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Gain massive job performance improvement with this
Employee Development Plan Template Kit

Employee Development Plan_Template_Kit_ - an individual development plan with a focus on performance improvement

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The failproof way to develop, engage and retain your employees

If you want to improve your employee’s work performance but don’t know where to start, now there’s a failproof solution.

This new Employee Development Program helps you gain massive performance improvement – without spending a lot of time or money to do it. 

Its a complete turnkey solution for employee development in Excel and PDF:

  • No monthly fees

  • No endless data entry that wastes your staffs time

  • No functionality overkill like most bloated HR apps out there

It’s the smart way to profitable, productive and loyal employees. Especially since skills development is cited as the number one request by employees in a recent LinkedIn survey on employee retention. 

Why most Employee Development Plans fail

Most EDP’s fail because they focus on abstract goals instead of work related proficiencies.  

  • You’ve seen the crappy EDP templates online. They confuse your employees with career tracking objectives, milestones, timelines, etc. This distracts employees instead of developing their skills.

  • How about SMART Goals with 1 year, 2 year, 5 year goals that focus employees on the future instead of the now

  • Then you have those expensive monthly Career Development apps. Huge time wasters that require tons of data input. You end up measuring employees instead of developing skills

Up till now employers were boxed in to these 3 bad choices, with no simple and cheap employee development options.

That all changes now, with my new Employee Development Plan Template Kit.

It’s a complete, turnkey employee development program that employers can implement right away. It’s ideal for up to 25 employees.

Increase your employees job performance by focusing on
work-related skills, not goals

This EDP is 100% focused on work-related proficiencies, not vague long term goals. Studies show that less that 5% of goals are ever attained.

However, job proficiencies are skills employees use every day. They are the the most effective way to boost performance. 

Built to increase employee work performance and productivity immediately

This EDP is built from the ground up to center on job skills proficiencies. The benefits of this innovation is profound:

  • You can zero in on exactly where the employee needs development

  • A focus on skills growth is the fastest way to improve work performance and productivity

  • This EDP has a quarterly cycle, which provides a continuous feedback loop to the employee. This increases job satisfaction and maximizes employee engagement 

An EDP specifically designed for busy employers to be easy to implement

My name is Larry LaFata. As a career development coach and the founder of, I was dismayed about all the poorly designed EDP templates and bloated HR apps.

I saw a need for a streamlined employee development program. One that was fast, cheap and easy for employers with under 25 employees to put in place quickly and maintain with little fanfare.

The result here is an EDP specifically designed for busy employers who want a fast, turnkey process to develop employees job skills and soft skills. And to do it on autopilot.

Finally, an EDP specifically built to save employers time
while effectively increasing performance improvement

A failproof way for you to increase employee work performance:

  • Increase productivity by focusing on work related proficiencies, not vague long term goals. By focusing on job proficiencies, you pinpoint exactly where employee needs development each quarter. You can address job role proficiencies, job support proficiencies or soft skills

  • Increase retention by increasing job satisfaction. A recent LinkedIn survey revealed that 70% of employees say they want to develop work-related skills so they can perform at higher levels in their job and advance in their careers. An EDP based on job proficiencies accomplishes this 

  • Now employers can develop even difficult employees, by developing essential “soft skills.”  Soft skills are the key to building well-rounded employees. They include interpersonal skills,  leadership development, teamwork and professionalism. You can use them to correct difficult or insubordinate employees. This provides a low-stress, neutral way for you to rehabilitate employees behavioral skills without being the bad guy

  • Bonus: Rewards Program included. This EDP includes an optional Rewards program. Designed to be a cost effective way to recognize employees and motivate them to friendly competition with perks and awards

An EDP with fast set up and implementation

As an employer, professionally managing employee development is often beyond your scope of operations. After all, you’re focused on running a business, not an HR Dept.

This employee development program is structured to save employers time and hassle, with a streamlined 3 step process. So you can administer the full EDP in only 20 minutes each quarter. 

The innovation of this employee development plan is that once you set it up, its almost on autopilot. 

  • Fast setup of the EDP template in Excel. Employer builds out the EDP by pulling job proficiencies from employees job description one time. Then uses the same template each quarter on autopilot
  • Employee completes the EDP on their own each quarter. Employee ranks and rates their job proficiencies first, before the quarterly review meeting. 
  • Fast quarterly review in about 20 minutes. Employer assesses employee’s results and awards rewards. Then fine tunes and approves employees 3 to 5 job proficiencies to develop this quarter.

    It all happens in as little as 20 minutes!

Flow chart of 3 step process:

  1. One time set up of EDP template.

  2. Employee completes template on their own, in advance.

  3. At quarterly review, manager reviews quarterly results and together they complete template for next quarter.
three step employee development plan template

It's everything you need to get an Employee Development Plan
up and running immediately

This EDP is constructed as step-by-step process to include everything you need for a turnkey EDP.

  • Instructions and completed examples show you how to pull work-related job proficiencies from employee’s job description

  • Innovative EDP is constructed with side-by-side proficiencies ranking. Employee completes the template themselves, with employer having final say and approval

  • Instructions how to run the Quarterly Review in 15 to 20 minutes per quarter

  • Includes a Rewards Program to motivate and team-build employees

If you want an affordable way to implement a powerful employee job performance improvement plan, this template kit does the job.

The fast and easy set up means you can implement it immediately.

An affordable way to implement a complete employee development program for your employees

Employee Development Plan Template Kit

The EDP Template Kit includes templates, instructions and completed examples

The five components of the EDP Template kit includes:

  1. Editable EDP Templates: Templates in Excel and fillable PDF that you customize for each employee and use immediately

  2. Step-by-step instructions guide: Clear instructions guide you how to set up and implement all aspects of plan

  3. Completed Examples you can follow: Completed sample EDP and plenty of screen shots to guide you each step of the way

  4. Quarterly Review Template with how-to guide: Everything you need to administer employee quarterly review in 15 to 20 minutes

  5. Bonus: Rewards and Awards program: Includes set up and implementation of a cost-effective Rewards Program of inexpensive perks, bonuses or awards to team build and motivate employees

  6. Bonus 2: Leadership Development Plan Template

Here’s a sample completed Employee Development Plan template.

Built from the ground up to be easy for employee to complete and easy for the employer to implement.

This sample EDP screenshot shows the innovation of its design.

  • The employee self rates themselves on proficiencies, and ranks their importance

  • At quarterly review, employer ranks the final 3 to 5 proficiencies they want to  prioritize

  • The final 3 to 5 proficiencies are summarized on the Employee Quarterly Goals summary, so the employee can refer to them daily 

Innovative side-by-side proficiency ranking:
Employee and manager each quickly rate and rank job proficiencies together

EDP Template - completed example

This EDP Template can also be used as a Leadership Development Plan Template

This EDP also includes a leadership development plan template.

Just add the leadership development goals, professional development goals, or development plan for managers that pertain to your industry.

Quarterly development of leadership skills are a powerful way to grow leaders through the process of kaizen.

For a few examples, a leadership development plan can include proficiency in: 

  • Communication skills
    • Clearly expressing ideas verbally
    • Listening, paraphrasing and comprehension skills
    • Selects appropriate communication methods
  • Coaching employees
  • Managing conflict
  • Coaching an employee with a negative attitude
  • Teambuilding
  • Etc.

The structure of this individual development plan allows for development of any level employee.

Supported with an employee development plan training program and implementation support

And I personally back up this plan with strong client assistance support:

  • Hourly client assistance support on video call: I offer video call assistance to help you through the set up of any aspect of the EDP that you need

  • Done for you service: I will set up 3 employees EDP job proficiencies, the Quarterly Review and Rewards Program, and role play the Quarterly Review with employer

All in all this is the strongest, employer-friendly EDP for the cost you will find, guaranteed.

Now that you have seen how easy it is to implement a world-class EDP, I invite you to get started now so you can have more profitable, engaged and productive employees.

Why wait? This innovative, all-in-one EDP will increase your employee’s job proficiency and strengthen their work performance right away. And it’s designed to be fast and easy to implement.

Boost your employee's job performance from day one with this innovative Employee Development Plan Template Kit

Order Now only $67 for the complete EDP Template Kit

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Frequently asked questions about the Employee Development Plan Template Kit

What is the EDP Template Kit ?
EDP Template Kit is a turnkey, step-by-step employee development program. Comprised of 3 Excel and PDF templates:

  • Employee development plan template

  • Employee Quarterly Goals Template

  • Weekly Review Template

  • Bonus: Rewards template

It is based on developing the employee’s work-related job proficiencies to focus on exactly where they need improvement each quarter.

Who is this EDP Template Kit designed for?
This EDP is designed for employers with up to about 25 employees, and typically requires 20 minutes per employee per quarter.

Note: Most online EDP software programs are overkill for a small business under 40 employees. They are enterprise platforms, and are priced for companies with 50+ employees. These programs involve a ton of data entry and are designed to require a dedicated HR professional attending to them. They generate tons of comparative reports on irrelevant employee metrics.

As a small or medium business owner, managing an enterprise EDP can make employee development beyond the scope of your operations and price point.

This EDP template kit changes that. It puts a failproof EDP in your reach, and doesn’t require a dedicated HR specialist or a lot of data entry.

How does the EDP Template Kit work? 
It’s a simple, failproof three step process: set up the plan, complete the plan, review the results.

Step 1: Set up the plan: Employer develops a bucket of job proficiencies from the employees job description

Step 2:  Complete the plan: Employee and manager rank, rate and agree on up to 5 proficiencies to prioritize

Step 3: Quarterly Review: Employer and employee sit down at end of each quarter, to review results and plan the following quarters proficiencies.

Rinse and repeat step 2 and 3 on autopilot each quarter.

What makes this plan better than most other EDP’s on the market right now?
There are five advantages built into this EDP that no other plan has:

The focus on work-related skills: This EDP is 100% focused on employee job performance improvement and productivity, not vague mid-term and long term goals like most EDP’s

Designed to save the employer time: A complete, turnkey, step-by-step process that is easy to implement quickly. It includes fast set up of job proficiencies, employee self-completes their part of the plan, a speedy quarterly review for manager and minimal ongoing data entry

Strong support: I offer hourly training support if you want assistance, as well as a ‘done for you’ employee development plan training program service

Outstanding ROI: The cost of this failproof EDP is only $67 

Bonus Rewards Program: I include – at no extra cost – a Rewards Program. It’s a powerful way to recognize and motivate employees in a cost-effective way. It also is a great team building ritual that is looked forward to by the whole team

Compare the advantage of this innovative employee development plan against typical EDP templates


Typical Employee Development Plans


Employee Development Plan Template Kit

Traditional EDP’s do not increase productivity because they  have vague objectives such as 1, 2 and 5 year goals, rather than development of specific work-related skillsThis EDP is an ongoing cycle of performance improvement. It focuses on work-related proficiencies, over a quarterly cycle. This allows employer to zero in on exactly where the employee needs improvement, boosting productivity
Long term goals of one year or longer make it difficult for  employees to know where they stand, so they typically lose focusAn ongoing quarterly improvement plan provides
a continuous feedback loop to the employee
Most EDP don’t have specific ways of dealing with difficult, disengaged or insubordinate employeesThe soft skills proficiencies section of my EDP provides a low-stress, neutral way for the employer to rehabilitate the employee’s behavioral or interpersonal issues. This gives the employee a perception of a fair and caring employer
Traditional EDP do not have a Rewards Program to unify and motivate workforce, or recognize individuals who excelA Rewards Program is included in this EDP. You can motivate employees by recognizing their outstanding contributions using cost-effective perks and awards rituals
Most HR platforms measure employees so they can be  compared to a benchmark, rather than develop each employee’s unique strengthThis EDP’s job proficiency approach brings out the  individual strengths of each employee, while at the same time, cultivating areas where they may have strategic flaws. The goal is to develop employees, not measure or judge them
Goals-based EDP’s don’t help employees grasp the overall scope of their jobsEach quarter, as the employee rates and ranks each of their job proficiencies, they become very familiar with their job role. After a few quarters they mature into the full scope of their  job and are clear about exactly what they are accountable for
Most EDP’s don’t increase employee retention or reduce turnover, because they don’t increase job satisfaction70% of employees say they want to develop work-related  skills, so they can perform at higher levels in their job. An EDP based on job proficiencies achieves this. This increases job satisfaction, strengthening retention. (Reducing employee turnover can increase your labor ROI by up to 34% per employee)
Most EDP’s are expensive, bloated and labor intensive, requiring extensive ongoing data entry to generate reports of often irrelevant employee metricsYou get a failproof EDP for $67 that’s streamlined from the ground up for efficiency and productivity
Larry Lafata, Career Discovery Coach

About the author 

Larry LaFata is the founder of

He is a career development consultant and a career discovery coach, with 25+ years’ experience in business evaluation marketing.

In his business evaluation research, Larry saw the need for an easy way for busy employers to develop their employees without spending a lot of time, data and money.

Especially crucial in the digital age is development of your employee’s interpersonal and soft skills.

The Employee Development Plan Template Kit was designed to meet this need.

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