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Define Your Career – The Ultimate Career Plan Blueprint

Now there is a Career Plan Blueprint that answers the question

What is the right career for me?

Define Your Career- the ultimate career plan blueprint by Larry LaFataDefine Your Career the ultimate career plan blueprint

Discover your Career Destiny, regardless of your experience, background or education

My self-assessment program guides you through 10 exercises that uncover the Five Factors of your Career Destiny

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Define Your Career unlocks your lifetime employment path by helping you to discover:

  • How to best employ your talents and skills to best use
  • What career or business lifestyle will fulfill your passion & interests
  • Who are your preferred working peer group – those you will be happy working with every day
  • How to be employed in tune with your values & beliefs so you have no conflicts
  • Who is your ideal audience & target market – to give you the most job satisfaction
  • Is being an entrepreneur the right path for me?

Use proven business marketing principles to define what career is right for you

Define Your Career employs the same universal marketing principles that successful businesses use to market their services, modified to apply to you as an individual. So you can choose a new career or change careers with full confidence.

For example, compare what successful businesses must define vs. what you as an individual must define:

Use proven marketing principles to define your career destiny

These are just some of the same considerations that you as an individual will consider to uncover your ideal lifetime employment. And if you want to maximize your marketable value, defining these are a must.


Never again will you be expendable

As an experienced career planning coach and dad of a University Student, I know what job seekers are going through. I created this program to focus you on one important thing: to discover your lifelong inspiring Career Destiny. I’m proud to say there is no other program like this anywhere.


When you discover your Career Destiny, instead of being expendable when an economic crisis hits, you are essential. You are no longer a commodity worker who can be let go or lose your business, because you are irreplaceable.


And when you look for employment or business ventures, you will no longer be just another job seeker without a plan. Instead you will project the confidence of knowing what career or business is right for you.


Define Your Career can be completed in about the same amount of time it takes to watch your favorite ballgame or movie.


Why wait? Get your copy now to get started right away.


Order Define Your Career on Amazon for $17


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