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10 Time-Management Reasons You Need A Career Plan Coach

10 time management reasons

Runaway train

Many of us are too busy to make career changes we know we need. It’s as if our life is a runaway train we can’t stop and can’t get off of.

If you want to put together a career plan, it may be something you honestly need some assistance to manage all its aspects.

There are many practical day-to-day things that get in the way that need only to be managed and get organized in order for you to gain control.

Consider hiring a career coach to help you manage. You need a career coach if:

  1. you have a lot of distractions going on, and need a third party to pull you out of the “drama” to keep you focused on the course content
  2. you are very busy and need someone to help you stay organized in completing a career transition program to get your career campaign off the ground
  3. you tend to have a lot going on, and need someone to give you structured deadlines and keep you accountable
  4. you want to get the most out of your talents and capabilities using the program
  5. time is money: you want to achieve results as quickly as possible (if I had a couch I believe I’d have gotten some projects off the ground in 6 months instead of 2 years)
  6. you want value-added service, so you can achieve above and beyond what you can accomplish yourself
  7. my 19 years of experience as a marketing advisor may offer you the edge you need if there is a section or concept that you can’t seem to master or get a handle on, or that is stopping your progress
  8. For some of you, career change planning will be a smooth process, you’ll nail it right away. For others, you may be stuck on one of the obstacles above. Sometimes these obstacles can delay you indefinitely and side track this whole process. You may realize you need assistance to get through certain obstacles that you just can’t seem to get around, over, under or through, no matter how you try.
  9. Once you’ve defined your career purpose, you may not know what shape it should take, and would like help to take it to the next level.
  10. you may want to “brainstorm” ideas of how to convert your defined career purpose into a business venture, freelance, career, joint venture

I cannot tell you how badly I wished for a coach when I was delayed in my career change process. It would have cut 100’s of hours off my learning curve.

Cut hours off the learning curve

In the same way, when you are defining your career, a coach can cut dozens of hours off the learning curve by helping you get the best results, make realistic decisions, avoid delay, and climb over obstacles.

Because I know how important and helpful a concerned coach can be, I try to make my rates as fairly priced as possible. Especially compared to other career coaching services that charge $275, $499, $520 and up.

Coaching consults – are an excellent use of your hard earned money if they help you break through your obstacles and eliminate that feeling of regret.

If you need coaching assistance to get through your time-management challenges, we are here for you.

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