Now there’s a foolproof way to reveal your Career Destiny

Career Self-Assessment Workshops for College Students

An innovative self-assessment that identifies what career is best for you
For student groups of 3 to 6 student participants

Discover what career is the best fit for you - in 2 hours or less!

If you are concerned or uncertain about your career after college, now there’s a 2 hour group workshop for college
students and grads called Career After college.

It’s an innovative step-by-step career self-assessment that uncovers the career or business you should go into. These are the same self assessments as my authoritative home study course, Define Your Career Destiny

You are guided LIVE with a Career Coach on a video call. You simply fill in the blanks of 10 self-assessments to reveal your lifetime employment Destiny. No Aptitude Tests are ever used.

The group workshop setting provides students with a supportive environment to bounce ideas off each other as you uncover your Career Destiny together.

For groups of 3 to 6 students or grads

What does this remarkable career workshop for college students and grads include?

10 definitive career self-assessments
Course provides 10 fillable PDF self-assessments. Simply fill in the blanks and your Career Destiny is revealed!

A Career Destiny Coach guides you LIVE in real time, to complete each self-assessment

Unleash your lifetime employment path

Discover the career after college that’s right for you, by solving:

A massive change happens for you when your Career Destiny manifests. You become a magnet.

You attract the people, opportunities, events and circumstances that you are meant to have in your life.

This course is for you if….

This is NOT for you if…

Workshop also includes:
10 minute personal breaks every 40 minutes
Allow for extra time for larger groups
Students can participate together as a group or individually from the comfort of their own residence
Minimum 3 students, maximum 6 students per workshop

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