked at ways to improve your employees work performance, but can’t find a workable solution.

Especially those sprawling online HR platforms that blow you away with high complexity, data entry and expense. And if your payroll company does offer an HR package, it doesn’t include quality career development tools.

This streamlined EDP Template Kit changes that now.

This self-sufficient design is thorough yet can be administered quickly. Designed for busy business owners and dept. managers who want a fast and easy implementation of the EDP each quarter.

Its a strong but simple 3 step process:

  1. Employee Development Plan (EDP): The employee and manager prioritize what job proficiencies and soft skills for employee to work on this quarter


  2. Employee Quarterly Development Goals (EQD): Employee has a daily reminder of the 3 to 5 proficiencies to focus on for the quarter, and a fast, easy way for manager to assess results


  3. Quarterly Results Summary: At the quarterly review, manager assesses employee’s EQD results in under 20 minutes, and awards (optional) rewards. Then the cycle repeats on auto pilot each quarter:

3 step Employee Development Plan Template Kit

Save time and simplify employee development

As a business owner, you need an affordable, painless approach to employee career development.

This EDP offers a simple, all-in-one way to jumpstart your employee development. 

Set it up in less than an hour. Email to employee, who prioritizes 3 to 5 job proficiencies that they will develop for quarter. You review results at the quarterly review in under 20 minutes. Rinse and repeat each quarter. That’s it.

How this template simplifies employee development for business owners:

  • The focus is directly on job performance: the template is built from employees job role proficiencies, drawn from their job description and job requirements

  • Easy implementation saves manager time and hassle: Set it up once, and simply update the EDP at quarterly review in 15 to 20 minutes

  • Adjustable to each employee’s needs: You can zero in exactly on where the employee needs improvement by adjusting proficiency development to either job role, job related or soft skills development

  • Reduce the friction of dealing with a difficult employee by using soft skills to develop specific behavioral skills

  • Innovative side-by-side proficiency ranking: Employee and manager rate and rank proficiencies together to prioritize for quarter (see example.) This builds a partnership between employee and manager by giving both input into the development path, with manager having final say

  • Includes Rewards Plan to motivate employees with inexpensive perks, bonuses and awards

You accomplish all this on an all-in-one 4 page EDP template.

Here’s a sample completed EDP:

Innovative side-by-side proficiency ranking:
Employee and manager each quickly rate and rank job proficiencies together

employee development plan template example in Excel

Get this lean Employee Development Plan Template Kit for only $47, and build ninja performance improvement from day one

If you want an affordable way to implement a powerful employee job performance improvement plan, this template kit does the job.

The fast and easy set up means you can implement it immediately. Well designed to give you everything you need:

employee development plan template - quick set up and implementation

The EDP Template Kit includes 5 easy pieces:

Set up the Employee Development Plan in less than an hour. Then ongoing, it can be completed in 15 to 20 minutes each quarter, at employee’s quarterly review. 

The five components of the EDP Template kit includes:

  1. Two editable EDP Templates: Templates in fillable PDF and Excel that you customize for each employee and use immediately

  2. Step-by-step instructions: clear instructions guide you how to set up and implement all aspects of plan

  3. Completed Examples you can follow: Completed sample EDP with plenty of screen shots to guide you each step of the way

  4. Quarterly Review Template with how-to guide: Everything you need to administer employee quarterly review in 15 to 20 minutes

  5. Rewards and Awards program: Includes set up and implementation of a cost-effective Rewards Program (optional) of inexpensive perks, bonuses or awards that employee can choose

Strong Client Assistance Support

Unlike other EDP templates where you are left to figure everything out by your self, this EDP is backed by strong support.

  • We offer 50 minute client assistance calls to assist you with any aspect of the plan

  • We also offer a complete ‘done for you’ service: The EDP implementation program. We will set up and implement the entire EDP plan for you

You’ll have step by step support if you need it.

Why wait? This innovative, all-in-one EDP will increase your employee’s job proficiency and strengthen their work performance right away. 

Boost your employee's job performance from day one with this innovative EDP

Order Now only $47 for the complete EDP Template Kit kit

Order now to receive your Employee Development Plan Template Kit instantly by email

Larry Lafata, Career Discovery Coach

About the author 

Larry LaFata is the founder of

He is a career development consultant and a career discovery coach, with 25+ years’ experience in business evaluation marketing.

In his business evaluation research, Larry saw the need for an easy way for busy employers to develop their employees without spending a lot of time, data and money.

Especially crucial in the digital age is development of your employee’s interpersonal and soft skills.

The Employee Development Plan Template Kit was designed to meet this need.

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