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CareerPlan Pro - Fast Track Option


A structured three week intensive career plan - guided by an experienced career coach!
For those who want to FAST TRACK their career destiny
The help you need to put your career destiny
into action fast - guided by an experienced career coach

CareerPlan Pro - Fast Track includes all this support:

+ 3 week intensive career plan campaign with Career Coach guidance
+ Follows a deadline-driven schedule
+ Requires 3 hours dedicated each week
+ DAILY coaching emails & email support
+ Four weekly one-on-one coaching phone consults
+ Weekly completion deadlines
+ Weekly review of each section with Career Coach
+ "Outside the box" brainstorming session
+ Special bonuses

Guided by a career coach, you will push
through any obstacles that have been holding
you back from achieving your career destiny
CareerPlan Pro - Fast Track Course materials include
The CareerPlan Pro Trilogy
Adobe PDF ebooks
You'll complete one section each week:

Week one: Career Self Assessment
Week Two: Goals Project Manager
Week Three: Career Destiny Action Plan

Weekly Scheduler - daily schedule of completion
Other materials specific to your needs
Your career coaching and material support includes
Four coaching consults, duration: 30 Minutes each
Weekly one-one-one coaching review
Daily email coaching support
2 way weekly review
Weekly scheduler to keep you on track
"Think outside the box"
customized brainstorming sessions
A new way of looking at the world
Time management resources
Special bonus: How to use rewards to achieve your objectives
Special bonus: How to master motivation - of yourself and others
Additional resources and materials - customized to your need
Special bonuses
60 day money-back guarantee
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