Career Coaching Support gives you a YUGE advantage to discover what career is right for you, but only if you choose the right one

Career Coaching Makes Champions

Every home study course or group coaching course I offer includes live, hands on Career Destiny Coaching support.

This is powerful support rarely found with other career coaches, career counselors or career advisors.

Coaching makes champions, so if you want every advantage to discover what career is the right one for you, you are smart to utilize the right career coaching support for you.

It can be the difference to get the top of your Career Destiny, too. The right career coaching can give you a YUGE improvement to bust through to the career or business you were meant for.

Choose The right flavor

Only one problem. There are many flavors of “career coaching” so you have to know what you want to get out of coaching in order to choose wisely.

Ans it is almost impossible to get consistent results in this industry if you are unsure what support coaching or counseling is right for you.

For example an interview coach will give you different expertise than a resume writing coach. Then you have pricing choices; do you need a mentor, a coach or a master level?

I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to waste your time on the usual career coach or career counselor who offered a 30 minute call as a solution to your career uncertainty.

3 reasons the typical career coaching model can be just a band-aid

The typical Career Coaching model is usually a band-aid that will rarely manifest your Career Destiny.

Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. Most career coaches talk about fixing your ‘problem areas.’ That is definitely not a recipe for success!
  • Focusing on your past to determine your future keeps you limited to the scope of your past experience – you have so much more to bring to the table than just your past!
  • Delving into ‘what you have done wrong’ is totally misplacing the emphasis on discovering what career role you can shine best in
  • Your ‘problem areas’ may be caused by circumstances outside your control: your home environment, economic situation, a bad break, an accident etc.
  • Most career coaches try to “fix” you in 30 minutes! Does that sound like a winning strategy or does it sound like a gimmick? 30 minutes is in NO WAY enough time to assess your situation, which is why I don’t offer paid career coaching sessions to new clients and customers

2. Many career coaches recommend Career Aptitude Tests. These tests simply categorize you into a box.

Career Aptitude Tests put you in a box?

  • The scores and results of many of these tests are derived from COMPARING YOU to others, not a good thing if you want to discover your unique Career Destiny
  • Most Career Aptitude Test, Interest Tests, Personality Tests – are based on psychological theories from the 1950’s!
  • These psychometric tests (Greek: Psycho = mind, Metric = measure) classify you into a narrow category, score, type or classification – I don’t see how putting yourself into a box of 1 of 16 personality types helps you to manifest your Destiny
  • Scariest, many career tests were designed by government and corporations as psychological profiling –  to weed you out as a bad apple, not concerned about your individual career path

3. The typical career coach has “certifications” that are 60 hours to earn – and only 15 hours of that are core competency of career assessment!

  • Career coach certifications are a basket of various competencies, how to communicate, how to run your coaching business, etc. with less than 25% of the curriculum dedicated to actual career coaching
  •  Unfortunately, most career coaches are novices or clerical, who have never run a business, a department, have never written a book, or have never been responsible for other people – the ones that have, are hugely expensive
  • Some career consultants are recruiters, who come from a corporate background – this is great if you want to game the system to snag just any job, but not a good way towards your Career Destiny

Where a typical career coach can be helpful  

A career coach can be effective for your job search, especially if they specialize in resumes, interviews or LinkedIn job search coaching. They can keep you on top of changing techologies.

Many career paths can change quickly, so having someone who is on top of the latest can give you the edge.

Frankly, they are also great to talk to someone to ‘feel better.’

Luckily, you have found a Career Destiny Coach at

However, a typical career coach doesn’t have training, background or experience to help you discover your Career Destiny, because that is all I do. So you are guaranteed to discover your Career Destiny using my courses.

I want you to feel better to, but I want to do that by giving you something that last a lifetime, that won’t melt away after a couple days. A lifetime Career Destiny Action Plan.

Especially if you are in a special situation

Besides the standard assistance I provide to career changers, college grads and those in career transition, I also give you a tremendous advantage if you fall into these scenarios:

  • if your Destiny is something that is entrepreneurial
  • when your Destiny is not a fit for a corporate path
  • if there is no existing education path for what you are meant to do

The Career Destiny Coach Difference

  • I don’t focus on your problems, I focus on your possibilities
  • I don’t put you into an aptitude box, I free you to self-assess you Career Destiny
  • I don’t try to jam you into a corporate path if that is not for you

That’s why I won’t charge you for a Coaching Consult. I use our time together to validate where you are now, in order to guide you to your next step.

If I can help you with my career self-assessments, great. If I can’t help you, I will use my 25+ years experience to guide you in the right direction.

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