Starting a business with friends just got easier

New business discovery workshop evaluates the best business to start with friends

Course Tile Career Destiny Workshop for Friends

Avoid mistakes and save time by assessing the best businesses to start with Your friends

In this new, one-of-a-kind workshop, you and up to 4 friends can discover what career, business or joint venture you can build together.

My innovative self-assessments identify and match your values, so there are no conflicts later on as business grows.

2 hours to your Shared Business Destiny

Have you and your friends considered a business, joint venture, project or other entrepreneurial venture together? Now you can with my Career Destiny Workshop for Friends.

  • In this one-of-a-kind workshop, you and 1 or more friends can discover what career, business or joint venture you can build together.
  • You’ll complete 10 fill-in-the-blank career self-assessments before workshop, that reveal your career and business destiny
  • Then at the 2 hour workshop on video call, friends will combine their results to build a Shared Business Destiny and Action Plan
  • Workshop is guided LIVE by a Career Discovery Coach 
  • It’s the same innovative method laid out in my Define Your Career Destiny one-week home study course .

Build an exciting lifetime joint venture
together with friends

In this innovative workshop Friends will identify:


These factors are proven to pinpoint the Shared Business Destiny you and your friends are meant for!

A Career Discovery Coach guides you live in real time to build out your Shared Business Destiny together

2 hour workshop includes:

The power of friends manifesting their Shared Business Destiny together

Once friends have defined their Shared Business Destiny or cause and begin to manifest it, powerful forces align:

  • You grow your capacity in what you can accomplish together
  • You remove doubt, anxiety and uncertainty from your career path decisions
  • The synergy attained by friends gives you unstoppable confidence to persist through obstacles that arise on your way
  • You avoid the wrong career or business choices that may have lead other friends to failure or underemployment
  • You are no longer expendable when an economic crisis hits, you are irreplaceable in your business or cause because you all are where you are meant to be
  • If your Shared Business Destiny is entrepreneurs, venture capital partners will immediately sense your confidence and the suitability of your business plan

Starting a busines with friends can manifest that certain magic

A Shared Business Destiny creates a certain magic for friends. It magnetically attracts the people, opportunities, events and circumstances that you are meant to manifest together.

This course is for you if….

This is NOT for you if…

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