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Career Coaching Support

Do you need a helping hand to discover your Career Destiny?

Coaching support gets you RESULTS that are beyond what you can achieve yourself

I provide you with an unparalleled level of career coaching support, so you can make your breakthrough to the lifetime employment or business venture that is right for you. 

There is a good reason why I offer one-on-one coaching. Studies show more than 80% of book buyers do not finish! 

Good intentions can fade, distractions come up. 

But I can only fit a few people into my hectic schedule each month, so coaching is for those committed to success only.

Who needs this kind of one-on-one coaching support?

  • College grads, students and job seekers who want to discover their Career Destiny as quickly as possible 
  • Career changers who want to chart a new career path
  • Entrepreneurs who want to insure they are entering the right business venture by vetting the Five Factors
  • Those who are overwhelmed or stressed, and need a hand out of the “drama” to focus on Career Destiny
  • If you want to brainstorm ideas to bring your Career Destiny into the next level: business venture or career 

If any of these situations apply to you, we can get on the phone or app and dive right into what is holding you back from your Career Destiny.


Get the coaching support you need

Do you want to Fast Track your Career Destiny with a fully coached program?  

A Coached Fast Track Program gets you your best results, with career coaching through each step 

Two programs to choose from, Career Destiny Fast Track and CareerPlan Pro Fast Track  

Career Destiny Fast Track Program

A coached one-week intensive.

My most effective program. An experienced career plan specialist will skillfully help you to uncover your Career Destiny. 

You will discover the lifetime employment role you fit best and your greatest marketable value. 

This home-study course is completed over a one week schedule. Phone coaching sessions at the start, middle and end of week, with next day email support.

Combining Coaching assistance with the Define Your Career program can provide a quantum leap for those who might struggle with a do-it-yourself self-assessment. 

  • Review the results of each of the Five Factors of a Career Destiny
  • Assist you through any obstacles you may have in completing excercises 
  • Help guide you through mastering and internalizing your Career Destiny  

Most job seekers, college graduates and students prefer or require professional guidance to work through the career self-assessment process. A helping hand from a Career Coach can help to answer questions if you get stuck on any part of the material and guide you through discovery of your Career Destiny.

Requires 4 to 6 hours for the student to complete the program over a week


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CareerPlan Pro Fast Track Program

A coached three week intensive Career Destiny Action Plan

My most complete program. CareerPlan Pro Fast Track is a three week program that converts your Career Destiny into a lifetime Career Action Plan. It follows a tight, deadline driven schedule of one step per week:

  • Week One – Define your Career Destiny
  • Week Two – Set your Career Destiny into an array of lifetime goals 
  • Week Three – Convert your lifetime goals into a Career Destiny Action Plan

This program is ideal for those who prefer or require professional guidance to work through the career self-assessment process to develop a lifetime Career Action Plan. Daily emails support a weekly completion schedule, with weekly phone interaction with a career coach to insure you get the best possible results. 

Coaching provides assistance to provide results that might not be otherwise possible on your own. 

Many participants make their big breakthrough by brainstorming ideas from this process.


By Appointment

The Fast Track process converts your Career Destiny into a lifetime Career Action Plan

  • I am a partner in discovering your Career Destiny and putting it into a lifetime Career Action Plan
  • Managing a structured, deadline-oriented, weekly completion schedule
  • Provide focus on preparing you for your new career role
  • Powerful weekly phone consults will sharpen your focus on course content
  • Deliver RESULTS you may not have been able to reach on your own
  • Discover where you operate at your highest marketable value
  • Develop a lifetime Career Action Plan years into the future
  • Keep you motivated on your career campaign
  • Overcome any obstacles that arise in completing the essential career path excercises
  • Ferret out limiting beliefs or attitudes you may need to expand to assume your new role
  • Keep you on track with the Weekly review of your accomplishments, 
  • Keep you accountable to completion deadlines
  • Get your Career Destiny Action Plan campaign up and running as fast as possible
  • We’ll explore and brainstorm the best possible career scenarios or business ventures for your particular strengths
  • Unlimited emails with 24 hr. response time or texts on any course content question or ongoing strategies
  • Additional bonus materials employed as needed, such as motivation tools and personal branding
  • Working it out with a coach over three weeks allows you to think everything though and vet out any kinks 
  • The belief in yourself you will gain gives you confidence to persevere through obstacles that invariably arise to
  • Once your Career Destiny Action Plan is in place, you become a magnet for the people, places and things to attain it!
  • Requires up to 2 to 4 hours time commitment from you each week, 6 to 12 hours total over three weeks

Group and organization coaching with teleconference option

  • Are you going through this process with friends, class, team, religious or fraternal organization? 
  • We can schedule group teleconferences by special arrangements, and at 40% off per person fees.
  • Groups can benefit tremendously by harnessing the unique strengths each member brings
  • Email me at to get discounted group package rates

Speaking Engagements & Seminars

I am not scheduling any more in-person speaking engagements at this time due to time constraints

Group 5 Mastermind Group

  • Work on a common business or entrepreneurial enterprise
  • Works like a virtual board of directors
  • For clients who have completed fast track only
  • Application required
  • Monthly membership fee is invested into group enterprises
  • Monthly time commitment
  • Potential ongoing investments into a mutual enterprise required
  • Must bring something unique to the group
  • Limited to 5 members per group at this time

Industry comparison: 

Compare Define Your Career and CareerPlan Pro coaching support to other industry offerings

I cannot tell you how badly I wished for a coach when I was delayed in my career change process. It would 

have cut 100’s of hours off my learning curve. 

In the same way, when you are defining your career, a coach can cut dozens of hours off the learning curve

by helping you get the best results, make realistic decisions, avoid delay and climb over obstacles.

Because I know how important and helpful a concerned career coach can be, I try to make my rates as 

fairly priced as possible at $37. 

Especially compared to other career coaching services that use psychometric tests to coach from

and can charge $275, $520 and up.

No one else in the industry offers what I do, in terms of a concise, organized plan for your Career destiny. 

You can compare what some of the most popular industry career coaching programs offer, here:


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