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It’s Your Career Path – Live By Your Own Rules

There are No Rules for how to choose your career path

What Career Is Your Destiny

What every job seeker and entrepreneur must know to find their Career Path

There are no rules about how to choose your career path.

That’s why so many job seekers end up in jobs we don’t like.

  • You play by other’s rules of what career path to follow to get a job: go to school, get a job and work there forever
  • Or you just take ANY job you can find, and think “don’t worry it’ll work out.”

If you play by other’s rules like this, you can’t ever be who you are meant to be and have what you are meant to have. This is especially true in your career path. You need a plan.

Happily, there are career self-assessment tools to guide you – without you being put in a box with aptitude tests. 

You already have what it takes to rise above being a commodity

Playing by others rules – you are always expendable. You can never rise above being just a commodity worker. That could mean being broke, bored and worst of all 😢 underemployed. 

The good news is you already possess all the valuable skills, talent and aptitude you need! You only need to define your Career Destiny so you can discover the unique career path you are meant for.

The straightforward way to define what career is right for you, is with my career self-assessment Home Study Course  Define Your Career Destiny, the ultimate career self-assessment.  It reveals your Career Destiny, regardless of your experience, aptitude or education. 

Best of all, you can get the first section of the book, How to Unlock Your Career Destiny, as a Free Report. It outlines the Five Secrets that determine your optimal lifetime employment.

In How to Unlock Your Career Destiny you’ll finally figure out: 

  • Why your Career Destiny path has eluded youeven though you may have plenty of talent, aptitude, education and work ethic
  • How choosing the right career path rules secures lifetime employment with more earnings power and job securityall while increasing your job satisfaction
  • What to do if there is no existing education path or roadmap for your unique set of talents – especially if you have an exceptional or exclusive skillset like an Elon Musk

There’s no need to play by others rules that keep you broke, bored or uncertain about what career you should go into. Find out the Five Secrets that unlock how to build a career path that works for you in this Free Report. 

I’ll also keep you updated with my unique take on the latest career planning news that impacts your Career Path. Get your Free Report so you can unlock your Career Destiny today.

 Get Started on the Path to Unlock your Career Destiny now, with my Free Report

Define Your Career - The Ultimate Career Plan Blueprint by Larry LaFata

What Career Is Your Destiny?

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How to Unlock Your Career Destiny

The Five Secrets every job seeker must know to find the job they will love for a lifetime

How to Unlock Your Career Destiny by Larry LaFata

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