FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. This will give you a strong overview of how DefineYourCareer.com can help you discover the career – or business – that is right for you.

Why do I need to define my career destiny?  

Most of us go through life not knowing what career is right for us. This leads to all kinds of regrettable mistakes when choosing a career. 

If you choose a career ‘for the money’ or because there are a lot of jobs in the field, it can end up causing you to be unfulfilled or get burnt out from heavy workload of work you are not a fit for.

Worse, you are missing out on the lifestyle you want. Luckily there is an easy process to get the career clarity to fix this. You only need to identify your Career Destiny to get the career clarity of your mission. It is so worth it.

How does defining your career destiny transform me?

Your Career Destiny supercharges your entire employment paradigm and all your relationships with the world at large:

  • Loving who you work with
  • Career satisfaction with who you serve
  • Enjoying the lifestyle you want to live –  NOW, not in some future date or retirement reward
  • You are at peace in your life because your Career Destiny removes conflicts with your values and beliefs
  • You are happy using your greatest talents and skills

How Does Defining my Career give me confidence and a strong belief in myself?

Living out your Career Destiny also gives you tremendous confidence and belief in yourself:

  • You are a person who “has it together” and knows where they are going
  • You magically attract the people, places, things and circumstances to manifest your Career Destiny
  • Stress and anxiety free – you are in control
  • Your positive intention carries you forward each day – so you overcome obstacles and set backs
  • You are no longer expendable: When you know and can express where you belong, where you are the Rockstar, it gives you a tremendous competitive advantage – you are no longer a commodity
  • You are inspired by a plan that guides you like a GPS:

Once you define your Career Destiny it is like a GPS:
it guides all of your career, business and relationship choices 

The new paradigm of the 21st century job market means you need a new paradigm for your career planning, too. You have to be smart, focused, and have a plan to beat the odds. 

What if I don’t have any job experience in my defined career path?

Many do not have the experience for the jobs they are seeking. This is where career planning comes in. You have a set of goals you are working towards on your career path. Accomplishing these goals is what gives you the experience and connections to move you up and along your career path. 

When you are guided by a plan, serendipity happens. The right people, resources, places, events and “lucky breaks” happen at the right time to support your efforts. 

For example, you may first hear about a new musician who is getting radio airplay, only to find they got their “lucky break” after touring for 7 years to get to that point! Many actors wait tables for years until they get their break. 

The key point is: knowing they have a plan makes waiting tables a lot easier, because it is part of their Career path.

Why should I start my job search at DefineYourCareer.com?  

DefineYourcareer.com lays the ground work for your successful job search, because instead of random results, you have done your homework and are guided by a solid career mission pathway. 

How much more powerful would your job search be, and how much more compelling is your case to be hired, than when you have assessed what your optimal employment path is – that you belong there without any doubt? 

Imagine how much tougher will you be when the going gets difficult, when you hit an obstacle, to overcome a setback, if you have a career mission you are manifesting? 

How much traction will you gain in looking for the right job or business venture when all your employment decisions are made with your Career Destiny guiding you? 

Consider the Define Your Career process as the prequel to your job search. Knowing where you are going and what your plan is, gives you a confidence that will supercharge your job search like nothing else. 

Why is the DefineYourCareer self-assessment process the best way to find the career I am meant for?  

  • We focus on only one thing – your career path planning. This makes us the best at what we do 
  • We are based on solid ground – Define Your Career employs the same proven marketing research principles used by successful business
  • We’re more effective – because we focus on your core needs and your most marketable value; beyond just making money or being broke, you are doing what you love 
  • We’re more fun – because you take one step at a time, at your own pace 
  • We’re proven – the Define Your Career self-assessment process is based on proven business marketing strategies  
  • We’re cheaper – because we only focus on one thing: defining your career destiny or business venture and putting it into an Action Plan. 
  • We care more – a coach is available every step of the way to support you 
  • We’re faster – because our Career Destiny Fast Program will get you from A to Z quicker 
  • We’re empowering – we empower you to take control of your future in a solid way 
  • We tell the truth – for every Taylor Swift, Pink, Bruce Willis or Beyoncé success story there are 9,999,999 fails. Don’t live for the long shot 

What career discovery and self-assessments does DefineYourCareer.com provide? 

  • The core of discovering your Career Destiny is the Define Your Career Program – 10 excercises that outline the Five Secrets of your Career Destiny.
  • To support you to get your best results, I support it with career plan coaching consults.
  • For college grads, student and student groups, I offer Career Planning Workshops, which are a coach guided completion of Define Your Career

A complete description of my services can be found at Career Destiny Services page

The top 12 reasons to Define Your Career Destiny 

When you are working in your optimal employment, you have that shining confidence and happiness that is fluid and light; it propels you to success. Working in your defined career or business venture means: 

  1. Lucrative – when you use your unique talents, that only you have, you can charge more in the marketplace because you are not just another employee widget or commodity
  2. Job security – when you are serving the right audience with the right service from your right community, you build lifetime job security
  3. Good health and low stress – when you are living out your inspired career purpose, you have less stress and a healthier outlook and enthusiasm
  4. More free time – expressing your optimum career purpose in your ideal niche or community means you efforts give you such high value return that you don’t have to work as many hours
  5. Effortless job search – when you’ve define your optimal employment, your right business venture or job offer reveals itself
  6. Celebrity – because you excel at what you do, you become renowned in your community as the go-to source for your services. Clients seek you out.
  7. Enjoyment and satisfaction – because you are employing your most natural and most powerful attributes, you get tremendous satisfaction and joy from your work
  8. Loyalty – when you serve your niche community, they are more loyal and become repeat buyers of your service
  9. No internal conflicts – when your values and principles are in agreement, you are free from conflicts about your career purpose
  10. Your community – when you define your career you are serving with your ideal community of your peers
  11. Your gift – a defined career employs your best talents
  12. Motivated – delivering your highest marketable value keeps you stoked! 

The Top 12 Bummers if you don’t Define Your Career Destiny  

When you don’t define your career, you are just working the job. Eventually you might become bored, stressed, broke, uncertain or underemployed, it can be a bummer: 

  1. Health – your health suffers if you are in a wrong career
  2. Shaky job stability – when you are a bad fit for a job, you are expendable, the first to be laid off or fired
  3. Broke – you don’t make as much money as you could
  4. Relationships – when you are miserable or underemployed, your relationships can suffer tremendously
  5. Beastly Boss – in the wrong job situation, you conflict with your boss – though she’s otherwise a nice person!
  6. Happiness – obviously, if you are unfulfilled, you’re not as happy as you could be
  7. Values conflicts – the wrong employment can create internal values conflicts that torture you
  8. Community – in the wrong gig, you deprive yourself of working in the community of peers you could be thriving in
  9. Talents – you don’t use your best talents and waste them
  10. Loss of control – when you are not in your optimal career, you don’t have control of your working environment; this can create high stress
  11. Addictions – when you are miserable in your employment, you often look for ways to ease the pain with addictions like drinking, over eating, and otherwise self-destructive or risky behavior

Your exhilarating Career Destiny awaits you. 

Employment enjoyment is attainable with a plan. Your guiding light is within you, it just needs to be stoked into a bright light that can guide you. 

Other frequently asked questions:

What do Career Discovery coaching consults provide?

Coaching provide results beyond what you could achieve on your own. I provide coaching at a very reasonable rate so that you can affordably make your breakthrough to your Career Destiny. An excellent value, considering you are getting coaching support from the author of the program. I know many of you need that little bit of assistance to guide you through the process.

Why a Career Discovery Coach is so Helpful

A third party career professional – who is outside your usual circle of family and friends – can give you far more straightforward career advice than you could achieve on your own.

You get much better coaching advice about Career Destiny planning from the author who knows the topic best. Couching consults support what you are doing in the Define Your Career program. Just sign up for a $47 consult for wherever you get stuck in any of the 10 chapters, or when you have completed the eBook and want to expand on your results. 

We can brainstorm options together to unearth what career or business possibilities your Career Destiny holds. Coaching consults are automatically included in the Career Destiny Fast Track course. 

What else do you offer?

Our only focus is career path planning to help you discover what career or business is your destiny, and to set a goal-oriented action plan to achieve it. All our services are geared to supporting your Career Destiny discovery. This includes Define Your Career and Career Destiny Fast Track programs – and coaching consults to support your use of them. 

What is your Privacy Policy?

Click here for our Privacy Policy

Who operates the website?

Find out about the author, Larry LaFata

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us: support@defineyourcareer.com.

Define Your Career Destiny

What Career Is Your Destiny?

Make it happen for you, too!


More resources for choosing a career

Individual development plan template Word

Individual development plan template in MS Word and Excel

This innovative individual development plan template in MS Word is designed to be a strong but simple performance improvement tool. It increases employee engagement and retention while boosting their work performance.

It’s a win-win for both employer and employee:

  • This template develops employee’s job skills, it doesn’t distract them with long term goals, so performance improvement is assured

  • By concentrating on job proficiency skills, employer can pinpoint exactly where employee needs improvement

  • Employers are now able to develop multiple skill sets in parallel each quarter – job skills, soft skills, leadership etc.

  • Easy set up and implementation: employee fills out plan in advance, employer just needs to make any edits or changes at quarterly review

Sample completed example of individual development plan template in Word

If you are a manager or employer who wants more productive and engaged employees, try this individual development plan template in Word. It is ready to be edited and deployed immediately.  

This template was built to save both you and the employee’s time. It is the perfect tool to help you target key areas of development for employees.

To get the best benefit of this IDP Template example, see this employee development resource. It explains how to properly set up and administer employee development plan templates:

How employee development directly affects job performance

Employee development is the fastest way to performance improvement.

This is because you are focusing on job related skills, not employee development goals. Using this concept is why this individual development plan in word can instantly improve poor job performance.

You’ve seen the crappy individual development templates out there. If you are using a 1 or 2 year development goal, you are confusing your employee. You are putting their focus on the future instead of on job performance skills they are using now.

This individual development plan helps you avoid that mistake. It is properly focused on job proficiencies the employee uses daily.

Click here to get your free Individual Development Plan Template in MS Word:

How to set up this individual development plan template in word

First thing to do is grab the employees job description and job requirements. They will be a great starting point for most of the job skills and work performance expectations you want to develop.

From that you draw a list of job proficiencies. The individual development plan template is designed to include 3 areas:

  • Work related job proficiencies

  • Job support proficiencies

  • Soft skills

Once the 3 areas of job proficiencies are added to the template, you are done.

The employee self-completes the EDP in advance of sitting down with manager. You can deliver the template by adding it as a task in Outlook or simply as an email to employee. This gives them time to complete it on their own.   

Employee completes their part of the template by going through each proficiency and:

  1. Rate how they believe they perform in each job proficiency

  2. Once done, employee goes through the list a second time. This time they will prioritize which proficiency they need to develop most by ranking them

  3. The goal is to pick 3 (to 5 max) job proficiencies to work on for the quarter

Quarterly Employee Review between manager and employee

Each quarter, the manager and employe will review their progress.

  1. Manager ranks and rates employees list of proficiencies in order to agree on top 3 to 5 proficiencies for employee to work on (Managers can do this in advance to save time)

  2. Manager has final say on which final proficiencies will be developed for the quarter.

Note: First meeting may not be at the end of quarter. It could be whenever the employee is onboarded or is first hired.

Find out more about making the most out of the employee quarterly review here.

 Get the complete Employee Development Plan Template Kit

This individual development plan template is part of a complete employee development plan template kit.

If you want to boost your employees job performance from day one, get my powerful  Employee Development Plan Template Kit.

It is a career development plan with a focus on performance improvement.

Note from the author, Larry LaFata: This content is written by a real human being, for human beings. It is not commoditized content from A. I. machines.

Need help with a career decision? Why a Career Change Coach is your best bet

If you need assistance with a career decision, the best career coach for the job may be a career change coach. 

The reason I say this is because a typical career coach’s main training and focus is as a generalist. They can help you with many aspects of your job search, IF you are already decided on your career path.

However if you are uncertain about a career move, a career coach doesn’t really have the training or expertise to help you with that. They typically employ clumsy tools such as job matching from  personality tests.

In contrast, as a career change coach, my only focus is to help guide you to manifest the career destiny you are meant for. Especially if you are uncertain about what career path is best for you. 

The career coaching services comparison below explains the differences between a traditional career coach role and a career change coach’s approach. 

My career destiny proverb explains my coaching approach in the most concise way:

The old adage “you can become whoever you want to be” is not necessarily true.

However, you can become who your are meant to be.
That is your Career Destiny.

Larry LaFata, Founder Define Your Career

Larry Lafata, Career Discovery Coach

The right career change coach can help you make your career move with confidence

If you are making an important career decision,  you want to give yourself the best chance to finally land in a career where you are happy.

You don’t want to just jump jobs to get away from where you are, for example with a lateral career move. If you work through it right, you can make your career move count this time.

To know who can best help you to find the career that you are meant for, this quick career coaching comparison shows you how a career change coach can help you avoid this.

In this article: Need help with a career decision? Why a Career Discovery Coach is your best bet (for 2022) we will cover:

The three ways a career change coach differs from a typical career coach to help you choose a new career

What does a career coach do? Their typical job function and the tools they use to help you find a new career

What does a Career Change Coach do? Their job function and tools used to help you find a new career

Difference in processes and tools used by a Career Coach vs. a Career Change Coach

How much does a career coach cost? What services are included?

How much does a Career Change Coach cost, and what services are included?

Summary of the three reasons you need a Career Change Coach if you want to choose a new career

Three ways a career change coach differs from a typical career coach to help you choose a new career

  • Our job function: A career change coach focuses on helping you choose the career you are meant for vs. a career coach uses job matching to match you to a category of jobs

  • The process and the tools we use: A career change coach uses self-assessments vs. a career coach who uses aptitude tests and personality tests

  • Our Cost structure: Transparent one-time pricing on packages vs. typical career coach uses open ended consults and test packages

Job functions: how a Career Coach and a Career Change Coach differ

Let’s start with a comparison of the job functions that differentiates a career coach from a career change coach. 

The primary difference between most career coaches and a career change coach can be summed up in our approach: job search vs choosing a career. 

What does a career coach do? Their typical job function and tools they use to help you search for a job

  • The primary function of a career coach is to help you with your job search action plan, which can take one to six months

  • Services they specialize in are resume writing, resume optimization for Applicant Tracking System, LinkedIn profile optimization, interview preparation, salary negotiation tactics, company research, HR guidance, finding a job, and other related services

  • Career coaches do not specialize in helping you find a new career: what they actually do is what is a form of  job matching – they match your aptitude and personality test results to a job category

    • Job matching evaluates various psychological, intellectual and personality traits by using aptitude tests, MBTI Personality tests, Strong Interest Inventory tests etc. to attempt to assess suitability for a particular field or job

    • A Career Coach attempts to match you to a job category based on your test results

What does a career change coach do? Job function and tools they use to help you find a new career

Sometimes you think your difficulty in finding a good job is your interviewing skills or resume, when in fact the problem may be that you are looking for jobs that are not a good fit for you. A good career change coach can flush this out.

I do this by using a series of fill-in-the-blank self-assessments and other tools that allow you to choose the career or business that is the right fit for you. This process works regardless of your work experience, your economic background or level of education.

If you are frustrated about your job search, are in a career transition and need to make a career change, or just uncertain about how to find a new career, a career change coach has the tools which are best suited to help you find your way. 

  • A Career Change Coach’s primary job function is to guide you on how to choose the career or business you are meant for, which typically takes one to three weeks

  • Primary services and tools provided by a career change coach include: 

    • Fill-in-the-blank career self-assessment to identify the Five Factors of your Career Destiny so you can self-select the career you will love for a lifetime

    • Lifetime career goal setting tools so you can vet and set lifelong, long term and short-term goals

    • A 5 year Action Plan template which ignites your career goals into manageable daily steps so you can manifest your career destiny as quickly as possible

    • A weekly self-management tool to keep you on track to your destiny and grow your management capacity

    • Mindset programming: a career change coach will help you program positive intention so you can stay mentally tough during your transition. Through positive affirmations and visualization techniques, you internalize powerful new values that help manifest your career destiny permanently

  • Primary services also include hands-on live career coaching on zoom video call to:

    • Support you in completing the courses and workshops so you get best results

    • Guide you through obstacles to your customized, unique-to-you Career Destiny

    • Brainstorm ideas, business ventures and career options you couldn’t come up with on your own

  • What a career change coach does NOT specialize in: job search, resume writing, interviewing skills, LinkedIn profile, or online job search engine skills  

You would typically use a Career Change Coach first, to uncover your career destiny, then if needed use a career coach for your job search.

Difference in processes and tools used by a Career Coach vs. a Career Change Coach

To find a career you will love for a lifetime, a career that is unique to you, you need the right tools.

The primary difference between most career coaches and a career change coach can be summed up in our approach: career tests vs career destiny.

Career coaches use of psychometric tests

  • Career coaches use career aptitude tests, personality type tests, strong interest inventory and other psychometric test results to match you to a job category

    • Test results put you into a box and turns you into a commodity, you become a widget who can be matched to a specific narrow set of jobs on job search websites

Career change coaches do not use psychometric tests, they use self-assessments

  • A Career Change Coach uses innovative self-assessments based on proven business marketing principles

    • This allows you to identify the 5 Factors of your optimal career and manifest your one-of-a-kind Career Destiny

  • A career change coach NEVER uses psychometric tests such as MBTI personality tests

    • I believe these tests are invasive psychological assessments that measure your mind and compare your test results to a database of others

    • They allow recruiters and employers to view you with a bias, so they can ‘weed you out’ of certain jobs

Difference in costs and fees between a Career Coach and a Career Change Coach

Let’s compare what a career coach costs to a my career change coaching prices. The primary difference between the costs of a career coach and a career change coach is transparency.

Career coaching packages pricing:

  • Career coaches need to talk to you first, and then base your package pricing on discussions or tests

  • Career coaches have different consult fees based on your situation and their level of experience; they may categorize you by your gender, if you are a college grad, career change, executive, etc.

Career change coaching pricing

  • A career change coach offers the same initial consult price to everyone – free

  • An honest career change coach has one set price for everyone, no matter your experience, background, education or current job situation

How much does a career coach cost? What services are included?

Career Coaching Services typically include an initial consult, then depending on your needs, will continue as ongoing coaching consults or build out a complete package.

The difficulty in career coaches pricing is your services start as open ended consults. 

Add in aptitude tests and consults to discuss test results, or choose a package, and it can add up to an average of $1500 to $3500 by the time you are done. It may not be a transparent process.

How much does a Career Change Coaching package at DefineYourCareer.com cost, and what services are included?

My Career Change Coaching has transparent package pricing from $99 to $497.

All courses and workshops include live, hands-on career coaching and 24/7 email.

No additional coaching consults are added and you are not pushed into expensive unadvertised packages. Total honesty and 100% transparent pricing.

Career Change Coaching Services off several levels of career change coaching, including: 

    • Includes three hands on career coaching consults and 24/7 email support

Summary of why a Career Change Coach is your best option to choose a new career

If your goal is to discover what career or business is right for you, a typical career coach simply doesn’t have the tools, experience or process in place to help you discover the career you are meant for.

They simply are not trained or skilled to help you choose a career you will love.

In contrast, a Career Change Coach has the credentials, experience and authorship of innovative courses to best help you to choose a career or business you will love for a lifetime. Without any invasive psychometric tests.

To find out more about how to choose a career or business that is right for you,
Larry offers one week home study course called Define Your Career Destiny.
Here’s how to get yours now:

About Define Your Career

The best way to tell you about define your career is to tell you about my mission.
Discover your career destiny - https://defineyourcareer.com

Define Your Career is dedicated to manifesting your career destiny and eliminating underemployment. With a recent study from Gallup Organization The State of the American Work Place  showing 70% of Americans don’t like their jobs, and are not fully engaged, this is a large workplace issue:

“Gallup finds that (of approximately 100 million holding full time jobs) the 30 million engaged
employees in the U.S. come up with most of the innovative ideas, create most of a company’s
new customers, and have the most entrepreneurial energy.”

You want to be one of the engaged ones. To thrive – not just survive. With our career plan
blueprint and dedication to your breakthrough, you can.

What clients does Define Your Career help to choose a career?

  • If you want to change your career, but want to be sure you make a career change your won’t regret
  • If you are job hunting and want to stand out from all other job candidates
  • If you are considering a new career
  • If you have graduated University and are not sure what career path is best for you
  • If you suffer with low pay, working conditions, long hours, long commute or bad bosses
  • If you have been downsized, laid off or your industry has been outsourced
  • Before you make the huge, expensive commitment of continuing education
    as a path to change careers or enhance career – you want to be sure you are
    investing in your career destiny

This work experience diagram shows what level of career planning may be required

Career Planning vs. Work experience - https://defineyourcareer.comWhat’s our secret?
Simple. The Define Your Career assessment process is a career plan blueprint that takes
proven business marketing strategies that successful businesses use. It applies those
strategies to help you assess the ideal employment or business venture that works for you as
an individual.

Successful businesses know what value they best bring to market, and know how to message
that value to generate business. You will understand how to harness that same power for
yourself as an individual.

So instead of being a commodity, just another employee looking for just another job, you are a
branded superstar that knows what your greatest marketable value is. You’re someone who
knows where they fit and knows where they are going. So the hiring process is near effortless
and in fact will magnetically attract you. This means:

  • No competition – you will find career and business opportunities no one else can
  • Lifetime job security – because you create a solution that is unique to just you – you
    create a lifetime employment path that no one can ever take from you or fire you from
  • Career satisfaction – because you are working with the right community and right
    audience, you are happiest and most productive
  • Certainty in your career decisions – if you are deciding if being an entrepreneur is right
    for you, or if you should invest in continuing education, or even move to a new city, this
    process vets your decision

How does it work?
You simply slide down a funnel of 10 career self-assessment exercises that reveal what career
or business is optimal for you, in less time than it takes to watch your favorite movie.

These assessments each build on each other to reveal the key 5 contributing factors of your
career destiny. At the end of the process you will discover:

  • Where can you be the rock star
  • Where do you create the most value
  • What audience you are destined to serve
  • What community you best work within
  • Which talents or skills produce the most marketable value
  • How to use what lifestyle you are interested in and desire as part of your employment
  • What values and beliefs power your “employment enjoyment”
  • If you are an entrepreneur – what business venture is right for you

What career blueprint and self-assessment products does defineyourcareer.com offer?

Define Your Career Destiny – the ultimate career discovery blueprint
Coaching support helps you through obstacles, to brainstorms ways to segue into your career destiny, and to keep you motivated

What else do you do here?
We also provide career planning speaking engagements at colleges (pro-bono at prisons and shelters)  which include one day and 2 day career blueprint workshops and speaking on other career planning topics.

About the author – Larry LaFata
The author and publisher, Larry LaFata, specializes in curing your underemployment.

He has taken his 20 years of business marketing experience, and re-engineered it into a process that powers individuals to release their most powerful economic value.

“The one thing I see repeatedly in failing small businesses and individuals is a lack of focus on
identifying where you shine best. That is my focus here.” Says LaFata.

LaFata left the Bond Market on Wall Street in the late 80’s, started a sales and marketing
consulting company in 1994, called Working by Design LLC. He has helped numerous
businesses and individuals with their sales and marketing since then.

He has simply taking the same proven branding and marketing process that works for business and applies those same strategies to branding & marketing you as an individual.

What don’t we do?
Our career path planning helps you discover your new career destiny or entrepreneurial
business venture, and create a plan to achieve it. That is what we do, that is all we do here.

What we don’t do is:

  • We NEVER use psychometric tests, personality tests, career tests or aptitude tests –
    these tests are designed to score you, classify you or put you in a category box like
    cattle –  not help you discover where your unique value is
  • We don’t offer vague Life Coaching
  • We don’t offer Resume services except for coaching clients
  • We don’t offer job listings
I offer three ways to find a career you love, click on image below to find out about all my Career Discovery Services

A Defined Career – Richard Branson

A Big Birthday For Richard Branson

Richard Branson, Photo from LinkedIn.com

One of my all-time favorite entrepreneurs is Richard Branson, (Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson to be exact) the UK Billionaire who dropped out of school at 16 years old to later launch Virgin records.

His birthday is tomorrow, July 18th, so let’s all wish him a VERY happy 65th. Not that he’ll EVER retire!

Branson  founded Virgin Group, which includes 400 companies in 30 countries. His personal net worth is $4.8 Billion, but his influence far exceeds his wealth. For example, on LinkedIn he is the #1 influencer there, with 8,137,000+ followers.

His latest ventures include suborbital space tourism, and writing witty books. He may even have a few more books coming, having recently penned The Virgin Way: How to listen, learn, laugh and lead.

Career and Entrepreneur Skills
Like Benjamin Franklin, one of Branson’s first ventures was launching a magazine, called Student. he knew early on that publishing was a fast way to success.

By the time he was 23, his publishing ventures had turned to music, when he launched Virgin Records and signed his first artist Mike Olfield, who had the smash hit ”Tubular Bells.”

Branson’s key career skill is defining his unique career identity, which expresses itself in his many roles: adventurer, entrepreneur and now philanthropist. His values guide his career path. He talks a lot about his values and  how the Branson brand thrives by having purpose

This is why one of the longest chapters in Define Your Career Destiny Course is about vetting your values – so you can clarify your business purpose to guide your career choices, like Branson has done so spectacularly.

His sense of adventure permeates everything he does, in both business and personal ventures. You can sometimes find him high above the earth in flight.

To learn more about Branson – including some great photos – go to  Virgin.com/richard-branson

Enjoy the ride.

A Defined Career – Donald Trump

Donald Trump Career

You may know Donald Trump from his hit show The Apprentice or his run fro President.

Trump is truly an example of a defined career. He is an author, a Real Estate developer and involved in many other business interests.

Unlike many other wealthy heirs who’ve squandered their family fortunes, like Paris Hilton ALMOST did before she straightened out, Trump multiplied his wealth. But many who come into wealth are not so lucky.

Lottery Winner Syndrome
In fact over 70% of wealth is lost by the second generation and more than a whopping 90% of wealth is evaporated by the third generation according to this Wall Street Journal article on squandered, Lost or mishandled inheritance.

I talk about this often, its called the Lottery Winner Syndrome – where your internal belief system cannot handle the enormous pressure of tremendous new wealth.  Pro golfer Tiger Woods is a pretty recent example. Soon after  Woods dad died, he went on a sex binge that destabilized his career and destroyed his marraige. Without that support system his dad provided, he fell apart;  his belief system couldn’t handle his huge success.

Another example is NFL players.  78% of NFL players go bankrupt or broke 2 years aft they retire. In boxing,  Mike Tyson reportedly blew over $200 million in earnings. These athletes are able to go into huge debt – based on their brand – and then are unable to repay it.

Limiting Beliefs
We all have sophisticated beliefs system, based on many factors. Many of these beliefs limit us. They are called limiting beliefs. They could come from family, friends, social engineering, insecurities we have developed, media programming, numerous places.

These beliefs guide our decisions. If they are flawed beliefs – such as the belief “I don’t deserve all this wealth!” or “I can’t handle all this wealth, too much pressure!”  You will find ways and make decisions to align your wealth to what you believe you deserve.

This works in your career path decisions as well. You may be worth WAY more than your salary or compensation plan, but on some level you only ask for XYZ pay instead of what you are worth. You may do this with spouse decisions and social decisions as well.

The good news is these limiting beliefs can be unlearned! 

Yes. You can consciously change what your beliefs are, and get the wealth you deserve – like Donald Trump has done.

What’s next for Trump
So what does the man who has everything do next? He runs for president. I wish Donald Trump much luck. It’s the next level for a man who has truly defined his career path.

What’s next for you?
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Compare Career Planning Options

Compare Career Planning Options

When you compare the different career planning options available, you’ll note that the popular career planning sites have many different approaches they offer. In fact they are inconsistent and all over the place. Especially career planning for college students.

The career planning services comparison chart below gives you an idea of some of the services available.

Why do so many career planning services miss the mark? Why is there no agreement on what career planning should include?

Avoid the dead end of psychometric tests

As you can see in the comparison chart below, virtually all the providers of career planning services use Psychometric tests (career aptitude tests and personality tests) to score you, classify you or categorize you.

So right off the bat, they are starting from a position of labeling you – putting you into a box! No wonder a recent Gallup poll says only 30% or so of Americans are engaged in their work! The other 70% have been categorized into a box they can’t escape from.

HR professionals trying to fit a square peg into a round hole

Besides Psychometric testing based career planning, the other major group of career planning service providers are HR professionals and Recruiters.

Most of these are corporatists, they have worked in corporations and spend their time trying to fit a round you into a square job slot. They churn out endless streams of tips on how to game the system, How to contort yourself to gain access to pre-defined corporate jobs.

Remember, the career consultants, coaches and advisers that come from corporate HR or recruiting backgrounds are experienced is in finding candidates that conform to specific company job requirements.

This might include how to interview, polish your resume or find hidden job opportunities. While those are necessary skills for you to find an existing job with a corporation, they are not helping you with the set of skills that will help you define your optimal career destiny or business venture. Especially if you have a unique skill set.

Wild goose chase?

The sad part of these career planning services is that many are quite expensive and yet they don’t have a clear plan of action.

For example, if they base a plan of action on how you are ‘classified” from a limited personality test, they can waste your time taking the wrong career path or job hunting for the wrong job. This is sending you on a wild goose chase into a dead end.

  1. The biggest drawback that you will note is that a majority of career advisor sites base their coaching on psychometric tests results – aptitude tests designed to “classify” you into a “type” or “category.”
    1. Many of these tests are based on unproven or half-baked theories of personality from the 1920’s
    2. These automated tests categorize you INTO a box rather than define a unique-to-you customized solution that reveals your most powerful traits and opportunities
    3. Putting yourself into a category “box” like this turns you into a commodity, just another employee, not a superstar where you can shine and make your biggest impact in the world
    4. Many of these psychometric tests were originally designed for big corporations and government to “weed out bad apples” and determine who NOT to hire!
    5. Many test results assume a certain personality “score” or “type” means that you belong in a certain field, which is incredibly limiting to your potential.
  2. You will also note that most industry coaching consults are based on open-ended random conversations from what they glean from these tests, not on a specific, customized-to-you program agenda. Not only does open-ended coaching get expensive for you and waste your time, it often does not help you find the career that is right for you. Good career coaching should keep you focused to define your optimal career and put together an action plan to make it happen as quickly as possible
  3. Then there is the cost to consider. The big player’s programs can go on for two to three months, and cost thousands. You should be able to put a career plan together in 3 weeks max, unless you require more time to overcome specific obstacles.
Compare the most popular
Career Planning and Transition programs on the market today
Top Career Planning Programs and ServicesCourse ContentsPricingDefine Your Career DestinyPricing
Compare: Coached career planning and transition
A Major
Career Institute – one of the oldest players in the
Fast Track Program
Career Choice Program3 month course, based ontests and phone consults2 to 3 month long programThree
week comprehensive career planning package


A straightforward step-by-step program:


Week One: Define Your Career

Week Two: Define and Set Goals

Week Three: Implement Action Plan

CareerPlan ProFast Track Program$397
Course content based on
psychometric testing
Course content depends
on test results
Mail materials back and
forth to institute
Course structure varies
with individual
Coaching telephone
A Major
Career Planner –a Psychometric Tests Site
You’ll implement
an action-oriented career planwith strong coaching support for exceptional results.Coaching is based on course materials andincludes 4 weekly consults totaling 100 minutes.Unlimited email supportNo psychometric tests in any of our programs
Career Coaching Program5 Hour testing andphone consultations5 hours phone consults over 3
Course structure varies
with individual
Requires personality
“type” tests
Very spread out &
Not comprehensive
Not based on a set of
course materials
Compare: Self-paced career planning and
transition programs
A Well Known Career AdvisorCareerPlan Pro – The ultimate career transition tool
Career Planning Program

3 hour phone consults
Not self-paced, requires career coaching$499Three week
comprehensive career planning program


A straightforward step-by-step program:


Week One: Define Your CareerWeek Two: Define and Set Goals

Week Three: Implement Action Plan

Define Your Career Destiny

3 phone sessions based
on test results
NO set program schedule
Phone session content
can vary
Not comprehensive
Course materials vary
An Established Career Change AdvisorYou’ll implement an action-oriented career transition plan with a self-paced three week course. The course material builds upon itself to completion. If you need them, coaching sessions available for $37.Includes limited email support

No psychometric tests in any of our programs


Career Change Advisor
Length of program varies$197plus,requires $29 monthly membership
content is not clearly articulated
A collection of various resourcesthat you have to sort through
required to fully complete
monthly membership required
Compare: career coaching consults
A Leading
Career Planner –a Psychometric Tests Site
Define Your Career – Coaching Consults
Career Coaching 1 hour Unstructured random conversation 1 hour session Coaching is a pitch for personality tests$125Our
30 minute career coaching consults are based on assisting you with your career planning and transition. You’ll get assistance addressing specific issues that you uncover in your career planning.
$67 for 1stcoaching session
Consult based on random
conversation topics
A Major
Career Institute – one of the oldest players in the
Our coaching consults assist you to create a
customized solution that is unique to you Career aptitude and psychometric tests are used by many employers to “weed out bad apples” – not define your
career. Some tests attempt to “categorize” your one-of-a-kind personality into a “type” or “score” so you can be
“classified. “Instead of putting you into a “classification box” like this, we assist you to create a customized solution unique to you.
Career Testing Program: Psychometric tests and analysis A battery of psychometric
“personality” tests designed to fit you into a “category” or “type. “Many of these tests are based on unproven theories of personality and psychology. Sadly, once “tested’ you still don’t have a plan

The Define Your Career difference

Avoid the weaknesses of these other career planning and career coaching programs with Define Your Career Destiny Home study course. It’s a proven, organized self-selection process. You determine what your career destiny is by going through a set of action steps that reveal your optimal career and set up an action plan to achieve it quickly.

You move yourself through the program to identify your optimal career or business. If you need assistance, Career Coaching is there to support you with an unparalleled level of coaching support.at very reasonable rates.

Whether you need a fully coached three-week Fast Track program, individual coaching sessions for specific issues or no coaching at all, it’s up to you. The Define Your Career Destiny coaching support helps you with specific issues – based on specific items you uncover while going through the course.

I’ll assist you to overcome obstacles you may encounter while going through the process, whether you need assistance in defining your career, setting goals or putting together your career action plan.

For maximum coaching support, the Fast Track program provides daily support and weekly conferences over a three week timeline.is designed to give you close support and structure over three weeks.

Find out more about coaching support here.

You are your own best career planner

If a career planner tries to play an all-knowing God or be your life coach, or lure you into an expensive long-term program like so many career services, you need to double check if that is necessary. You are your own best career planner.

Define Your Career helps you make the right series of choices with a career blueprint and self-assessment that you self-select.

Rather than spend your time on learning how to fit into a corporate box so you can sneak into a job. I will support you to develop your optimal career plan as quickly as possible for your particular speed and style.

You are in charge of your career plan, we are here to facilitate the process, from whatever the education, credentials, or experience level you are at right now.

Find out more about coaching support here

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