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Career Planning Workshops For College Students & Grads

Join us for Career Destiny Workshops on Saturday Morning

Graduate Career Planning For Student Groups of 4 to 8 student participants

Workshops can be scheduled by any group of 4 to 8, including University Career Services, Student Groups and Campus Clubs

Discover what career is right for you with a group of your peers

  • You are guided through the discovery of your Career Destiny by a Career Planning Coach using video screen share and PDF course handout
  • Graduate career planning course based on Define Your Career, the ultimate career plan blueprint
  • Slide down the funnel of 10 steps that build to reveal the Five Factors of your optimal lifetime employment
  • Each student participates individually from the comfort of your own residence or campus setting on Saturday mornings from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm
  • Engaging with a live career planning coach helps keep you on track and adds the benefit of resolving any questions about the Five Factors as they arise, so you don’t get “stuck” on any one issue
  • Career plan coach helps you get results that are beyond what you could achieve on your own
  • The group workshop setting helps each student gain perspectives, insights and learn from examples of the other students
  • Additional career plan coaching sessions are available for those who require extra assistance
  • Course materials provided as PDF handouts and web page screen shares

In this Career Destiny Group Workshop, you will gain an understanding of your lifelong employment, including:

  • How to live the career or business lifestyle you want, by including your personal interests & desires into your workday
  • How to remove conflict from your workday by aligning your employment values and beliefs
  • Joining the peer working community you will thrive in
  • The ideal audience you most enjoy serving every day to derive work satisfaction
  • What talents and skills can produce your greatest marketable value

Get your group together and sign up today. Your Career Destiny is waiting for you!

Only $79 per participant

Student Groups and Campus Clubs sign up below:

If you are a student and want to schedule a group of students to Fast Track Your Career Destiny together:

Schedule 1/2 Group Virtual Workshop here

University Career Services and Student Advisors can sign up their groups here:

Schedule 1/2 Group Virtual Workshop here


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