Need a Career Change in Your 40’s and 50’s? This Career Change Quiz Will Give You Career Path Clarity

Career Change Quiz - What Career change is Right For Me

Make a career change you won't regret, by identifying the 5 factors that define your career destiny in this quiz

If you are making a midlife career change, you want to be certain about what new career you should go into.

This quick career change quiz scores each of the factors that are crucial to your ideal career.

Satisfy these 5 factors and you can be confident about changing jobs. They determine how to be fulfilled in any career or business you are considering.

Score yourself based on how many of the the Five Factors your job satisfies.

How to score this Career change quiz:

Simply answer a Yes or No to these five questions in the career change quiz.

Then tally your score from 1 to 5:

For the job, business, or career change you are considering:

What your career change quiz score means

Grade your career change score by comparing your number to the Career Destiny Score below: 

Career Destiny Quiz - Career Quiz

Your career change quiz score gives you career clarity about the best job fit for you

  • If you are scoring 5 solid yes answers here your score is an A. You are in your right Career Destiny and will thrive over time, be very fulfilled and have lifetime job satisfaction

  • If you score 4 yes answers your score is a B. You are pretty satisfied and fulfilled short term, and can probably hack it for a lifetime. You may hit a satisfaction plateau over time

  • If you are scoring 3 yes answers, your score is a C. We need to talk. You are underemployed and working in a lackluster career path, and due to transition to a career you love. With a little effort, you can ferret out the remaining two factors that will bring you prosperity, job satisfaction and a fulfilled potential.

  • If you scored only 2 yes answers, your score is a D. You are most likely underemployed and will be facing burnout or job loss over time. You need to do a deep dive to unlock what career or business you are suited to, to self-assess the factors that will bring you job fulfillment, remove stress and pay you what you are worth.

  • If you are scoring only 1 yes answer, your career is absolutely failing you. You truly need to make a career change. You have a dire emergency situation you need to turn around as soon as possible.

You now have 5 factors to insure you are choosing a career that is a good fit

Now that you know what your career destiny score is, and which career satisfaction factors falls short, you can focus on choosing the best career at 40 or 50.

You can use the 5 factors to identify the solution to each area about your work you need to change to be satisfied.

For example if you like your job, but don’t like the crew you are working with all day, you can research industries or companies where your peer work community aligns with your values.

You now have a career decision making tool to know where any job choice you are considering will fall short. You can use these 5 factors as a test to be sure about jobs you are considering. 

But what if you have fears or concerns about making a career change because of legitimate factors like paying the bills or if you have no degree?

How to make a career change in your 40's and 50's, when you are concerned about paying the bills

career change at 40 with no experience

Many of today’s workers in their 40’s and 50’s score in the 3 range, just treading water and paying the bills. Yet they are frustrated about how to make a career change.

They want to make a change to a fulfilling career, but feel a career change is too risky and stay stuck where they are.

You may feel this as well:

  • You have bills and family responsibilities. You fear a career change at 40 is too risky, so you stay stuck in a sucky career and are miserable

  • You are considering changing careers at 50 without a degree and think you don’t have the education to make a career change so you take or stay in a crappy job

  • You may hate your job so much it gives you anxiety, and are too frustrated to figure out the answer to “What should I do for a career?”

You are not alone with these sentiments. However, when you take a step back and look at what careers or businesses satisfy the 5 factors of your career destiny, a way out becomes clear.

Making a midlife career change by getting career clarity

If you take a step back, you can get career clarity about how to make a midlife career change. Even if concerns about paying bills or your level of education make you think you can’t make a career change at 40 or 50.

You do this by reverse engineering what career satisfies each of the 5 factors of your career destiny. This will give you career clarity about your career mission

There is a sort of spiritual element to this, but when you change your perspective about how you see your career options, new ones open up. You open the path to make your change. 

Change how you see the world, and you change how the world sees you

Factors like education, experience and how to pay the bills during a career transition will become clear.

You already possess all the valuable skills, talent and aptitude you need. You only need to define the 5 factors of your Career Destiny to leverage your skills into the best career change possible.

Now there is a straightforward way to do so.

Find the job you will love for a lifetime with my Career Discovery Guide

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In How to Unlock Your Career Destiny you’ll discover:

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  • Why education is not the biggest barrier to making a career change at 40 or 50

  • You’ll finally figure out why a meaningful career change has eluded youeven though you may have plenty of talent, aptitude or experience

This is the best way to carefully figure out how to make a career change in your 40’s or 50’s that your won’t regret. 

Get the career clarity you need to find your ideal career with this Free Career Discovery and Self Assessment Guide.

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