Finally! A step-by-step career assessment that answers:

How do I choose a career!

Find a career you love, with the ultimate career discovery home study course

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Define Your Career Destiny - One Week Home Study
2 payments of $99

Define Your Career Destiny - One Week Home Study
One payment of $197

End the doubt about what career is right for you

If you want to be sure you are choosing the right new career, you are at the right place.

This innovative career discovery and self-assessment course will help you gain career clarity about what career or business you should go into.

It’s a one week home study course geared to one goal: To define your lifetime career mission, regardless of you background, work experience or level of education.

Best of all, you reduce your risk in deciding on a new career, because you are choosing a career based on sound business marketing practices.

personality test box

A practical business approach to finding your right career: no personality tests or career tests are used to put you in a box

There is reason career tests, interest test and personality tests can’t help you identify your career Destiny. Because no matter how you answer the questions, you end up in one of 16 category boxes! 

As a business marketing executive for 25 years, I quickly saw the shortcomings of these kinds of tests.

I created a career self assessment process where you evaluate yourself like a business does.

The difference is clear:

  • With a personality test you are assessing yourself with theories, like a psychologist does

  • With my self assessment process you evaluate yourself in a practical way, like a business does

It is a solid, proven way to identify the career or business that is right for you.

The answer to "What should I do for a career?" is found by evaluating the Five Factors of your Career Destiny

There are five key factors that every successful business evaluates to define their business model.

My innovation, built on my 25+ years of business marketing experience, is to apply these same five factors to you as an individual.

Now you can employ the same evaluation concepts used by top businesses, sports teams and non-profits to best market their products and services. 

Like every successful organization you will identify these factors for yourself:

  • For example every business identifies “Who is our target market that needs what we offer?” You can do the same as an individual 

  • All successful businesses and organizations go to great lengths to identify “What is our competitive advantage?” You will assess that for yourself as well

  • Businesses and organizations also clearly research “What industry are we most competitive in?” You can uncover your competitive advantage as an individual with these career self assessments

  • Businesses spend huge resources on branding. Now you can identify the values that represent your brand and your lifestyle

Identifying these factors is how you generate your highest financial value and your most satisfying personal workday lifestyle

You simply slide down the funnel of 10 self-assessments to reveal the career you are meant for.

Once you define your career destiny, it powers you with an unstoppable confidence and direction.

No more doubt or uncertainty. No more being stressed, bored, broke or underemployed in the wrong job or business.

The best way to reduce your risk when making a career change or entrepreneurial venture

A precise career self assessment process insures you identify your right career mission. You are vetting the key components of  the career of business you are best suited to. 

This minimizes your exposure when making a career move:

  • You reduce the risk about choosing the wrong career path – especially if you have bills to pay and can’t afford to make a mistake

  • You end the uncertainty and anxiety about what career or business will be the most satisfying and fulfilling

  • You identify the most powerful application of your talents to generate the most earnings and revenue possible, reducing your risk of landing in a dead end job

  • If you think you are entrepreneurial and want to start a business but have no ideas where to start, this course identifies your Business Destiny, reducing your risk of starting the wrong business

  • If you have no experience or degree, this self-assessment will identify your best career path

A dedicated, hands-on career coach is included with all courses

I don’t leave you on your own, like most career discovery courses do. And I don’t use huge webinars with dozens of participants where you don’t get personal guidance.

Every home study course includes hands-on career coach assistance.

This includes:

  • A career coach personally reviews your career self -assessments with you

  • This home study course includes two one-on-one video phone 

  • Unlimited email support if you have questions along the way

This one week home study course is the real deal. Why wait? Get started today and in one week you have defined your Career Destiny.

Find A Career You Love

Define Your Career Destiny - One Week Home Study
2 payments of $99

Define Your Career Destiny - One Week Home Study
One payment of $197

Here's what’s included in this definitive career discovery self-assessment course:

Home Study Course materials

  • 10 fill-in-the-blank career self-assessments

  • Assessments are delivered as 3 modules pdf’s, one emailed to you every 2 days

  • Simply fill in the blanks and your Career Destiny is revealed

  • Send completed modules to career coach to discuss together on coaching calls

  • Takes approximately 2 to 4 hours to complete all 10 assessments

Dedicated Career Discovery Coaching Support

An experienced Career Coach provides hands-on professional guidance to help you through the entire career self-assessment process. 

This empowers you to identify and overcome obstacles not otherwise possible on your own.

  • Career coach will review your self-assessment results with you, one-on-one to discuss your self-assessment results

  • Hands-on coaching support includes two Career Discovery Coach video calls, 40 minutes each

  • Unlimited email support to answer questions as you proceed through the self-assessments

  • We’ll work on removing limited beliefs and negative self talk from your mindset

  • We’ll brainstorm career options and business ventures to manifest your Career Destiny quickly!

The end result of completing these career self assessments? You become a powerful magnetic force that manifests your Career Destiny

Once you have identified your career purpose, you begin to self-actualize. Your mindset change allows you to manifest your Career Destiny.

  • You build a steadfast belief and confidence in yourself

  • You remove doubt, anxiety and uncertainty from career decisions

  • You gain unstoppable persistence to persist through obstacles that arise on your path

  • Hiring managers and business venture partners will immediately sense your confidence and suitability for job opportunities

Make your career transformation by identifying the lifetime career path you are meant for

The best part of defining your Career Destiny is the transformation that happens for you.

You see the world in a different light. In turn, the world relates to you differently.

Once you define your career mission, things change for you! You become a powerful magnetic force.

You attract the new relationships, opportunities, events and circumstances that you need, in order for your mission to manifest.

Career Destiny Proverb

Get started by booking your spot for this course today. Considering that this is a life changing course, I priced it very fairly to make it work for your budget.

I even offer 2 payment options to make it easy as possible for you to define your Career Destiny.

Find A Career You Love

Define Your Career Destiny - One Week Home Study Course
2 payments of $99

Define Your Career Destiny - One Week Home Study
One payment of $197

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