What to do after graduating college

Career after college decision: What to do after you graduate college?

What to do after graduating college: how every grad can find their Career Destiny

If you are a college graduate who wants to find the right career after college, you have so many options you may become overwhelmed or stuck.

The best way to break through this stuckness is to identify exactly what career or business you can best use your talents and attributes.

In my 25+ years of research and experience on this topic, I have found the best way to start your career decision making path is with an accurate career self-assessment process. 

A self-assessment can provide a career plan template so you can uncover your Career Destiny. It works regardless of your experience, aptitude or education level (with or without a college degree.) It identifies the factors that define what career is a fit for you.

Knowing your Career Destiny gives you a rock-solid confidence to make the career choices that you will thrive in for a lifetime. 

Without finding where you fit best – just hoping “it’ll all work out” – you can end up in the wrong career. You could be bored, broke and worst of all, underemployed.

Many career coaches and career counselors with suggest personality tests and aptitude tests, however they are limited, and may in fact be discouraging.


How personality tests and aptitude tests can put you into a box

Career coaches who use aptitude tests and Personality tests can put you into a box

Aptitude tests and personality type tests are simply measurements, like your shoe size or waist size. They attempt to show you what careers that others of the same mental ‘measurements” as you are employed in.   

But the danger of these career tests is they can put you into a box!

Your aptitude is not your destiny

You may have aptitude and be good at something, it doesn’t mean you would enjoy it as a career. For example I am pretty good at math but I flunked out of accounting in college.

Your personality is not limited to one “type” out of 16

Why would you limit your career opportunities options to 1/16 of your possible career options?? Personality tests do this to you, by categorizing you into one of 16 personality “types.”

Putting your self into a personality  type ‘box’ is one of the worst things you can do. It severely limits your paradigms!

For example I am noticing what I call “introvert anxiety syndrome” in many test takers whose test results were one of the 4 introvert types. They start to believe a limited group of certain jobs are all they are capable of. I don’t want you to limit yourself like this.

These tests are of limited value in my opinion, it is why I don’t use them as art of my career self-assessment process.

You already have what it takes to leverage your career options

You have what it takes to find a career, you just need to identify how to best APPLY what you are born with.

Start from where you are right now. Along with your college degree, you possess all the valuable skills, talent and aptitude you need. You only need to define your Destiny so you can best leverage your career options.

If you made it through the rigors of a university level education, gained passing grades on courses and hung in there over years of effort, you have a strong basis now . You just need to best leverage your career path options.

There is one thing missing to find a career that is a fulfilling career and that gives you job satisfaction: career clarity. 

To gain career path clarity are, define yourself like a business

To gain career clarity about your best career options, you need to assess yourself.  I have found you can do so by defining yourself like a business does.

This business concept applies no matter what career or business you think you will like:

  • if you are a creative artist
  • a musician
  • a foodie
  • want to work for a non-profit
  • a techie
  • into sports etc.

Even if you are not interested in a ‘traditional’ business career path, my research reveals that there are certain common business principles that you can apply to extract your maximum value and career satisfaction.

You can use those same common principles to extract your maximum value for your talents, lifestyle and job satisfaction.

For example:

  • A business must analyze: What is our competitive advantage? You can assess this for yourself.
  • A business will also hone in on: Who is our target market who needs what we offer and will pay well for it? You can identify this for yourself as an individual in a career role as well.

There are numerous other factors, that taken together, that define what I call your Career Destiny. They define the employment you are destined for, where you can thrive.

How to identify these ‘business factors’ for your career path

Identify and apply these business principles to yourself, and you will gain the career clarity for what career path after college is right for you.

If you have interest in exploring how these business factors can apply to you, I offer a Free Report How to Unlock Your Career Destiny. It outlines the Five Secrets that determine your optimal lifetime employment.

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In How to Unlock Your Career Destiny you’ll discover: 

  • How choosing the right career secures lifetime employment with more earnings power and job securityall while increasing your job satisfaction
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  • What to do if there is no existing education path or roadmap for your unique set of talents, skills and aptitude – no matter how exceptional or exclusive your skillset 

Find out the Five Secrets that unlock how to thrive in your Career Destiny in this Free Report. There’s no need to be broke, bored or uncertain about what employment is best for your career after college.

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Book Cover - How to Unlock Your Career Destiny

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