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Michael’s Success Story

How Michael resolved his nursing career midlife career crisis

By: University of Salford Press Office

Another client, Michael, was in nursing for 21 years, working as LPN. He was at a point where he was undecided whether to go for his RN degree, so he could move up the ladder to higher pay and a chance at advancement to supervisor, or just finish out a few more years and retire.

He went through the Define Your Career self-assessment program, and verified yes, he was working in the right community, with the right audience, using his skills in what he was interested in. The only question was if his values had changed.

We went over his values and beliefs assessments together, and clarified his current career values. This led him to confirm – for sure – that nursing was indeed his life’s passion. He later told me “The Define Your Career process gave me the peace of mind to enroll in the advanced nursing degree and brace myself for the tough board entrance exams, because I am confident it’s the right career path for me.”

He ended up finishing his studies for his RN designation, passed his exam in 2012, and has renewed his enthusiasm for his chosen career.

You can do it too

These and other success stories like this give me tremendous personal satisfaction.

They also give me confidence that you, too, can reinvent yourself, pivot to a new career, or find additional value in yourself by identifying your optimal career purpose.

You never know what options will open up for you when you look for them. This is why one of my mottos is “millions are waiting for you.”

It is never too soon or too late to try.

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