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Career Transition Coaching Options

Do you need assistance to overcome the 7 common career plan obstacles?
If you are stuck in any of the common obstacles that stall your transition to a new career, my coaching support can get you unstuck. Often, assistance from someone outside your circle is the best way to get a neutral, straightforward point of view of how to proceed towards your new career and job search.

Career coaching consults can help you with the 7 common obstacles:

  1. Procrastination — wishing instead of doing, or the old “I’m too busy” to put it into practice
  2. Perfectionism — your standards are so high, you not able to complete as much as you need to
  3. Get bored easily — once the excitement wears off, you’re ready to move on to a new project
  4. Overwhelmed — sometimes a new undertaking can be scary or complex, and you can get confused on how to approach it
  5. Fear of being different or original — you may be used to always “going with the flow” and may now need to go your own path
  6. Defeatist or not motivated — been beat down and are thinking “oh, I’ll never be able to pull this off”
  7. Fear of change — this is the big one. The fear that you may fail — or even succeed — when attempting something new. Your subconscious is powerfully programmed to do what it’s always done, it may resist you making a change, even a good change,  and try to hold on to your old ways.

Priced to be affordable to any job seeker, coaching consults are a very reasonable $37 per consult, and $30 each additional. You can request coaching consults at any time, for either Define Your Career or CareerPlan Pro, on any course content with our 1- 4 coaching sessions packages.

Get coaching assistance to overcome your career planning obstacles now

Manage the 10 day-to-day realities that can get in the way of your career transition planning
The practical day-to-day things that get in the way, are things that a coach can help you manage and get organized with, such as:

  • you have a lot of distractions going on, and need a neutral third party to pull you out of the “drama” to keep you focused on the course content
  • you are very busy and need someone to help you stay organized in completing this program and getting your career campaign off the ground
  • you tend to have a lot going on, and need someone to give you structured deadlines and keep you accountable
  • you want to get the most out of your talents and capabilities using the program
  • time is money: you want to achieve results as quickly as possible (if I had a couch I believe I’d have gotten this project off the ground in 6 months instead of 2 years)
  • you want value-added service, above and beyond what you can achieve yourself
  • my 24 years of experience as a marketing advisor may offer you the edge you need if there is a section or concept that you can’t seem to master or get a handle on, and it is stopping your progress from achieving your goals
  • You may realize you need assistance to get through certain obstacles that you just can’t seem to get around, over, under or through, no matter how you try.
  • Once you’ve defined your career destiny, you may not know what shape it should take to make the most money, and would like help to take it to the next level.
  • you may want to “brainstorm” ideas of how to convert your defined career purpose into a business venture, freelance, career, joint venture

Get coaching assistance to overcome your career planning obstacles now

Want the full package of career planning support?
If you want a complete package of career plan coaching, the CareerPlan Pro™ Fast Track program guides you through to your career destiny action plan.

Career Plan Pro – Fast Track Program

A three week intensive, with a structured schedule and close-in coaching support.
Our strongest and deepest coaching support package. It’s designed to put your career campaign into play as soon as possible. The Fast Track Program is based around completion of the CareerPlan Pro program, with an experienced career planning specialist skillfully helping you to manage all the elements of the career change planning process:

We are a partner in your career plan campaign:

  • managing a structured, deadline-oriented, weekly completion schedule
  • focus on preparing you for your new career role
  • powerful weekly phone consults:
  • to sharpen your focus on course content
  • discover where you operate at your highest market value
  • lower your risk and maximize your upside
  • develop self-management skills
  • keep you motivated on the career campaign
  • overcome any obstacles that come up
  • weekly review of your accomplishments, so you never get too far off track
  • keep accountable to completion deadlines
  • get your career campaign up and running as fast as possible
  • we’ll explore and brainstorm the best possible career or business scenarios for your particular strengths
  • unlimited emails — allow 24 hr response time — on any course content question or ongoing strategies
  • additional bonus materials employed as needed, such as motivation tools, rewards plans, positive affirmations programming and personal branding
  • working it out with a coach over 3 weeks allows you to think everything though and vet out any kinks in the process to give you the most clarity
  • ferret out limiting beliefs or attitudes you may need to expand to assume your new role
  • requires up to 3 to 6 hours time commitment from you each week
  • completion of this program makes you eligible for Group 5 Consulting

Fast Track Your Career Plan Today – $297

Career Coaching for Student Advisors and Career Counselors

Career Plan Coaching for your Group or organization – teleconference option

  • Are you going through this process with your friends or family, group, class, team, religious or fraternal organization? We can schedule group teleconferences by special arrangements, and at 40% off per person fees.
  • groups can benefit tremendously by harnessing the unique strengths each member brings

Speaking Engagements & Seminars

  • Please contact me at 845-589-0600 or email me at coaching at to schedule in-person speaking engagements or any career planning topic.
Group 5 Consulting – Mastermind group
  • work on a common business or entrepreneurial enterprise
  • works like a Virtual Board of Directors
  • for clients who have completed Fast Track only
  • application required
  • $37 monthly membership fee
  • monthly time commitment
  • potential ongoing investments into a mutual enterprise may be required
  • must bring something unique to the group
  • limited to 5 members per group at this time

Reach out to me by email at or
Call me 9 am to 7 pm EST at: (845)-589-0600

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