The missing element you need for manifesting affirmations

A spiritual element is required to manifest your affirmations

What your manifesting affirmations are missing: a spiritual element

Are your affirmations not fully manifesting? It may be because they are missing the most important element of all: Spirituality.

Spirituality is your belief in an outcome without having tangible proof. It is your faith in yourself and in the universe.

In this digital age, where you can find pre-written affirmations and affirmation cards it makes manifesting affirmations harder than ever. Because they are written by others, they are not as relevant. So you don’t have the level of spiritual belief you need for them to manifest.

Let’s take a look at how you can harness and infuse spirituality into your affirmations.

This guide reveals the key to power your manifesting affirmations: a spiritual element, including:

  • Why your affirmations are not manifesting

  • How spirituality is a belief system that guides your affirmations to manifest

  • What are manifesting affirmations, and why do they need the element of spirituality to work?

  • Why manifesting affirmations requires a spiritual connection

Why your affirmations are not manifesting

If you want your positive manifestation quotes to be successful, you need to follow a certain sequence.  

Luckily, you can find the complete process for manifesting affirmations in this new step-by-step worksheet for positive affirmations.

The free worksheet guides you with detailed instructions for your affirmations to manifest.

Now you can manifest affirmations by following the right rules. For example:

  • The manifesting affirmation has to be written by you, not someone else

  •  The positive affirmation has to be a visual image that your subconscious can grasp

  • The affirmation must be aligned with your beliefs: this is the spiritual element I am talking about

Use the positive affirmations worksheet to increase your spirituality quickly.

Spirituality is a belief system that guides your affirmations to manifest

Your affirmations need to be aligned with your deepest beliefs for them to manifest.

This is where most people make the mistake, and why affirmations fail.

You can’t approach affirmations like you are going shopping. “Oh I need a house, I need a wife, I need a car, I need money fast…I think I’ll go online and pick out some affirmation quotes.” It’s not like that.

Your affirmations can only attain what you are meant for and what you are ready for.

In fact, most affirmations you search for online are obsolete!

This is because if you are manifesting affirmations properly, they work for your entire mental, physical and psychic sphere. Good things are constantly bestowed upon you in all areas of your life.

You can’t pick just one area where you want abundance, if the other areas are in a negative state. In many cases, you may not need to affirm for specific individual affirmations:

If you are aligned with your belief system, it will guide you to which abundance affirmations you need.

Once your belief system is spiritually aligned, it will guide you to which abundance affirmations you need.

Then the universe will bestow upon you what is yours by divine right.

What are manifesting affirmations, and why do they need the element of spirituality to work?

Let’s break down these definitions individually, so you can be clear how they work together.

  • What are affirmations?

    • Affirmations are statements of belief about what you intend to bring into being

    • These statements of belief are communicated through your subconscious to the universe

    • It is the universe that bestows the abundance you attract and are ready to receive
  • What is manifesting?

    • Manifesting means to bring into being, to reveal, to provide substance and evidence, to materialize
  • What is spirituality?

    • Spirituality is your faith in your communication to the unseen universal superconscious

    • Through your subconscious, you communicate to the universe to bestow upon you the abundance that is already yours by divine right

    • Ultimately your spiritual connection it powered by your belief in yourself and your belief in the generosity of the universal superconscious

    • (Note: spirituality can be religious, but is not exclusively of religious faith; but it is on the same plane of belief in the unseen)

If we put these 3 concepts together we get the definition of manifesting affirmations with spirituality:

Manifesting affirmations are defined as spiritual statements that communicate your beliefs (your thoughts) to the universe in order to bestow what you are ready to receive.   

Why manifesting affirmations requires a spiritual connection

This meme demonstrates how a spiritual connection is required for an affirmation to manifest.

The subconscious mind must connect to the universe to communicate your affirmation. The  universe then bestows the manifestation of your affirmation.

How your spiritual beliefs are key to manifesting affirmations

The path from affirmation to manifestation relies on a spiritual connection

If you follow the path from affirmation to manifestation in the above meme, you see how important the spiritual element is to attract abundance. 

  • Start with strong spiritual belief in your affirmation intention: you must have deep faith in yourself and the universe that it will manifest

  • The power of your faith and belief in your readiness to receive is what powers your subconscious to ‘spiritually connect’ to the universe

  • Based on the depth of the spirituality of your beliefs, you attract the abundance you are meant for from universe

    • Important: If you suffer from negative thoughts (a bad attitude) or repeat negative self talk all day, you may be causing mental conflict and anxiety. This can block your spiritual connection to the universe. 

Keep this in mind in your approach to manifesting affirmations. If you lack spiritual belief, you won’t make the spiritual connection that is required.

To resolve this, try my free Negative Self Talk Worksheet to cancel your negative self talk. It guides you step-by-step through the whole process of eliminating the negative thoughts that cause you stress and anxiety.  

Final thoughts

Spirituality – the belief in yourself and the universe – are required for an affirmation to fully manifest.

What do you do to power your spiritual beliefs? You have to go back to basics. You need to cultivate the beliefs that strengthen your spirituality, and eliminate the beliefs that are blocking you.

When you change what you believe about yourself and the world, you change what the world believes about you. It will shower your with abundance.

change how you look at the world and you change how the world looks at you

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