How To Find A Career You Love

Your partner to discover what career or business is your Destiny

All my career self-assessment home study courses and career coaching tools are geared to one purpose: to help you discover your Career Destiny.

You can now uncover the career or business you are meant for, regardless of your current experience, education, or background.

Four Ways to Find a Career You Will Love

Career Destiny Fast Track - Home Study Course

Define Your Career Destiny - Home Study Course

Discover what career is right for you! Just fill-in-the-blanks of 10 self-assessments. One week course with Career Coach

Fast Track Course Tile with photo of virtual teacher teaching in front of microphone and computer

Career Destiny Fast Track - Home Study Course

Three-week Career Action Plan guided by a Career Coach Reveals your Career Destiny and how to manifest it quickly

Course Tile Career Destiny Workshop for Friends

Career Destiny Workshop for Friends

LIVE Career Coach guides friends to discover what career or business venture to build together and as individuals

Free Career Coaching Consult

Let’s work out the next step of your amazing Career Destiny! Book now at no charge, I’ll call you on phone call or video call

2 reasons why Career Coaching is included with all my courses

There are two very good reason I include dedicated career coaching with all my home study courses and workshops. Both involve getting you the best results possible.

Number one, surveys show less than 45% of those who buy home study courses, ever complete them! This is why I structure my course to have a start date and an end date, with automated email delivery. This helps hold you accountable and guarantees you complete the course.

Number two, a LIVE, hands on career coach guarantees you get deep results and all you Career Destiny
questions are answered:

  • You get a coaching session at the start of the course to understand the course content, and a coaching session at the and to review your results
  • You can contact your coach with unlimited emails to get answers to any questions you have about the career self-assessments
  • For workshops and masterclass, a live career coach provides hands on guidance so you can get your results quickly
  • A powerful valuable benefit of a career coach is to brainstorm options and ideas with you that you may have never considered on your own
Book Cover - How to Unlock Your Career Destiny

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How to Unlock Your Career Destiny
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Larry Lafata

Larry LaFata is founder of and the world’s only Career Destiny Coach. He is dedicated to help you discover your Career Destiny, regardless of your background, education or experience. His innovative courses include Define Your Career Destiny one week home study course and Career Destiny Workshop for Besties.

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