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next steps after purchase DYC and CDFT

Congratulations for beginning the journey to your Career Destiny, and thank you for your purchase.

This is the most advanced career discovery course on the market, geared to one promise: to help you discover the career or business you are meant for!

Next steps:

If you enrolled in either the Define Your Career Destiny or Career Destiny Fast Track Home Study Course:

  • I will call you at the date and time you selected when you booked the course,  for your first 30 minute career mindset coaching consult
  • At that call, I will send you the link to sign up and initiate the automated email course delivery of the Home Study Course self-assessments PDFs
  • We’ll schedule your next self-assessments coaching call at that time

Note: Please open 3 hours on your schedule for the week after our first coaching call to complete self-assessments!

You will need to make an appointment with yourself, to schedule three sessions of one hour each, with no distractions, to complete your self-assessments.

  •  Please have access to a laptop, tablet, desktop or other large screen device, as  a smart phone size device will not work well

One thing to remember, only you can be the author of your Career Destiny!


you ar the author of your Career Destiny

Any questions, email me at or if necessary contact by phone at my office at 845-589-0600.

So thanks again for your business, your trust, and taking control of your future. Be prepared to clear your schedule so you can focus on this course.

You are on your way to manifesting the employment path you are meant for, that you will love for a lifetime.

To your Destiny!

Larry LaFata

Larry Lafata



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