Do You Have Any Of The Common Limiting Beliefs About Money? This Quiz Will Reveal If You Do

Do you have any of the common limiting beliefs about money? Take this quick quiz to find out

There are so many common limiting beliefs about money and earnings, you may be sabotaging yourself and not know it.

We are going to change that right now.

Because if you are under the spell of limiting beliefs about money, you will stay broke.

How to examine your limiting beliefs about money

There are numerous limiting beliefs you might have picked up along the way, including:

  • Some of us assume the only way to get money is by trading our hours to an employer for a paycheck

  • You may believe money is “hard to earn” because of some limitation you think you have, like lack of education or experience, and doom yourself to a sucky, burnout job

  • You may spend money your don’t have, somehow hoping you can pay it off and are constantly stressed about money

  • You may believe you are “entitled” to money but don’t need to work for it

  • You might have martyr beliefs – where you believe you have to “save the world” from some real or imagined boogeyman like climate change, social justice etc. – and put money in second place

  • You may have fears about money that you can’t put your finger on

The good news, is you can change your beliefs about money. And allow it to flow to you, unblocked.

Why we have have limiting beliefs about money?

Most of us have never thought about our money beliefs. We developed them without question as they were handed down by others, including family, friends, peers, employers, academia and social engineering by media.

Now is the time to evaluate money beliefs for ourselves.

This money and earnings beliefs quiz gives you the opportunity to face your money  beliefs, and decide which ones are serving you or not.

It gives you numerous scenarios about what you may believe that money is. Which scenarios do you believe? Which ones would you like to cultivate?

In the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kawasaki makes the point that the only place he will put his money is into an asset that spins off cash flow – usually real estate, but also businesses.

Do your money beliefs bring your prosperity? How to overcome limiting beliefs about money holding you back

We are going to identify in this quiz if your money beliefs bring you prosperity.

For example, many think money has more value as a lump sum they own, rather than an ongoing cash flow of income it can generate. How about you?

To overcome your limiting beliefs, you want to ferret out ideas here that may not be serving you, and are keeping you from prosperity.

For example, if you think money is controlled by someone else, you may want to begin to cultivate a belief that money is something you can control.

Luckily, you can cultivate beliefs that will serve you. Let’s get started

Money and earnings beliefs quiz

To identify some of your limiting beliefs about money, go through each question below for money and earnings level beliefs.

  • First ask yourself if you hold that belief or not: “Do I currently believe this?”
  • Then ask yourself: Is this a money or earnings belief you I would like to cultivate?”

You will want to add new beliefs and delete old beliefs. The point is, it is your choice to make, your choice to evolve your beliefs that will better serve you.

In this way, you can choose to hold new money and earnings beliefs that empower you, and dump old beliefs that may hold you back.

Identify your current earnings, money and retirement beliefs                              

Test each belief level with a quick yes or no to see where your comfort level is now.

Then, go through list again and identify what beliefs you’d like to cultivate

Money BeliefsDo I currently believe this?What Money belief do I want to cultivate?
Money is a life energy to help myself and others  
Money is a relationship that I attract  
Money is a relationship that I repel  
Money is a relationship that I am in control of  
Money is all-important as a source of power  
Money is important as a life resource  
Money is something I earn only to survive  
Money is the by-product of the value I provide  
Money is a relationship I don’t understand  
Money is something only an employer can give me  
Money is something I can generate from clients I serve  
Money is a relationship I need to learn how to manage  
Money is a childhood dynamic that mysteriously controls me  
Money just kinda happens, I can’t control it!  
Earnings Levels BeliefsDo I currently believe this?What earning belief do I want cultivate?
I deserve to earn $50,000 per year doing what I love  
I deserve to earn $80,000 per year doing what I love  
I deserve to earn $100,000 per year doing what I love  
I deserve to earn $150,000 per year doing what I love  
I deserve to earn $200,000 per year doing what I love  
I deserve to earn $300,000 per year doing what I love  
I deserve to earn $500,000 per year doing what I love  
I deserve to earn $1000,000+ per year doing what I love  
I don’t know what earnings level I deserve  
I deserve a very wealthy lifestyle  
I don’t need a lot of money, if I’m working in right career  


After going through these money and earnings beliefs, what common limiting beliefs about money do you have?

Are you satisfied with what you currently believe about your money and earnings?

If not, what money and earning beliefs – from the list above – could you begin to cultivate now? How can you leverage your value to create more money, wealth and prosperity for yourself, your family and those you care about?

How to cultivate positive beliefs about money and earnings

It is reasonably simple to cultivate positive money and earnings beliefs if you know how.

Like any abundance quotes or affirmations, you need to:

  1. Get clear and specific about the belief you want
  2. Visualize it as an image in your minds eye
  3. Generate a powerful desire for it with as many senses as you can
  4. Repeat it until it is internalized and a mindset change is made

Money and earnings beliefs are the most important mindset change you make to transform your life to manifest abundance. 

If you are serious about making a change to prosperity in you money, career, earnings and retirement beliefs,  I can help.

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