How can you have job satisfaction in your career?

How to insure job satisfaction in your next career

More than 70% of Americans are unhappy in their careers according to a recent Gallup Poll. There appears to be a tremendous shortcoming of employees that are really engaged and enjoying their optimal career.

If you are looking for a new career or to change careers, then your #1 goal is working in a career or business that gives you job satisfaction. Pay may be important, but you also desperately want to avoid work-life frustration, burnout, low pay and underemployment.

How can you achieve this in your new career?

If you want to avoid the pitfalls of the traditional job and education market, you need to think outside the traditional box. You need to customize your new career and tailor it to your preferences.

Define your Career Destiny

My proven research shows you need to identify five key factors to discover your Career Destiny. Define these five factors and incorporate them into your employment and you have lifetime job satisfaction.

This career satisfaction Infographic visually outlines how the five factors work together to form the blueprint of the new career that is perfect for you.

How to find a great career that insures Job satisfaction
Career Satisfaction Infographic










These factors work together to set up a lifetime of optimal employment. The key component that integrates these five career factors together is you core identity values. They are the “glue” that hold them all together.

The five factors of your optimal career

When all five factors are present in your career, you are the most satisfied, engaged and productive possible:

  • You have the least job-stress
  • The most job satisfaction
  • You have excellent relations and recognition from your co-workers
  • You make the most money and have the most job security
  • You can overcome obstacle that stop others cold

Keep your job search aligned with the five factors for best results

The more these five factors are satisfied in the job you are looking for, the more successful your job search will be. Not only do you have more job satisfaction, you’ll have an easier time finding the job in your job search.

The confidence that defining your career brings – and the focus you gain – puts you head and shoulders above the crowd in any hiring manger’s decision.

Cover all the bases

What makes these five factors so powerful? They are powerful because they cover all the bases of an optimal career destiny.

They give you a complete picture of your ideal work-life. By approaching your career plan with a 360 degree, full circle approach like this, you give yourself your biggest advantage: confidence in yourself.

For example, take the factor that deals with identifying your audience. If you don’t know who your audience is, how can you put together a job search plan to market your services to them?

This even holds true when you are going for a job interview. You are auditioning in front of a key audience: a hiring manager or business owner.

This is why the number one marketing research investment that successful businesses spend is on market research. They spend literally billions of dollars to define and understand their audience.

Or take the skills, talents and aptitudes factor. Many counselors recommend career aptitude and personality tests. If this is all you do, it can be very misleading.

The reason it can be misleading? If you take a career aptitude test, personality test or other psychometric test, you are only gaining one of four factors. Very limiting.

Worse, a personality test may “pigeonhole” you into a narrow understanding of yourself, and you may end up putting yourself into a limited “box.”

This is why applying the five factors insures you won’t find yourself in a box. They insure you cover all the bases, to discover your most powerful market value and land the job or business venture that is custom tailored just for you.

The ultimate career blueprint is addressed in depth in Define Your Career

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