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Free employee development plan template in excel - download and use right away

The employee development plan is truly a powerful tool to engage, retain, motivate and turbocharge your employees career development. 

For employers don’t use the EDP with a Quarterly Employee Review, it is a missed opportunity.

That changes now.

You can implement this innovative EDP Template in Excel to your employees and boost their job performance immediately.

This EDP is designed from the ground up to engage employee and be fast and easy for employer to administer.

You can customize the excel template to your companies development needs.

You should use this template as part of your employee’s quarterly review.

Using an individual employee development plan template to turbocharge your job performance

The EDP Template is most effective as part of a quarterly process. This allows for a quarterly review of the employees progress, and a continual refreshing of what job proficiencies the employee will work on.

To implement the EDP template in Excel:

  • The employee development plan template is filled in and set up by employer, using employees job description and job requirements

  • Employee rates and ranks their proficiencies to prioritize areas they need to focus on; manager does the same

  • At quarter end, there is a quarterly review where manager assess if employees development goals are attained

The EDP template can also be used as a career development plan or a professional development plan. It depends on the makeup up of your workforce and how you want to deploy it.

When properly used, this EDP Template can turbocharge your employees job performance 

This template’s innovative design builds employee engagement and retention:

  • Because the EDP is focused on job proficiencies it increases employee buy-in and engagement, since they are helping to choose which proficiencies to work on

  • Each quarter, the employee is ranking and rating all their proficiencies, so they become super clear about their job roles

  • A plan that is job-role focused makes it easier and faster for managers to measure employee performance metrics each quarter

Importantly, in todays digital age you may notice that interpersonal skills, listening skills and attention spans have suffered.

You can use soft skills as a powerful tool to:

    • Build communication skills, empathy and tact

    • Manage difficult or insubordinate employees by helping them learn to manage individual components of their behavior and mindset

    • Guide strong leadership skills towards their career development

Note: This EDP Template in excel is part of a complete Employee Development Plan Template Kit.

Find out what it includes and how to purchase it here:

The 3 steps to a smart employee development plan

Properly done, an effective employee development plan has 3 components:

  1. Employee Development Plan: Employee and manager rate and rank the top 3 to 5  job proficiencies to develop this quarter

  2. Employee Quarterly Development Goals: A scorecard for employee quarterly results and a daily reminder of agreed on proficiencies 

  3. The Quarterly Review: Manager makes a summary assessment of employee’s quarterly results (and reward if desired)

This diagram explains in a visual way:

How to design an effective employee development plan

The employee development plan is a 3 step process

Final thoughts about the power of an effective EDP

The EDP Template can be your most powerful employee development tool, if used in conjunction with Quarterly Review.  It can be used for many purposes:  

  • To boost employee job performance

  • To build an employer-employee collaborative partnership

  • To manage employee behavioral issues

  • To develop strategic career and professional development

May your employees thrive using this tool.

Note: This guide is written by a real human, synthesizing many years of experience and research to provide you a solution.

It was not written by an A.I. bot that ‘covers all the bases’ by rehashing other articles, yet doesn’t provide you with true human-helpful conclusions.

About the author:

Larry LaFata is the founder of defineyourcareer.com. He is a Career Mindset Coach and a Career Development Coach.

Larry LaFata, founder DefineYourCareer.com

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