What Career Is Right For You? Get career path clarity with this Career Change Quiz 

Career Destiny Quiz

If you want to be certain about what career you should go into, this quick career change quiz scores the factors that are crucial to your ideal career.

Answering just 5 questions uncovers exactly what factor is not being satisfied in your current job – or  the career you are considering working in. 

You will score yourself based on how aligned you are with these Five Factors of your Career Destiny.

Simply answer a Yes or No to these five questions in the career change quiz. Then tally your score from 1 to 5:

Career Quiz Questions

Score your career change quiz answers here

To score your answer, count how many of the five Career Destiny questions you answered YES to.                      

Career Change Quiz - Define Your Career Destiny
Career Change Quiz

 What to do about your Career Change Quiz Score

If you are scoring 5 solid yes answers here your score is an A. You are in your right Career Destiny and will thrive over time, be very fulfilled
and have lifetime job satisfaction.

If you score 4 yes answers your score is a B. You are pretty satisfied and fulfilled short term, and can probably hack it for a lifetime. You may hit a satisfaction plateau over time

If you are scoring 3 yes answers, your score is a C. We need to talk. You are underemployed and working in a lackluster career path, and due to transition to a career you love. With a little effort, you can ferret out the remaining two factors that will bring you prosperity, job satisfaction and a fulfilled potential. 

If you scored only 2 yes answers, your score is a D. You are most likely underemployed and will be facing burnout or job loss over time. You need to do a deep dive to unlock your Career Destiny. You need to self-assess the factors that will bring you job fulfillment, remove stress and pay you what you are worth.

If you are scoring only 1 yes, your career is absolutely failing you. You truly need to make a career change. You have a dire emergency situation you need to turn around as soon as possible.

Try this resource if you are making a career change in your 30’s or 40’s, it talks about how you can align your career with your needs.

You now have a roadmap to the best jobs for your career change

Knowing exactly which of these 5 factors are not being satisfied, you now have sort of a roadmap to the best job for your career change.

A majority of today’s workers score in the 3 range, just treading water and paying the bills. Yet, they feel a career change is too difficult and stay stuck where they are:

  • They have bills and responsibilities and fear a career change is too risky, so they stay stuck and miserable
  • They may think they don’t have the education to make a career change
  • They may not have the experience to make a change

Without career clarity of what career is right for you, this could be you as well.

Now that you know what your score is, and which career satisfaction factors falls short, you can focus on identifying the solution to those factors you have a “blind spot” in. For example if you don’t like the crew you are working with all day, you can research industries or companies where your peer work community aligns with your values.

You now have an opportunity to turn it all around and develop a career path you can thrive in.

You already possess all the valuable skills, talent and aptitude you need. You only need to define your Career Destiny so you can leverage your skills into the best career change possible.

Now there is a straightforward way to do so, with my new career self-assessment home study course, Define Your Career, the ultimate career discovery and self-assessment. 

Find the job you will love for a lifetime with my Free Career Discovery Report

Best of all, you can try out a sample of the course out for free. I offer the first section, How to Unlock Your Career Destiny, as a Free Report. It clarifies the Five Factors that identify your optimal lifetime employment.

In How to Unlock Your Career Destiny you’ll discover:

  • How choosing the right career secures lifetime employment with more earnings power and job securityall while increasing your job satisfaction
  • You’ll finally figure out why your career change has eluded youeven though you may have plenty of talent, aptitude and a university degree
  • What to do if there is no existing education path or roadmap for your unique set of talent, skills and aptitude 

Find out the Five Secrets that unlock how to thrive in your Career Destiny in this Free Report. There’s no need to be broke, bored or uncertain about what career change to make.

 I’ll also keep you updated with my unique take on the latest career planning news that impacts your career options. Get your Free Report so you can gain the career clarity about what career change is right for you.

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How to unlock your career destiny - a free report by Larry LaFata

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