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Do you need career planning support to discover your Career Destiny?

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Career Discovery Coaching Support gets you MASIVE RESULTS beyond what you can achieve yourself

You can make your breakthrough to your Career Destiny, and you DON’T have to do it by yourself.

All my home study courses include hands-on career coaching, so you are not out there by yourself.  Having a neutral third party outside of your peer circle can provide massive results beyond what you can get on your own.

Get whatever level of career coaching and career planning support you need:

  • If you have questions about what career is your destiny, or need assistance to explore your career options, I provide a Free Complimentary  one-on-one Career Discovery Coaching Consult
  • To quickly discover what career or business is your Destiny, I offer engaged, dedicated coaching support as part of my Home Study Course Define Your Career Destiny.  This one week structured course includes a hands-on career coach to guide you through each step of the career self-assessment process
  • To quickly get you the best results possible for your entire career development plan, I offer multiple career coaching sessions in my Three Week Intensive, Career Destiny Fast Track  – I guide you through each step of the process to supercharge your Career Destiny into an Action Plan
  • For Friends who want to start a business together, I offer Friends Career Destiny Workshop for friends Career Destiny Workshop for friends– a Virtual Workshop with 2 to 6 participants, where a career discovery coach oversees the building of a Shared Business Destiny business plan  

There is a good reason why I offer hands on one-on-one career planning coaching

Studies show more than 80% of job seekers, college graduates and students prefer or require professional guidance to work through the career self-assessment process.

Some people need a quick jump start consult to get them on their way, and then are off and running. Others want to get maximum results from the Fast Track process and appreciate the ongoing guidance offered throughout the duration of the program.

However you need it, a helping hand from a career planning coach can help to answer questions if you get stuck on any part of the material, as well as and guide you through the discovery of your Career Destiny.

Who can benefit from this kind of hands-on coaching support?

  • College grads, students and job seekers who want to discover their Career Destiny as quickly as possible 
  • Career changers who want assistance to chart a new career path
  • Entrepreneurs who want to explore if they have Entrepreneur aptitude, and are entering the right business venture
  • Job seekers who want to supercharge their job search
  • Those who are overwhelmed or stressed, and need a hand out of the “drama” to focus on Career Destiny
  • To brainstorm ideas to bring your Career Destiny into the next level: business venture or career 
  • If you are considering Continuing Education, and are not sure it’s a good investment of money and time lost

If any of these apply to you, let’s get on a video conference call and dive right into what is holding you back from your Career Destiny.

Get The Coaching Support You Need!

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You need career planning support if any of these 7 obstacles are in the way of your Career Destiny:

If you are stuck in any of the common obstacles that stall your transition to a new career, my career plan coaching support can get you unstuck. Often, assistance from someone outside your circle is the best way to get a neutral, straightforward point of view of how to proceed towards your new career and job search.

Coaching consults can help you overcome any of these 7 common obstacles:

  1. Procrastination — wishing instead of doing, or the old “I’m too busy” to put it into practice
  2. Perfectionism — your standards are so high, you not able to complete as much as you need to
  3. You get bored easily — once the excitement wears off, you’re ready to move on to a new project
  4. Overwhelmed — sometimes a new undertaking can be scary or complex, and you can get confused on how to approach it
  5. Fear of being different or original — you may be used to always “going with the flow” and may now need to go your own path
  6. Defeatist or not motivated — been beat down and are thinking “oh, I’ll never be able to pull this off”
  7. Fear of change — this is the big one. The fear that you may fail — or even succeed — when attempting something new. Your subconscious is powerfully programmed to do what it’s always done, it may resist you making a change, even a good change,  and try to hold on to your old ways

Coaching consults can help you overcome any of these seven obstacles that may be preventing your career development plan. Schedule one now.

Starting a business with friends just got easier

Career Destiny Workshop for Friends for 2 to 6 friends provides a dedicated career plan coach to build a Shared Business Destiny together

Career Destiny Workshop for Friends

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