This 3 step Career Planning Template ends the uncertainty about what career to pursue

Finally, a simple career planning template that insures you find a career you will love for a lifetime

If you can’t figure out how to decide on a career, these three simple steps will clarify your career planning process

There are three steps of in this career planning template that can uncover the career or business you are meant for. And the beauty of this template is it works regardless of your current experience, education, or background!

  • Step One is to assess what your career roles are: this includes assessing your talents, career values and the lifestyle you want
  • Step Two is to pinpoint your ideal customer, client or audience
  • Step Three is to identify what industry or field of endeavor you belong in

This graphic gives you a quick visual of how the three steps work together:

3 step career plan template to decide on a career

There are three steps to the ultimate career plan template, which I will show you here.

But first, let’s get real.

No, you cannot fit an entire career action plan on a one or two page template. Any career planning tool that claims to do so is probably not worth your time.

Take it from a career plan coach with 25+ years experience

As a career planning and career discovery coach, I know what I’m talking about.  Career discovery is the only thing I focus on.

All of my career plan templates,  career workshops and career planning tools are geared to one purpose: to help you discover the Career Destiny you are meant for.

I have found that the best career planning tools give you  a concise, tight career discovery process.

That’s why I built a process that identifies the 3 steps that define your Career Destiny.

Step One – In what career role can you be a superstar?

  • Assess the career role you can thrive in, where you are a good fit and are confident, one that aligns with your career values and beliefs
  • Identify the best application of your talents, so you don’t use them in the wrong job
  •  Identify your workday lifestyle – if you can imagine it it can manifest

Step Two – Pinpoint your ideal customer

  • Assess the who your ideal customer, client or target market is, so you enjoy serving them all day
  • Knowing your target market is where your job satisfaction comes from

Step Three – Establish the industry, field or line of work where you will operate best

  • Assess what field, industry, trade, line of work you enjoy working in
  • Determine who you want to work with all day: what I call your Peer Work Community – this is how you  are lifted to the top

The 3 step career planning and discovery process is all you need to define the career or business is your Destiny. It has all the ingredients to find the career you will love for a lifetime.


Summary: Use the 3 steps career planning template to customize results to your particular needs

Using these three steps insures you build out a plan that fulfills the career you are meant for. You are not squeezing yourself into someone else’s template or worse, a career aptitude or personality test that squeezes you into a box.

The beauty of the 3 step career planning process is that you can customize it to reflect your skills, traits and unique one-of-a-kind personality.

If this 3 step career plan process sounds like it could work for you, I offer you a home study course and workshop to put it to work for you.

Try my career plan template home study course with hands on career discovery coaching

Why I include Career Coaching in my career planning workshops and courses

Hands on career coaching is a part of all my career discovery courses and workshops. This is because you get the best results when you have an experienced guiding hand helping you.

You are not just left out there on your own.

My career plan coaching includes unlimited emails, so you can get all your questions answered as you proceed.

So you will build out a much better career plan than you could ever possibly achieve by yourself.

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