Manifesting abundance by removing blockages

Manifesting abundance by removing blockages

 Abundance is yours by divine right, you only need to remove blockages to manifest it

The secret of manifesting abundance in your life, by using affirmations

Abundance is already yours by divine right. It’s waiting for you. You only need to manifest it.

There are a just few steps you need to take in order to attract and receive your abundance:

  • Its essential for you to have faith and openness to receive it

  • You need to know how ask for what you desire

  • It may be necessary to remove blockages that are preventing it from manifesting

For example, if you are filling your mind with negative self-talk and limiting beliefs, you may develop a scarcity mindset. This blocks you from manifesting abundance. 

I will explain what blockages to abundance are, and how to remove them in this guide.

Because the universe wants you to win! It wants you to be prosperous and happy.

The magnetic power of an abundance mindset

You form an abundance mindset by having true faith and readiness to receive. This makes you a powerful magnetic force.

What is widely known as the ‘law of attraction’ is actually just your faith and  readiness to receive.

Because when you are ready, the right people, places and things come into your life.

In this guide to "Manifesting abundance by removing blockages” we will cover how to use affirmations to manifest abundance and remove limiting beliefs

To give you a thorough understanding of how the process works, this guide covers: 

The top 3 hidden blockages to manifesting abundance

If you are not receiving the abundance that is already yours by divine right, its manifestation may be blocked.

Often the blockages are “hidden” in the sense you are unaware of them.

There are simple solutions to this. You need to first identify the blockage, then takes steps to remove it.

Let’s take a look at these blockages to the manifestation of an abundant life. Then how to address them.

Blockage One: Not being clear in about what you want in your abundance affirmation

If you are confusing your subconscious mind (Subby for short) about what you want, abundance can’t manifest.

Subby doesn’t know what ‘abundance’ or ‘wealth’ is! You have to be clear and spell it out. 

Blockage Two: Your abundance quotes and affirmations are not personal to you

If you are reading abundance quotes or affirmations that someone else wrote, they won’t resonate with Subby.

You need to compose them yourself, with your unique desires, using your personality and style. They have to be personal to you. I’ll show you how here.   

Blockage Three: Limiting beliefs are conflicting your subconscious mind

This is THE blockage that prevents most people from manifesting abundance.

If you are asking the universe to bestow abundance upon you but:

  • you don’t really believe you deserve it
  • you have a scarcity mindset
  • some other conflict on another psychic level

then it will cause conflict and fail to resonate to the universe.

Let’s look a little deeper at these 3 often hidden blockages.

Why you can’t attract abundance if you are not clear about what you want   

Affirmations are like a google search: if you are clear about your intent, Subby will fetch you results.

In fact, do a google search for abundance right now. You will see it means dozens of different things to different authors. Even dictionaries disagree on exactly what it is!

How can Subby ask the universal superconscious to bestow an abundant life upon you, if you are not clear about what it means? You need to clearly define what abundance means to you.

Why abundance quotes need to be personal – written by you   

If you are using affirmation quotes that someone else wrote, they may not be understood by Subby. And a confused Subby cannot connect to the universe to manifest your desires.

Here are some abundance affirmations examples from a random search online.

Ask yourself if any of these are personally relevant to your abundance:

Do you even know what they are asking Subby to manifest here? Will any of these vague, general abundance quotes bring you abundance? Doubtful.

Affirmations must be your own personal thoughts, relevant to your specific situation to make sense to Subby.

For example:

  • “I am one of the top real estate agents in Ohio, making $550,000 per year”
  • “Thanks to my hard work in the real estate business, I drive a 2023 Mercedes Benz CLS Coupe”

How self-limiting beliefs block your abundance

If you are giving conflicting signals to Subby, it cannot act on your requests to manifest abundance.

Let’s say you want abundance and are using “I am” affirmations to manifest it. You might affirm

  • “I am wealthy and financially satisfied earning $450,000 per year in Real Estate.”

Meanwhile, if you have money scarcity beliefs, you may have negative self-talk beliefs about money. You may be telling yourself

  • “Darn! I don’t earn enough money buy that car I really want!”

If so, you have generated limiting beliefs in yourself. These beliefs will conflict with the affirmation.

Or lets say you have a fear and scarcity beliefs about the world in general. You may be negative self talking to yourself: 

  • “Because of (name your fear, scarcity or perceived bogeyman here: the economy/that politician/climate change/China/Russia/that group of people/etc.) I can’t earn enough money.”

Subby is saying “Hold it. How can I be earning $450,000 per year if I can’t afford to buy the car I want?” and “How can I make $450,000 a year if there is (enter fear or perceived bogeyman such as climate change here) to worry about?”

This is why finding out how to stop your negative self-talk, your boogeymen and your limiting beliefs is so important.

Frankly, many of your fear, scarcity and boogeyman beliefs are not really yours! You may have picked them up from the news, from friends or on social media.

Those fear beliefs can block an abundance mentality from taking hold. They program scarcity in your mind. They use up your psychic energy in fearful imaginings.

This diagram will give you a visual of how limiting beliefs and negative self talk program a scarcity mindset and a feeling of lack.

Is a scarcity mindset blocking you from abundance manifestation?

Limiting beliefs and negative self-talk (bad attitude) feed a scarcity mindset.

This can block your abundance because you are limiting your faith in yourself and your readiness to receive.  

This diagram shows the 4 factors that determine if your abundance will manifest or not.

Manifest abundance through affirmations

The 4 key factors at the heart of manifesting abundance

Your abundance manifestation starts with 4 important factors:


On the left side of diagram you see how the free flow of faith beliefs manifest abundance:

  1. Prosperity beliefs: you grow your connection to abundance by having true faith that prosperity will manifest

  2. Abundance mindset: a mindset is a set of wealth, relationship and prosperity beliefs that develop a positive, empowering mindset in all aspects of your life

  3. Good attitude: continual, encouraging, faith-building positive self-talk

  4. Faith and Readiness to receive: a spiritual belief that you are ready, worthy and open to receiving abundance, and can handle it mentally and spiritually

These four factors are at the heart of manifesting abundance. They keep you free of mental blockages.

This allows you to attract and receive what is already yours by divine right.

How a scarcity mindset is the enemy of faith and readiness to receive


Look at the right side of the diagram. It shows how a scarcity mindset blocks abundance.

  1. Limiting beliefs are negative portrayals you have of yourself. Insecurities, fears, hopelessness, scarcity beliefs, anxiety, childhood wounds, grievance roles you play without knowing it, etc.

  2. Scarcity mindset: a set of limiting beliefs, that together make you view life with a lack of faith that you deserve to receive fulfillment or prosperity

  3. Bad attitude: what is known as a “bad attitude” is simply repeating negative self-talk to yourself

  4. If you are repeating negative portrayals of yourself in your self-talk all day you are damaging your faith and readiness to receive or keep abundance

  5. Negative self-talk can literally ‘program’ a scarcity mindset

  6. We talk to ourselves thousands of times a day! It is critical to program abundant beliefs through positive self-talk

Luckily, you can choose an abundant life or scarcity. You are not stuck.

You can turn your scarcity mindset around in 4 to 6 weeks with my methods. I offer a Free Positive Affirmations worksheet below to get you started.

The spiritual element to manifesting abundance


There is a very good reason to develop true faith and readiness to receive.

This is because there is a spiritual element required to manifest prosperity.

You cant just repeat pretty words from an abundance quote you see online and POOF! Abundance! It’s much deeper than that.

A big part of manifesting abundance is spiritual faith.

Manifestation is a spiritual process that works through your subconscious mind (Subby).

  • Subby requires clear instructions from you and an affirmation of your true FAITH that you believe it will manifest

  • Powered by your faith, Subby will spiritually connect to the universal superconscious (humanity, infinite intelligence, the universe)

  • Subby requests the universe to bestow and release abundance upon you

Your abundance is already yours by divine right! In order to receive it, the universe only requires 2 things:

  • You must have faith: a belief in a higher power that loves you and is working for you

  • You must have a readiness to receive: a faith in your own worthiness and belief in yourself

This diagram gives you a visual perspective of the abundance manifestation process.

Meme: How to manifest abundance through affirmations

How to manifest abundance through positive affirmations

If you have true faith and readiness to receive, your desire will manifest.

  1. You affirm with deep desire and clarity, what you intend to manifest

  2. Your repeat and program the instructions to your subconscious (Subby)

  3. Subby communicates your desires and your faith in their manifestation to the universal superconscious

  4. The universe manifests the people, opportunities and relationships you want and are meant for

Please note that abundance may not come exactly as you intended. It will arrive in the form that the universe deems best.

The best way to abundance manifestation is through affirmations

Affirmations are the most powerful way to remove limiting beliefs that are blocking your abundant life. So you want to learn how to use them.

I use affirmations with every career discovery client, and as part of all of my home study courses. They work.

In this guide to abundance manifestation, I’ve shown you the blockages. Next I will show you how to remove them using affirmations.

First, let me introduce myself so you know my credentials in this area.

My name is Larry LaFata, I am the founder of since 2010. I wear several hats, including as a career discovery coach and a career mindset coach.

Larry LaFata, Founder of

I am dedicated to help you discover your Career Destiny, regardless of your background, education or experience. My only focus is to help you find your career mission – the career you are meant for.

In my 25 years’ experience and research into peak performance and career discovery, I have found affirmations to be a super powerful, useful tool.

I urge you to learn how to write affirmations for manifestation. They can change your life if you use them properly. I will give you a free guide on how to write them below.

What are abundance affirmations, and how do they work?

Abundance Affirmations are statements of faith belief. They are repeated until they are integrated into your subconscious.

These beliefs communicate your desire for prosperity and specific abundance.

  • Affirmations power your subconscious mind to connect to the universal super consciousness and attract prosperity, relationships and wealth

  • Properly done, abundance affirmations work to remove blockages that have been hindering your prosperity and attraction to wealth

  • Once you are clear about what you want and have faith in its reception, you are then bestowed the abundance that is already yours by divine right

How to write abundance affirmations

This video explains the steps to write abundance affirmations properly so they manifest.  

Free Positive Affirmations Worksheet

To learn how to write effective abundance affirmations, I offer a Free Positive Affirmations Worksheet that guides you step-by-step.

It shows you how to write positive affirmations customized to you.

You can get my Free Positive Affirmations Worksheet here:

How to manifest abundance using affirmations

The Positive Affirmations Worksheet has a 6 step formula. If used properly it is very powerful.

By following that formula, and repeating your customized affirmations and quotes with great desire, you can bring prosperity, wealth, great relationships into your life.

You can use affirmations to manifest abundance in so many areas of your life and in so many ways, they are truly priceless:

  • Prosperity and abundance affirmations: to cultivate abundance in all areas of your life, including money, love and things you want

  • How to manifest someone: affirmations help you to manifest a love relationship, but the secret is you have to manifest your faith and readiness to receive yourself first, then they will attract

  • Financial abundance affirmations: these can train you to make, manage, invest, keep and spend money

  • Positive affirmations for anxiety: can remove anxiety and the negative self-talk that creates it

  • Affirmations for work: can assist you to find a new job, promotion, prepare for a job interview or reduce work stress

  • Self-confidence affirmations: improve your faith in yourself and trust in your abilities

  • Spiritual abundance quotes: can deepen your connection to your faith and spirituality

How to eliminate blockages to manifesting abundance: self-talk affirmations

Blockages such as limiting beliefs or a scarcity mindset are a habit of thought. So eliminating blockages requires diligence and effort to do, because Subby is a powerful force. You can’t just say “Subby, stop doing this.”

However, you can eliminate limiting beliefs in the same way you cultivate abundance affirmations. You would use self-talk affirmations to do this. You program Subby to replace negative triggers into positive self-talk.

For a self-talk example to work, you must affirm a positive outcome:

Wrong:           “I’m not a drunk. I no longer drink a six pack at dinnertime (trigger.)”

Subby:            “ So what do you mean? If I don’t do that, what would I do instead? Drink vodka?”

However Subby will understand the specific new behavior you want, if you use trigger + affirmation.

Right:              “Every night at dinnertime (trigger) + I am sober. I only drink water.”

Another example:

Wrong:           “I no longer have anxiety at work when I (trigger) interact with the boss.”

Right:             “I have confidence in myself at work, and treat my boss as a peer.”

You really need to have faith and readiness in your confidence for this to work.

So eliminating blockages is a similar process as an affirmation:

  • Identify the specific fear, scarcity, boogeyman or anxiety trigger causing your negative self-talk

  • Instruct Subby with a positive affirmation to counter that fear, anxiety or scarcity trigger  with the positive new behavior or feeling you desire   

  • If you have true faith and readiness to receive, your desire will manifest in some form

Again, to remove embedded, limiting belief blockages, you might require some professional guidance.

If they are a serious issue blocking your abundance or they cause you anxiety, you want to address them. My self-assessments with mindset coaching can show you how to work through them.

Its all about faith in yourself and the faith in the universe

Abundance affirmations build your faith in yourself and faith in your readiness to receive.

Repeating affirmations helps you change how you perceive the world. They build your faith that abundance is already yours by divine right, and faith in the universe to bestow it upon you.

When you change how you perceive the universe, you change how the universe perceives you!

Change how you see the world, and you change how the world sees you

Final Thoughts about removing blockages to manifesting abundance

Abundance is yours by divine right. You don’t have to change who you are to receive it.

But it cannot manifest (come into being) if it is blocked on a psychic or subconscious level.

There are 6 steps to properly manifest abundance and remove blockages. My free positive affirmations worksheet guides you through them. After that, it just requires you sticking with it for 4 to 6 weeks.

Remember that there is a spiritual element to manifesting abundance: your faith and readiness to receive.

If you want some assistance to get clear of blockages to manifest career abundance

Most people just repeat affirmations and quotes they see online, hoping something will happen. However, the more personal and clear your instructions are, the easier for Subby to fetch what you desire.

The practical way to clarify the abundance you are meant for, is to get clear about your career destiny. Because your employment is often the engine of your abundance.

In my Define Your Career Destiny home study course, you discover how to find a career you love.

By clarifying your career mission through self-assessments, you get clear and specific about what career, money and lifestyle you want to manifest.

The one week course includes guided career coaching assistance. You identify the 5 factors that manifest your career mission.    

In 10 career self-assessments, I walk you through, step-by-step:

  • How to identify the rules and beliefs you live by
  • How to cultivate the beliefs and roles that manifest your career abundance
  • How to eliminate limiting beliefs and dump scarcity roles that no longer serve you

If you want to find out more about how the define your career destiny process works, my Free Career Discovery Guide shows you how. You can sign up to get it free:                  

Unlock your Career Destiny today with my FREE Guide

In How to Unlock Your Career Destiny, I reveal the 5 secrets
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How to unlock your career destiny free report by Larry LaFata

The Missing Element You Need for Manifesting Affirmations: Spiritual Element

Are your affirmations not fully manifesting? It may be because they are missing the most important element of all: Spirituality.

Spirituality is your belief in an outcome without having tangible proof. It is your faith in yourself and in the universe.

In this digital age, where you can find pre-written affirmations and affirmation cards it makes manifesting affirmations harder than ever. Because they are written by others, they are not as relevant. So you don’t have the level of spiritual belief you need for them to manifest.

Let’s take a look at how you can harness and infuse spirituality into your affirmations.


This guide reveals the key to power your manifesting affirmations: a spiritual element, including:

  • Why your affirmations are not manifesting
  • How spirituality is a belief system that guides your affirmations to manifest
  • What are manifesting affirmations, and why do they need the element of spirituality to work?

  • Why manifesting affirmations requires a spiritual connection


Why your affirmations are not manifesting


If you want your positive manifestation quotes to be successful, you need to follow a certain sequence.  

Luckily, you can find the complete process for manifesting affirmations in this new step-by-step worksheet for positive affirmations.

The free worksheet guides you with detailed instructions for your affirmations to manifest.

Now you can manifest affirmations by following the right rules. For example:

  • The manifesting affirmation has to be written by you, not someone else
  •  The positive affirmation has to be a visual image that your subconscious can grasp
  • The affirmation must be aligned with your beliefs: this is the spiritual element I am talking about

Use the positive affirmations worksheet to increase your spirituality quickly.


Spirituality is a belief system that guides your affirmations to manifest


Your affirmations need to be aligned with your deepest beliefs for them to manifest.

This is where most people make the mistake, and why affirmations fail.

You can’t approach affirmations like you are going shopping. “Oh I need a house, I need a wife, I need a car, I need money fast…I think I’ll go online and pick out some affirmation quotes.” It’s not like that.

Your affirmations can only attain what you are meant for and what you are ready for.

In fact, most affirmations you search for online are obsolete!

This is because if you are manifesting affirmations properly, they work for your entire mental, physical and psychic sphere. Good things are constantly bestowed upon you in all areas of your life.

You can’t pick just one area where you want abundance, if the other areas are in a negative state. In many cases, you may not need to affirm for specific individual affirmations:

If you are aligned with your belief system, it will guide you to which abundance affirmations you need.

Once your belief system is spiritually aligned, it will guide you to which abundance affirmations you need.

Then the universe will bestow upon you what is yours by divine right.

What Are Manifesting Affirmations, and Why Do They Need the Element of Spirituality to Work?

Let’s break down these definitions individually, so you can be clear how they work together.

What are affirmations?

    • Affirmations are statements of belief about what you intend to bring into being

    • These statements of belief are communicated through your subconscious to the universe

    • It is the universe that bestows the abundance you attract and are ready to receive

What is manifesting?

    • Manifesting means to bring into being, to reveal, to provide substance and evidence, to materialize

What is spirituality?

    • Spirituality is your faith in your communication to the unseen universal superconscious

    • Through your subconscious, you communicate to the universe to bestow upon you the abundance that is already yours by divine right

    • Ultimately your spiritual connection it powered by your belief in yourself and your belief in the generosity of the universal superconscious

    • (Note: spirituality can be religious, but is not exclusively of religious faith; but it is on the same plane of belief in the unseen)

If we put these 3 concepts together we get the definition of manifesting affirmations with spirituality:

Manifesting affirmations are defined as spiritual statements that communicate your beliefs (your thoughts) to the universe in order to bestow what you are ready to receive.   

The path from affirmation to manifestation relies on a spiritual connection

If you follow the path from affirmation to manifestation in the above meme, you see how important the spiritual element is to attract abundance. 
  • Start with strong spiritual belief in your affirmation intention: you must have deep faith in yourself and the universe that it will manifest

  • The power of your faith and belief in your readiness to receive is what powers your subconscious to ‘spiritually connect’ to the universe

  • Based on the depth of the spirituality of your beliefs, you attract the abundance you are meant for from universe

Important: If you suffer from negative thoughts (a bad attitude) or repeat negative self talk all day, you may be causing mental conflict and anxiety. This can block your spiritual connection to the universe. 

Keep this in mind in your approach to manifesting affirmations. If you lack spiritual belief, you won’t make the spiritual connection that is required.

To resolve this, try my free Negative Self Talk Worksheet to cancel your negative self talk. It guides you step-by-step through the whole process of eliminating the negative thoughts that cause you stress and anxiety.  

Final thoughts


Spirituality – the belief in yourself and the universe – are required for an affirmation to fully manifest.

What do you do to power your spiritual beliefs? You have to go back to basics. You need to cultivate the beliefs that strengthen your spirituality, and eliminate the beliefs that are blocking you.

When you change what you believe about yourself and the world, you change what the world believes about you. It will shower your with abundance.

Note: This guide is written by a real human, synthesizing experience and research to provide you a solution.

It was not written by an A.I. bot that ‘covers all the bases’ by rehashing other articles, but comes to no human-helpful conclusions.

About the author:

Larry LaFata is founder of, and a Career Discovery Coach.

Larry LaFata, founder

He is dedicated to help you discover your Career Destiny, regardless of your background, education or experience.

Larry’s innovative courses include:

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  • Career Destiny Workshop for Friends, a two hour online business discovery workshop guided by a career discovery coach
  • Career Development Planning Workshops

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