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For University Career Services & Employment Advisors

Help your students find a career that is right for them, with my accurate career self-assessment process

Your Student’s Career Breakthrough is my business!

University Career Services - student career planning support

At last, a program that helps Career Services Advisors to focus their students & grads on one thing:

“What career is my destiny?”

With so many options, choices and distractions, many students & grads struggle to focus on their Career Destiny.

Define Your Career the ultimate career plan blueprint changes all that. It’s a proven self-assessment process that reveals your student’s lifetime employment suitability

This career planning process unleashes your student’s greatest marketable value by resolving the five factors of an optimal career: 

    1. How to best employ their talents
    2. What will fulfill their passion & interests
    3. Who are their target market and ideal audience
    4. Who are the group of their preferred peers they work best with
    5. How to be in tune with their values & beliefs

How the Define Your Career Process Works

I’ve taken my 25+ years of experience in business marketing to Fortune 500 companies and apply the same proven process to individuals.

As a dad of a college student and career planning coach, I know what they are going through. I put together Define Your Career with a focus to empower students to self-assess their unique capabilities. One the great benefits of my approach is as the student grad discovers what employment they are best suited to, they also maximize their marketable value at the same time. A win-win.

Employment paths guided by proven business marketing principles

A student will approach defining their career in the same solid, fact-based way any business or organization would:

  • Who is my natural target market?
  • What is my greatest competitive advantage?
  • Who are my peers in the industry?
  • Which of my services can generate the most amount of money?
  • What is my Brand – what are my values and beliefs?

No Psychometric Tests are used in this self-assessment process

Define Your Career does not employ Psychometric Tests. Many of these tests are simply psychological measurements. I believe these tests can put a label on the student, and can put them into a box they can never escape from.

For example can you alter your height? Your foot size? Isn’t it much better to assess what you want rather than who you are?

A self-assessment allows students to self-select what lifestyle they want, what their values are, what their greatest talents are, who they want to work with who they want to serve. They are empowered rather than labeled, they can mold their outcomes rather than be classified, categorized or profiled they way tests will do.

The Importance of Career Path Planning

Career Path Planning - DefineYourCareer.com

The Define Your Career Mission:

Our mission is to empower college grads and job seekers to discover their career destiny, regardless of their previous experience, background or education.

The ultimate career plan blueprint process is designed to put students in control of their path, strengthening their core:

    • To believe in themselves and their abilities
    • To gain unstoppable confidence in their career path so they can persist through obstacles
    • To become a magnet for the Career Destiny they have manifested
    • To avoid underemployment and burnout
    • To make their most powerful impact possible


Career Self-Assessments are offered in multiple formats & price points

Programs are conveniently offered in multiple formats and price points, so you can supercharge your
student’s career discovery in the approach that works best for them.

Your student has the choice of these programs and formats:

  • Do it yourself self-assessment program Define Your Career, the ultimate career plan blueprint – in Softcover or Kindle  $17
  • 1/2 Day Virtual Career Planning Workshop for college student groups of 4 to 8 participants – Video Call with Screen Share  $79
  • Career Destiny Fast Track Programs: a two-week intensive Career Action Plan, remotely coached by a dedicated Career Plan Coach  $197
  • Supportive Individual Career Plan Coaching Sessions at a reasonable price, focused assisting with the Five Factors  $47

Get your Free Career Services Info Kit

Discover how to unlock your student’s Career Destiny with an accurate career path self-assessment

In this Career Services Info Kit, you’ll discover:

  • How the Five Factors of their Career Destiny empowers student’s career path  for a lifetime
  • Why defining their Career Destiny protects students from wrong choices
  • How proven business marketing practices can apply to the student as an individual

Get this free Career Services Info Kit today, your students will thank you. I’ll also keep you updated with my unique take on career planning news that impacts career services.

Discover how you can assist your students with this Info Kit today.

Student Advisor info kit

Define Your Career - Larry LaFata

Meet Larry LaFata

Founder, DefineYourCareer.com
Author of Define Your Career and Career Destiny Fast Track

Hire Me Be a hero to your students!

If you are a career services student advisor who wants to help your students with their career direction, now you can offer them a menu of well-designed career plan processes that are cost-effective, convenient and can inspire them for a lifetime.

My Saturday morning Career Planning Workshops for students and grads helps them discover their Career Destiny using proven business marketing principles and from the comfort of their home or campus.

Let me do the heavy lifting of helping students with career planning. You only need to manage the scheduling process and can then be involved to the extent you want on your end from there. You are welcome to join in the workshop anytime.

Call me now to find out more at 845-589-0600.

Email: careerservices@defineyourcareer.com


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