Thinking of changing careers but don’t want to make the mistake of choosing the wrong one?

How to avoid making career change mistakes

If you are considering a career change in your 30’s, 40’s or 50’s and don’t want to make a mistake choosing the wrong career, now there’s a practical solution.

My step-by-step career self-assessment helps you lower your risk choosing a career, because you evaluate yourself using the same proven concepts that businesses use.

It’s the practical way to find a fulfilling career. One you are well suited to, rather than career tests.  

The secret to choosing the right career when changing careers

The secret to choose the right career is to evaluate yourself like a business does, not like a psychologist.

Before you make this next career change, reduce your risk by taking a step back. Evaluate in a practical way: what is your unique lifetime career mission?

Because when you make a career change to a career that aligns with your purpose, it makes all the difference:

  • You are 75% more likely to have job satisfaction and be fulfilled

  • You increase your pay by an average of 20% to 50% or more

  • You are much less stressed and less anxious

* Findings from a recent LinkedIn survey 2022

Do career assessments based on personality type put you into a box?

Most career self-assessments end up being a fail, because they use psychological tests instead of a business approach. 

Don’t let yourself be trapped in a personality box like this.

Sadly, many jobs matched by personality tests end up being burnout jobs. That’s because these tests exclude key factors relating to your job satisfaction. 

Though they are accurate in their metrics, test results are not fully relevant to your career choice. For example, what if Elon Musk and Keanu Reeves chose their careers based on personality types?

Elon Musk is an INTJ, his MBTI job matches are paralegal or pharmacist. Keanu Reeves is an INFP, some of his job matches are librarian or nutritionist.

It’s pretty clear that personality type does NOT determine your destiny.  

You’ve seen some of the misguided results you get from personality test assessments. 

For example:

  • Strong interest tests compare you to a database of others in 6 categories, in order to determine likely job matches. This ignores you’re uniqueness and turns you into a commodity.

  • Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) categorizes you into one of 16 personality types. Why would you limit yourself to 1/16 of possible career choices?

Ask Elon Musk and Keanu Reeves, 2 superstars in their industries who are painfully introverted. Your personality does not define your destiny. 

personality test box

Why box yourself in to a personality type?

Don't spend your life in a job that's stressing you out

If you are like many career changers, you are tired of dreading Monday morning and another day in a stressful job. Fed up with your paycheck, banging heads with co-workers or not having enough free time.

You know you need a change, but may be hesitant.

It’s natural to be hesitant about what career move to make, because:

  • You have bills to pay and you worry about maintaining your level of income

  • You are concerned about if you have the right skill set or education to make a change

  • The uncertainty of what will happen makes you nervous about starting over again

This may have you feeling trapped, stuck in a job where you are unhappy.

That all changes now, with my career discovery self-assessment home study course.

You can change all this now. There is a way to escape job hell, by getting clear about your career mission with my career self-assessment.

Once you know the career path you are meant for, new avenues open up for you.

You can’t see it right now in your current state of mind. But when you are aligned to your career mission, new doors open. The right people, places and opportunities present themselves. They manifest into your life because you are ready for them.

Let me introduce myself and why I can help you. My name is Larry LaFata, founder of and a career development coach.

I took my 30 years experience in business evaluation marketing and built you a step-by-step career self-assessment course with no fluff.

This course has one focus. To help you to find the career you are most suited to.

Choose a career you won’t regret with a solid self-assessment

Evaluating yourself like a successful business is the smartest way to choose the career you will love for a lifetime. So you can make a career change you won’t regret.

Here’s why it works:

I discovered the five key factors that every successful business evaluates, in order to define their business model. You can use the same 5 step evaluation process that businesses use, and apply it to yourself as an individual.

You assess yourself the same way that top businesses, sports teams, artists and non-profits do to best market their products and services: 

  • For example every business identifies “Who is our target market? Who needs what we offer?” You can do the same as an individual

  • All successful businesses and organizations go to great lengths to identify “What is our competitive advantage?” You will assess that for yourself as well

  • Businesses and organizations also clearly research “What industry is our niche?” You will uncover what your niche is as an individual with this program

Identifying these 5 factors for yourself is how you identify your own personal business model that will serve you for a lifetime.

Now you have a way to choose a career that you won’t regret. Why not get started on the new path.

Define Your Career Destiny
One Week Home Study Course
One payment of $197

Define Your Career Destiny
One Week Home Study Course
2 payments of $99

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Make the change to the career role where you are the superstar

Changing careers to the career role where you can be the superstar

We all have a role where we thrive, where we are dominant and where we belong.

The career role where you are the superstar. The role you are meant for. Where you perform at your best and are head and shoulders above everyone else. This is also where your greatest market value is financially.

Assessing the 5 factors is how you uncover that career role.

When you are aligned to this role, you eliminate conflicts, stress and anxiety. Your day flows effortlessly: 

  • You increase job satisfaction and fulfillment: Recent studies reveal that almost 90% of workers want more meaningful work, because their current job is a mismatch to their skill set and talents. A solid career self-assessment solves this, by helping you evaluate the career role where you are most confident and fulfilled.

  • Eliminate conflicts, stress and anxiety: By living out the career role you are meant for, you are clear about your purpose, so everything is so much less effortless in your workday

  • Stop jumping from job to job: By assessing what career role is right for you, you end job jumping because you know where you belong.

Everything you need to identify the career you are best suited to

The Define Your Career Destiny one week home study course

This course is tightly constructed to guide you each step of the way, so you don’t get lost or confused.

You simply slide down a funnel of 10 fill-in-the-blank self-assessments. This uncovers the career or business you are uniquely suited to, and your most satisfying personal workday lifestyle.

It takes a few hours of introspection to complete the program. But once you define your career destiny, it powers you with unstoppable confidence and a sense of direction. The law of attraction kicks in and you begin to attract the career destiny you are meant for.

No more doubt or uncertainty. No more being stressed, bored, broke or underemployed in the wrong job or business. No more making career changes you will later regret.

This self-assessment process removes a lot of the risk from your career change decisions.

How it all works

The Define Your Career Destiny one week home study course is a tight, organized program.

You need to clear your schedule to open up 3 to 6 hours over a week. It has to be your main focus for the week.

It is a streamlined arrangement of home study course materials, hands on career coaching sessions and unlimited email support.

It’s a 7 day process.

  • You choose a start date for the week, when you book the course, and book a coaching session 7 days out

  • Day one: We have a one-on-one video coaching call together, to set your expectations and to get you maximum value from this course

  • Automated delivery of 10 fill-in-the-blank career self-assessments PDF assessments begins immediately

  • You’ll receive three modules of self-assessments, one emailed to you every 2 days. (Allow 90 minutes to 2 hours – without distractions – to complete each Module.) Simply fill in the blanks and your Career Destiny is revealed

  • Takes approximately 3 to 6 hours to complete all 10 assessments

  • Day 6: You email completed modules to career coach (or load to google drive and send link)

  • Day 7: Our second one-on-one video coaching call together, where we discuss your assessments results, brainstorm career ideas and tighten up your daily intentions to fully manifest your Career Destiny

What this step-by-step career self assessment program includes:

10 career self-assessments in 3 PDF modules, delivered by email

Each Module contains 3 topics, delivered 2 days apart.

  1. Each topic explains the concept so you are clear about your assessment. Typically one or two pages.

  2. You then go through and fill out the self-assessment for that topic by answering questions or providing examples

  3. You finalize your assessment results on a summary page

  4. You and your coach discuss your completed summaries at the end of week session where you define your career destiny in one paragraph
Define Your Career Destiny Home Study Course

Plenty of memes and charts to visually explain concepts

define your career destiny home study course memes

Top-tier career coaching by course creator

You will be guided throughout the one week home study with hands on career coaching by course creator and founder of

This insures you get your best your results to find the right career you are best suited to.

  • Includes two coaching sessions to guide you as you complete the career discovery self -assessment

  • Includes unlimited emails for any question about course you may have as you complete assessments or to review your summary pages
Larry LaFata, Founder of

Make your career transformation by identifying the lifetime career path you are meant for

The best part of defining your Career Destiny is the transformation that happens for you.

You see the world in a different light. In turn, the world relates to you differently.

Once you define your career mission, things change for you! You become a powerful magnetic force. You can’t see it now, but your new mindset will attract the new relationships, opportunities, events and circumstances that you need for your mission to manifest.

Career Destiny Proverb

Get started by booking your spot for this course today. Considering that this is a life changing course, I priced it very fairly to make it work for your budget.

I even offer 2 payment options to make it easy as possible for you to define your Career Destiny.

Why not book your one week home study course now.

Define Your Career Destiny
One Week Home Study Course
One payment of $197

Define Your Career Destiny
One Week Home Study Course
2 payments of $99

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This course is for you if….

This is NOT for you if…

Frequently asked questions

What is the Define Your Career Destiny Home Study Course?

DYCD is a comprehensive, step-by-step career discovery and self-assessment program.

It assures you pinpoint a fulfilling career or business where you can thrive and be confident, regardless of your education, background or experience.

It’s the most powerful way to lower your risk of making a mistake when making a career change or starting a business venture.    

Who is the DYCD Home Study Course designed for?

This program is for career changers who want to find a fulfilling career that maximizes their earnings power, job satisfaction, personal growth within a thriving workday lifestyle.

It is designed to accurately assess the career you are meant for if you are:

  • A career changer in your 30’s, 40’s or 50’s with work experience

  • If you’re an entrepreneur, but don’t know what business to start, this will help you vet the best business ideas

  • If you have been put in a box by personality tests, interest tests or aptitude tests and want a better quality of career choices

  • If you don’t know what to do with your life or career, this program gives you career path clarity

How does the DYCD one week home study course work?

This course is a failproof career self-assessment process that uses the same evaluation process that successful businesses use.

For example, every businesses must define 5 factors that determine where they fit in the marketplace. You will apply those same factors to yourself as an individual:            

Businesses evaluate:                                              You as an individual will evaluate: 
actor 1: What is our business model?                What are my career, money and lifestyle values?

Factor 2:  What is our competitive advantage    What is the best application of my talents?                   

Factor 3: What is our brand?                                  What is my working day lifestyle?                        

Factor 4: Who is our lucrative target market?     What is the target audience will I get the most job satisfaction from?           

Factor 5:  What field or industry are we in?          Who is my peer working community?                                          

By evaluating yourself like a business, you reduce your risk of choosing the wrong career for the wrong reasons. This results in a career path with high job satisfaction and fulfillment, where you earn what you are worth.                                                                          

What makes this program the best career self-assessment course on the market right now?

There are three huge advantages to this career discovery self-assessment program:                                                                       

  1. Practical design geared to a customized result: The innovation of this program is that you evaluate yourself like a business with self-assessments, not like a psychologist with personality tests. This gives you a customized, unique-to-you result.

    You can use the 5 factors of this self-assessment as a template, to compare against any career or business you are considering.

  1. Course structure: This course is a package of 10 self-assessments that identify the career you are best suited to. It’s a straightforward, step-by-step process that slides you down a funnel to define your career or the best business to start. Each chapter builds upon the previous one so you don’t get lost or overwhelmed.

    The practical design of this course means the same self-assessment is used for everyone, yet gives you each a customized result.

  1. No Personality tests are used here: Personality tests measure your mind and stereotype you into a box. They do not uncover the unique career path that you are best suited to. Job matches from personality tests can lead to burnout jobs and high turnover. 

Compare the advantages of this career discovery self-assessment course to typical career coaching packages

Typical Career Coaching Packages for Career Self Assessment

The Define Your Career Destiny
Career Self Assessment

Compare the cost

Typical career coaching packages are open ended commitments. You have an exploratory call, then from there it can go in many different directions.

This can slide you into expensive coaching commitments that can end up costing $3,500 or more.

Define Your Career Destiny (DYCD) one week home study is a complete package of 10 self assessments with career coaching.

It costs $197 complete.

Know what you're getting

Most career coaches have open-ended coaching commitments, depending on conversations and test results. The approach is to have a conversation with you to see where you are at, then to develop a course of action.

Since each career changer gets a different set of self-assessments, you’re never sure what you will end up with.

With the DYCD one week home study course, you know exactly what course of action you are getting. Its 10 thorough self-assessments that define your career or business destiny. 

The same exact program is used for everyone, regardless of you experience, background or education. 

Use of psychometric tests

Typically, career coaches use a series of personality tests such as MTBI, DiSC, Strong Interest tests, Holland Score etc. to match you to a job category.

These are known as psychometric tests, they measure your mind (psycho = mind, metric = measure).

Measuring your mind is like measuring your shoe size or your hat size: what does it matter to your career destiny? Its largely irrelevant.

Your personality does not determine your destiny. Don’t allow it to define you into a box.

No psychometric tests are used in DYCD course.

I’ll tell you why with two examples that prove how personality and aptitude can be largely irrelevant.

Elon Musk and Keanu Reeves are both introverts, yet both rose to the top of their fields in extroverted professions, that are not matched to their personality type.

With the DYCD program, you evaluate your career mission like a business does, not like a psychologist with tests.

Career coach credentials

The quality of career coaches can vary tremendously, because a career coaching certification can be had with only a 28 hour course.

Even experienced career coaches typically have a recruiter or HR background, jobs that are based on weeding out poor candidates, not career discovery.

Few have ever put together a career discovery course, fewer still have their own business and website. This is why they use off-the-shelf tests, which are a poor way to define your career path.

DYCD home study course was built from the ground up by Larry LaFata, Founder of

Larry turned his 30 years of business evaluation experience into a career discovery and self assessment process based on business principles.

Larry is the author of several career development programs, including Employee Development Plan Template Kit for Business, Career Destiny Fast Track, and Business Workshop for Friends.

Career coach focus

Most career coaches have too many areas of focus to be effective. They are trained to help you with your job search, scouting for opportunities, resumes and interview skills, etc.

They are not highly trained in career discovery and self assessment. So they are not experts at helping you zero in on the career that’s the best fit for you. 

DYC career coaching support is focused on ONE thing: insuring you identify the 5 factors of your career mission. So you can pinpoint the fulfilling career or business where you can thrive and be confident.

The DYCD coach’s only focus is to guide you to successfully complete the self-assessment, assisting you each step of the way.

Reducing your risk of making a mistake when choosing a new career

Making a career change based on personality tests can be risky.

Many jobs found as matches through personality tests lead to burnout and frequent job changes. This is because personality tests exclude key factors that contribute to job satisfaction.

For example, with an MBTI personality test you’re categorized into 1 of 16 personality types. Then your personality type is matched with jobs in that category. So you are limiting yourself to 1/16 of the jobs universe.

The DYCD self-assessment approach reduces your risk of making a mistake when making a career move.

You are making career decisions based on solid business evaluation concepts, not personality types

You can use the 5 factors as a failproof template when deciding if a career path choice is right for you. 

This insures you choose a career you are deeply aligned with, that’s a good fit. So you can confidently make a career change you won’t regret.

About the author: course creator and founder of, Larry LaFata

I have been involved with career development and business evaluation marketing for decades.

It is my life’s work and my passion.

My experience working in business evaluation marketing, sales and business communication includes Fortune 500 companies, small business and individuals.

Over 30+ years, I discovered how businesses and individuals can both evaluate and market themselves in the same way.

All my home study courses, workshops and guides are geared to help you refine and define your career.

Larry LaFata, founder,

Larry provides innovative career self-assessment and career development solutions

My Fortune 500 experience, deep research and strong work ethic generates innovative solutions.

This helps me to provide you with world class resources including:  

  • Business Workshop for Friends: This 2 hour workshop identifies the best business to start with friends
  • Career Destiny Fast Track: A three week home study course that identifies your lifetime career goals and action plan (Requires completion of DYCD)

  • Employee Development Plan Template Kit: For employers. Gain massive employee performance improvement by focusing on employee’s job proficiencies
Larry LaFata's innovative career development and self assessment courses

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Define Your Career Destiny
One Week Home Study Course
One payment of $197

Define Your Career Destiny
One Week Home Study Course
2 payments of $99

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