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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. This will give you a strong overview of how DefineYourCareer.com can help you discover the career – or business – that is right for you.

Why do I need to define my career destiny?  

Most of us go through life not knowing what career is right for us. This leads to all kinds of regrettable mistakes when choosing a career. 

If you choose a career ‘for the money’ or because there are a lot of jobs in the field, it can end up causing you to be unfulfilled or get burnt out from heavy workload of work you are not a fit for.

Worse, you are missing out on the lifestyle you want. Luckily there is an easy process to get the career clarity to fix this. You only need to identify your Career Destiny to get the career clarity of your mission. It is so worth it.

How does defining your career destiny transform me?

Your Career Destiny supercharges your entire employment paradigm and all your relationships with the world at large:

  • Loving who you work with
  • Career satisfaction with who you serve
  • Enjoying the lifestyle you want to live –  NOW, not in some future date or retirement reward
  • You are at peace in your life because your Career Destiny removes conflicts with your values and beliefs
  • You are happy using your greatest talents and skills

How Does Defining my Career give me confidence and a strong belief in myself?

Living out your Career Destiny also gives you tremendous confidence and belief in yourself:

  • You are a person who “has it together” and knows where they are going
  • You magically attract the people, places, things and circumstances to manifest your Career Destiny
  • Stress and anxiety free – you are in control
  • Your positive intention carries you forward each day – so you overcome obstacles and set backs
  • You are no longer expendable: When you know and can express where you belong, where you are the Rockstar, it gives you a tremendous competitive advantage – you are no longer a commodity
  • You are inspired by a plan that guides you like a GPS:

Once you define your Career Destiny it is like a GPS:
it guides all of your career, business and relationship choices 

The new paradigm of the 21st century job market means you need a new paradigm for your career planning, too. You have to be smart, focused, and have a plan to beat the odds. 

What if I don’t have any job experience in my defined career path?

Many do not have the experience for the jobs they are seeking. This is where career planning comes in. You have a set of goals you are working towards on your career path. Accomplishing these goals is what gives you the experience and connections to move you up and along your career path. 

When you are guided by a plan, serendipity happens. The right people, resources, places, events and “lucky breaks” happen at the right time to support your efforts. 

For example, you may first hear about a new musician who is getting radio airplay, only to find they got their “lucky break” after touring for 7 years to get to that point! Many actors wait tables for years until they get their break. 

The key point is: knowing they have a plan makes waiting tables a lot easier, because it is part of their Career path.

Why should I start my job search at DefineYourCareer.com?  

DefineYourcareer.com lays the ground work for your successful job search, because instead of random results, you have done your homework and are guided by a solid career mission pathway. 

How much more powerful would your job search be, and how much more compelling is your case to be hired, than when you have assessed what your optimal employment path is – that you belong there without any doubt? 

Imagine how much tougher will you be when the going gets difficult, when you hit an obstacle, to overcome a setback, if you have a career mission you are manifesting? 

How much traction will you gain in looking for the right job or business venture when all your employment decisions are made with your Career Destiny guiding you? 

Consider the Define Your Career process as the prequel to your job search. Knowing where you are going and what your plan is, gives you a confidence that will supercharge your job search like nothing else. 

Why is the DefineYourCareer self-assessment process the best way to find the career I am meant for?  

  • We focus on only one thing – your career path planning. This makes us the best at what we do 
  • We are based on solid ground – Define Your Career employs the same proven marketing research principles used by successful business
  • We’re more effective – because we focus on your core needs and your most marketable value; beyond just making money or being broke, you are doing what you love 
  • We’re more fun – because you take one step at a time, at your own pace 
  • We’re proven – the Define Your Career self-assessment process is based on proven business marketing strategies  
  • We’re cheaper – because we only focus on one thing: defining your career destiny or business venture and putting it into an Action Plan. 
  • We care more – a coach is available every step of the way to support you 
  • We’re faster – because our Career Destiny Fast Program will get you from A to Z quicker 
  • We’re empowering – we empower you to take control of your future in a solid way 
  • We tell the truth – for every Taylor Swift, Pink, Bruce Willis or Beyoncé success story there are 9,999,999 fails. Don’t live for the long shot 

What career discovery and self-assessments does DefineYourCareer.com provide? 

  • The core of discovering your Career Destiny is the Define Your Career Program – 10 excercises that outline the Five Secrets of your Career Destiny.
  • To support you to get your best results, I support it with career plan coaching consults.
  • For college grads, student and student groups, I offer Career Planning Workshops, which are a coach guided completion of Define Your Career

A complete description of my services can be found at Career Destiny Services page

The top 12 reasons to Define Your Career Destiny 

When you are working in your optimal employment, you have that shining confidence and happiness that is fluid and light; it propels you to success. Working in your defined career or business venture means: 

  1. Lucrative – when you use your unique talents, that only you have, you can charge more in the marketplace because you are not just another employee widget or commodity
  2. Job security – when you are serving the right audience with the right service from your right community, you build lifetime job security
  3. Good health and low stress – when you are living out your inspired career purpose, you have less stress and a healthier outlook and enthusiasm
  4. More free time – expressing your optimum career purpose in your ideal niche or community means you efforts give you such high value return that you don’t have to work as many hours
  5. Effortless job search – when you’ve define your optimal employment, your right business venture or job offer reveals itself
  6. Celebrity – because you excel at what you do, you become renowned in your community as the go-to source for your services. Clients seek you out.
  7. Enjoyment and satisfaction – because you are employing your most natural and most powerful attributes, you get tremendous satisfaction and joy from your work
  8. Loyalty – when you serve your niche community, they are more loyal and become repeat buyers of your service
  9. No internal conflicts – when your values and principles are in agreement, you are free from conflicts about your career purpose
  10. Your community – when you define your career you are serving with your ideal community of your peers
  11. Your gift – a defined career employs your best talents
  12. Motivated – delivering your highest marketable value keeps you stoked! 

The Top 12 Bummers if you don’t Define Your Career Destiny  

When you don’t define your career, you are just working the job. Eventually you might become bored, stressed, broke, uncertain or underemployed, it can be a bummer: 

  1. Health – your health suffers if you are in a wrong career
  2. Shaky job stability – when you are a bad fit for a job, you are expendable, the first to be laid off or fired
  3. Broke – you don’t make as much money as you could
  4. Relationships – when you are miserable or underemployed, your relationships can suffer tremendously
  5. Beastly Boss – in the wrong job situation, you conflict with your boss – though she’s otherwise a nice person!
  6. Happiness – obviously, if you are unfulfilled, you’re not as happy as you could be
  7. Values conflicts – the wrong employment can create internal values conflicts that torture you
  8. Community – in the wrong gig, you deprive yourself of working in the community of peers you could be thriving in
  9. Talents – you don’t use your best talents and waste them
  10. Loss of control – when you are not in your optimal career, you don’t have control of your working environment; this can create high stress
  11. Addictions – when you are miserable in your employment, you often look for ways to ease the pain with addictions like drinking, over eating, and otherwise self-destructive or risky behavior

Your exhilarating Career Destiny awaits you. 

Employment enjoyment is attainable with a plan. Your guiding light is within you, it just needs to be stoked into a bright light that can guide you. 

Other frequently asked questions:

What do Career Discovery coaching consults provide?

Coaching provide results beyond what you could achieve on your own. I provide coaching at a very reasonable rate so that you can affordably make your breakthrough to your Career Destiny. An excellent value, considering you are getting coaching support from the author of the program. I know many of you need that little bit of assistance to guide you through the process.

Why a Career Discovery Coach is so Helpful

A third party career professional – who is outside your usual circle of family and friends – can give you far more straightforward career advice than you could achieve on your own.

You get much better coaching advice about Career Destiny planning from the author who knows the topic best. Couching consults support what you are doing in the Define Your Career program. Just sign up for a $47 consult for wherever you get stuck in any of the 10 chapters, or when you have completed the eBook and want to expand on your results. 

We can brainstorm options together to unearth what career or business possibilities your Career Destiny holds. Coaching consults are automatically included in the Career Destiny Fast Track course. 

What else do you offer?

Our only focus is career path planning to help you discover what career or business is your destiny, and to set a goal-oriented action plan to achieve it. All our services are geared to supporting your Career Destiny discovery. This includes Define Your Career and Career Destiny Fast Track programs – and coaching consults to support your use of them. 

What is your Privacy Policy?

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Who operates the website?

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If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us: support@defineyourcareer.com.

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