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Career Planning and Self-Assessment – All Services

Your Partner in Career Planning and Self Assessment

All my career self assessment home study courses and career planning tools are geared to one purpose: to help you discover your Career Destiny

You can now uncover the career or business you are meant for, regardless of your current experience, education or background.

Career Destiny Coaching included with all courses

To insure you get guaranteed results, all my courses include Career Destiny Coaching. What exactly is Career Destiny Coaching?

A typical career coach focuses on your problems, as a Career Destiny Coach I focus on your possibilities. A typical career coach wants to put you into a box with Aptitude tests, I help you self-select your own Destiny. Big difference, powerful results.

Here are all my Career Planning and Self-Assessment services.

Define Your Career Destiny – home study course

The ultimate career plan blueprint and self-assessment

Best for: If you want to discover the Career Destiny you are meant for with powerful career coaching support

Format: One week home study course with hands on career coaching

Career Destiny Fast Track

A Three Week Coached Intensive – Career Action Plan

Best for: Those who want career coaching support to discover their Career Destiny and put an Action Plan into place to manifest it as quickly as possible

Format: A six module course delivered by email over three weeks, supported by continual Career Coach guidance with three weekly video calls and daily emails.

Career Coaching Consults

35 minute sessions

Best for:  To get results not otherwise possible on your own, with assistance from a career plan coach

Format: One-on-one video coaching and phone

College Student Group Workshops – for College Students & Grads

Career Coach guides you through the discovery of your Career Destiny

Best for: University Career Services & Student Groups of 4 to 8 participants

Format: 3.5 hours Group Zoom Webinar with video screen share

Group 5 Mastermind Alliance

Virtual Board of Directors

Best for: Join the virtual roundtable group who meet to support the growth and development of each others Career Destiny

Format: Video conferencing with screen share

Define Your Career

The ultimate career plan blueprint

Order Book on Amazon for $17

This self-assessment program is a proven process that empowers you to discover your lifelong career and business destiny, regardless of your previous experience, background or education.

A simple series of 10 do-it-yourself exercises, that take less time to complete than watching your favorite movie. You easily discover your lifetime employment suitability by solving the Five Secrets of your Career Destiny that include:

  • What career or business venture will fulfill your passion & interests?
  • What endeavors will best employ your talents & skills?
  • Who is your ideal audience & target market? 
  • Who is your preferred working peer group?
  • How can you be employed in tune with your values & beliefs?

Your Career Destiny is the career or business path you are meant for. It is a powerful force:

    • To steadfastly believe in yourself, so you remove doubt and uncertainty from your career path
    • To gain unstoppable confidence in your career destiny to persist through the doubt and obstacles that will arise on your way
    • You avoid the wrong choices that lead to failure, burnout and underemployment
Why it works – market yourself like a business

Define Your Career employs the same universal marketing principles that successful businesses use to research and market their services. Those concepts are modified to apply to you as an individual so you can Discover your Career Destiny and maximize your marketable value.

This is why Define Your Career process works so well. It empowers you to self-assess your own unique capabilities, rather than put you into an ‘aptitude box’ with Psychometric tests. Could you ever imagine a business using some test to determine its business plan?

As an experienced career planning coach and dad of a University Student, I know what job seekers are going through. I created this program to focus you on one thing: to discover your lifelong inspiring Career Destiny.

Because you gain the power of knowing where you are meant to fit, you believe in yourself.  You move ahead with confidence. You are no longer expendable.

And magic happens: you become a magnet for opportunities. You attract the, people, events and circumstances that pull you towards where you are meant to be – your Career Destiny. 

Career Destiny Fast Track Program

A Coached Three Week Intensive

Schedule Now for Only $197

My most effective career path planning program.

Career Destiny Fast Track is a coach-guided, three week intensive career action plan based on the Define Your Career concepts described above
  • For job seekers who prefer or require professional career plan guidance to work through the career self-assessment process
  • Having outside assistance from a career coach can provide engaged guidance to help you overcome obstacles not otherwise possible on your own.
There Are Three Steps To Your Career Destiny
  • Step One – Define your Career Destiny
  • Step Two – Convert your Career Destiny into an array of lifetime goals 
  • Step Three – Ignite your lifetime goals into a Career Destiny Action Plan

Daily email and weekly phone and video coaching sessions ensure ongoing engagement that builds momentum to complete the Five Factors of your Career Destiny.

This close coach interaction helps you to identify and work through any obstacles and maximize your results. 

Many job seekers make their big breakthrough from this coaching engagement process, by brainstorming and working out ideas derived from the Define Your Career process. 

The Benefits of Career Destiny Fast Track Include:

  • Is a partner in your career path planning with guidance from a dedicated career coach
  • Prepares you for your long term employment by converting your Career Destiny into a  lifelong Career and Business Action Plan
  • Career guidance for new college graduates Career Destiny Fast Track process can leverage your college education into the career path that’s right for you
  • Gets you up and running as fast as possible – Fast Track coaching insures you put your Career Destiny in play immediately
  • Confidence in choosing a new career with a solid self-assessment  process that unlocks the Five Factors of your Career Destiny 
  • Discover your highest market value – Career coaching will help you leverage the most value possible from your Career Path
  • Keeps you accountable: the Fast Track process keeps you on track to completion with a structured, deadline-oriented, daily and weekly schedule to keep you motivated 
  • Explore and brainstorm – a career coach helps you generate the best possible career or business scenarios for your particular strengths
  • Overcome any obstacles that arise, working them out together with your dedicated career coach 
  • Fast response to course questions: Your assigned career coach provides emails response and discussion on video calls — on any course content question or ongoing strategies

Schedule Now for Only $197

Requires a 2 to 4 hours commitment per week, over three weeks to complete the program.

Individual Coaching Session With A Seasoned Career Coach

Supportive Affordable One-On-One Coaching

Schedule Now for Only $47

Nothing is better than to have a supportive, experienced career coach and mentor to reach out to when you need to. On Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, etc.

Coaching consults can assist you to achieve your Career Destiny by:

  • Offering guidance on course materials in Define Your Career
  • Brainstorm on career or business topics 
  • Overcome any obstacles or distractions that had been holding you back (real and imagined)
  • Become inspired on your outcomes by making it real for you

Career Destiny Virtual Workshop for College Students – 3.5 hours

Participants can be Scheduled by University Career Services, Student Advisors or Student Groups & Clubs

  • I offer a 1/2 Day Define Your Career Destiny virtual workshop on Zoom, or Google Hangouts, to provide college students with assistance and guidance in completing the 10 steps of the Define Your Career program
  • Students in group participate individually from either a Campus setting or from the comfort of their own residence mornings from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm.
  • Engaging with a live career coach helps keep students on track and adds the benefit of resolving any questions about the Five Factors as they arise, so a student doesn’t get “stuck” 
  • In addition, each student gains perspective from the other students. 
  • Building out the Five Factors of their Career Destiny, student will discover the ideal audience they serve, their peer working community, how to build their personal interests & desires into their work, and the employment values and beliefs that will guide them for a lifetime
  • The course will help them achieve an understanding of their lifelong career or business destiny, and uncover their greatest marketable value.
  • Course materials provided
  • Career Service Advisor is welcome to attend workshop at no charge
  • Minimum 4 students to 8 students maximum

Career Plan Coaching for your Group or organization – teleconference option

  • Are you going through the career or business planning process with your friends or family, group, class, team, religious or fraternal organization? We can schedule group teleconferences by special arrangements, and at 40% off per person fees.
  • groups can benefit tremendously by harnessing the unique strengths each member brings
  • If you would like to schedule a teleconference for your group or organization, contact me to schedule

Speaking Engagements & Seminars

  • Please contact me at 845-589-0600 or email me at coaching at to schedule in-person speaking engagements or any career planning topic.

Group 5 Mastermind Alliance

Join a Virtual Board of Directors who support the actualization of your Career Destiny
    • We work together on a common business or entrepreneurial enterprise
    • Roundtable that Invests and support the grow of each other’s Career or Business Destiny
    • for clients who have completed Fast Track only
    • application required
    • $47 monthly membership fee
    • regular monthly time commitment of 2 to 4 hours
    • potential ongoing investments into a mutual enterprise may be required
    • must bring something unique to the group
    • limited to 5 members per group at this time

Reach out to me by email at or
Call me 9 am to 7 pm EST at: (845)-589-0600

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