Tame negative thoughts with this Negative Self Talk Worksheet

Negative self talk worksheet can eliminate negative self thought habits

Negative self talk destroys your confidence and can create limiting beliefs

Use this negative self talk worksheet to cancel negative self thoughts


This negative self talk worksheet shows you how to stop the negative self talk habit, so you can get your happiness back.

Negative self talk ruins your quality of life and depresses your emotions. Sadly, most people don’t even realize it’s happening.

If you work on reducing your negative self-talk for 4 to 6 weeks, you can be rid of them for a lifetime!

Then you will gain the benefits of peace of mind, including:

  • Reduce or eliminate anxiety  

  • Gain confidence in everything you do

  • Vanquish the insecurity and stop second guessing yourself

  • Improve your relationships

  • Allow abundance and prosperity into your life

In this negative self talk worksheet, you will break the habit and eliminate negative self thoughts

To give you a strong foundation of how the 5 step worksheet is set up, this articles provides instructions and positive self talk examples, including: 

What is negative self talk and how does it affect your attitude?

Let’s start with what self talk is. 

Self talk is an internal expression of your beliefs. It is what is commonly known as your “attitude.”

There are two kinds of self talk: positive self talk and negative self talk.

If you predominantly have the habit of positive self talk, you have a positive attitude. If you predominantly have the habit of negative self talk, you have a negative attitude attitude. 

  • Positive self talk is the habit of talking to yourself in a positive, mentally healthy, uplifting way. When this self talk is verbalized outwardly to others, it’s a “positive attitude.”

  • Negative self talk is a habit of talking to yourself in a negative, unhealthy or demeaning way. When this self talk is verbalized, it’s a “bad attitude.”

If you are in the habit of negative self talk, over time, negative self talk programming embeds limiting beliefs in your mind.

You begin to frame everything that happens to you in a negative light.  This can cause anxiety, insecurity and lack of self confidence.

The long term danger of limiting beliefs is they can develop into a scarcity mindset. This can cause an overall negative mentality, such as hopelessness, nihilism and even depression.

Why its urgent to eliminate the negative self talk habit

We talk to ourselves 1000’s of times a day.

If you are in the habit of programming yourself with negative self talk all day, you could be harming your mental health and relationships.

It is critical to deal with negative self talk because:

  • You are programming yourself to automatically have negative feelings that can lead to stress, anxiety and depression

  • You are reinforcing limiting beliefs about what you are capable of

  • You are sabotaging abundance from reaching you

  • You may develop a scarcity mindset that colors everything you do in a negative way

Luckily, this worksheet will show you how to deal with negative self talk.  Your beliefs can be changed.

However, no one is saying it will be easy.

The human mind is a complex thing. It may have reasons for a negative worldview.  You may have been wounded in your past and internalized it.

Removing negative self talk takes at least 4 to 6 weeks of your concerted effort, usually double that. But once done, the mindset change is typically permanent!

To give you a strong tool to eliminate negative self talk, I offer a Free Positive Affirmations Worksheet.

If negative self talk is a problem for you, this positive affirmation resource will provide powerful assistance for you to escape its grasp.

Triggered: Understanding how to stop negative self talk

Negative self talk is a habit. It has developed over a long period of time.

It is a reactive habit. This means there are emotional “triggers” that you are reacting to. These triggers cause(ed) your self talk reaction.

So you need to understand the scope of what you are trying to change here. Quitting negative self talk is like quitting smoking or losing weight. The habit can be changed, but takes a sincere effort.

This negative self talk worksheet will help you address this if you follow the process.

Examples of negative self talk creating a scarcity mindset

Negative self talk examples diagram


This diagram gives you negative self talk examples, and how they can manifest a scarcity mindset if left unchecked.

It demonstrates how you can go from unsure to insecure to scarcity pretty quickly.

Read each line from left to right, for example:

  • Repeated negative self talk of “Why doesn’t she talk to me at the office?”

  • This repeated self talk can turn into a limiting belief: “Oh, she doesn’t like me” which causes you to either have stress or fight with her

  • Limiting beliefs can manifest over time, as a global negative mindset: “No one loves me”

Abundance vs. scarcity mindset explained

A mindset is a global, mind-wide set of beliefs that shapes your outlook. You can have many mindsets.

For example you can have a creative mindset, a growth mindset and an abundance mindset all at the same time.

For our purpose here:

  • An abundance mindset means you filter everything that happens to you in a prosperous, positive, abundant way – with optimism

  • A scarcity mindset means you filter everything that happens to you in a negative, fearful, limited, stingy, wanting way – with pessimism

The very good news is because a mindset is based on your beliefs, it can be changed.

Scarcity mindset examples

Because negative self talk can create a negative mindset, you want to be on the lookout for signs of it.

If you have a scarcity mindset, you view the world of jobs, relationships and money with a negative outlook. For example:

  • “There are no good jobs out there”

  • “I’ll always be lonely”

  • “It’s hopeless, I won’t even try”

  • “I’ll always be poor/broke/living in this basement etc.”

How to stop negative self talk using this worksheet

Self talk is a reactive habit that’s triggered by a person, place or event (positive or negative.)

Negative self talk results from how you repeatedly react to an event or person.

If the event or person is negative, uncomfortable, painful, traumatic or intimidating, you will feel negative emotions about them – and yourself.

The way self talk can run away from you, is how you handle these emotions. If you are deeply affected or become obsessed:

  • You may relive and repeat the self talk, even when you are away from the event or person, this creates a negative habit

  • You may begin to associate unrelated events or people to the negative emotion you have

  • You may begin to develop a habit of applying the negative self talk to everything

This all can happen without you being conscious of it.

Luckily, you can learn to manage these emotions. You can prevent them from taking hold. You can learn to frame them so they don’t linger or become an obsession. This worksheet shows you how.


Negative Self Talk Worksheet: The 5 step formula to eliminate unwanted self talk

Follow each of these written steps to stop negative self talk from eroding your happiness and blocking your abundance.

Each step is clearly explained below worksheet.

How to eliminate negative self talk in 5 steps: Instructions

Step One: Become aware of negative thoughts

In order to eliminate a habit, you need to become aware of it.  You need to identify what negative thoughts you are repeating.

Take your time with this. Over a few days or a week. Write down your negative thoughts as they occur to you. Create a list of them.

Step Two: Become aware of what triggers the negative thoughts

Most importantly, you need to become aware of what triggers your negative thoughts.

What are you reacting to that launches the emotion that you are expressing?

  • You may be reacting to a perceived wound from a person or event from your past – identify it

  • You may be triggered by daily interactions such as people you work with, a cashier at a store you frequent, drivers in traffic, family members, acquaintances, etc. – identify them

It is super important you identify the triggers and rituals that are irritating you now or in the past

Step Three: Create a habit of canceling the negative thought

Once you have developed a list of negative self-talk and triggers, you are ready to deal with them.

You simply develop a new habit. React to triggers and negative thoughts in a way that gives you control. Here’s how:

  • As soon as you catch yourself in a negative emotion or thought, simply say “Cancel, cancel!”

  • You can also say “Go to neutral, go to neutral!” to disarm your habit of negative reaction

Consistently do this and your mind will become trained that you don’t want to think that thought anymore. You are neutral. You don’t want to feel negatively about the trigger.

Step Four: cultivate positive self talk to replace the negative self talk

You want to cultivate a new positive self talk quotes to launch when reacting to EACH trigger.

  • You need to have an automatic reaction to your trigger: a positive self-talk quote

  • For each trigger, develop an automatic positive reaction

Step Five: Program your mind for 4 to 6 weeks until a new positive self talk habit takes hold

Repeat positive self talk whenever you are triggered. Do this for 4 to 6 weeks until it becomes “part of you.” Stick with it by reading your affirmations daily, and your mindset will transform

Here are some positive self talk examples you can model:

Positive self talk examples that you can model

I show you how to cancel negative self talk and replace it with positive self talk below.

For an even more complete mastery of positive self talk, I offer a Free guide to Positive Self Talk Quotes. Try this resource now:


Trigger: You get insecure that a boss or coworker doesn’t talk to you

Old response habit: “What an ass John is. Who does he think he is? Why does he talk to Nancy but ignores me? I must be unattractive, etc. etc.

New positive/neutral self talk habit response:

“I am a great coworker”

“I can be helpful to John”

“John reaches out to Nancy a lot. Maybe he needs assistance in his job, that I can help him with.”

 You get very hot headed and impatient when stuck in traffic

Old response habit: “Get out of the way jerk! This is the fast lane, and I’m late for work” , etc. etc.

New positive/neutral self talk habit response:

“Cancel! I am patient and helpful in traffic.”

“I keep a safe driving distance, and allow traffic to process”

 You are attracted to Ryan, a real nice guy, but when you see him you get intimidated

Old response habit: “There’s Ryan. I’d like to talk to him but I don’t think I look too attractive in this old dress. Plus my hair is a mess, I ran out today without fixing it.  And yesterday I blurted out something stupid, now I feel like a fool. He’s too good for me.” , etc. etc.

New positive/neutral self talk habit response:

“I am attractive to the right person”

“We make a great match.”

“ I think I’ll go and strike up a conversation with him at breaktime”

Write out all these scenarios for yourself.

  • For each trigger, write up the old response habit, and a new positive self talk response habit

Now all you have to do is integrate this process as a habit.

Step Five: Program the new habit

Now simply train your new positive self talk habit by repeating it with great desire and belief.

The best way to learn how to do this is with my free step-by-step guide to positive self talk quotes. It guides you exactly how to write self talk quotes.

Remember, self talk is a habit. To break the HABIT of negative self-talk, you need to program your mind with new habits and beliefs.

By repeating your positive self talk reactions daily (till they are internalized and part of you over 4 to 6 weeks or more) you will be a new, positive you.

If you want to really up your game on self talk and affirmations, I provide a guide to manifesting affirmations.

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