The 7 Hidden Hurdles to Career Transition

The 7 hidden hurdles limiting your career transition success

the 7 hidden hurdles to your career transition success

As a career transition coach, I see jobseekers confronted with many different hurdles to career transition, especially for those making a career change.

  • The underemployed, who are bored, underpaid and not using their talents to make an impact
  • College grads who have never had to work and are unsure how to go about making a living in a tight job market
  • Education professionals like teachers, nurses and IT professionals who may find themselves unexpectedly out of the only job they’ve ever known their whole life
  • Long time loyal employees who have plateaued in their careers and need to make a change to avoid burnout.

While there are numerous reasons and thousands of scenarios like these when making a career change, there often exists, what I call the “hidden hurdles” to career transition.

These hurdles are not immediately apparent to you. But they are powerful examples of limiting beliefs that operate in the background, limiting a successful career transition.

Let’s take a look at these now. Many of these actually overlap, because they spring from one place: limiting beliefs in your abilities or fears.

Are one of these 7 limiting beliefs examples preventing your career transition success?

Procrastination –  putting off ACTION towards things you want to do

    • Do you wish for something, but never “go for it?”
    • Do you continually find excuses to not get around to it?
    • Do you use the “I’m too busy” excuse to avoid doing it?
    • Do you have a vague avoidance of an end result?

Perfectionism – your standards are so high, you’re not able to complete as much as you need to

    • Do you say “aw, I’m not good enough/smart enough/experienced enough to do that?”
    • “I’ve been working on this for a year, but I’m still not ready”
    • “I can’t do this, until I’ve done ________ first”

Get bored easily – once the excitement wears off, you’re ready to move on to a new project

    • I’m tired of that already
    • “I tried that, it didn’t work”

Overwhelmed – sometimes a new undertaking can be scary or complex, and you can get confused on how to approach it

    • “I don’t know WHERE to start!”
    • It’ll never work, there’s too much ______________ involved

Fear of being different or original – you may be used to always “going with the flow” and may now need to go your own path

    • Are you afraid of what others will say?
    • Are you worried about being the first one to try something?
    • Are you scared you might not be up to the task?

Defeatist or not motivated – been beat down or negative about something you want to do

    • Are you thinking “oh, I’ll never be able to pull this off”
    • “they’ll never hire me, I’m too_____”
    • “Forget that, last time I tried that, it was a disaster”

Fear of change – this is the BIG ONE that overlaps all others

    •  the fear that you may fail – or even succeed – when attempting something new: uncertainty can be scary

You can see why I call these limiting beliefs your ‘hidden’ hurdles: they are fears that operate on a subconscious level.

Your subconscious is just protecting you from change – especially with a career change

Until you realize you have one of these hidden hurdles – and face them squarely – you may be crippled from taking effective action.

There are some of the first things I look for when someone can’t seem to grasp their career path or can’t put a finger on what the obstacle is that is preventing them from action.

Your subconscious mind is powerfully programmed to protect you. It wants you to do what you’ve always done, it may resist you making a change – even a good change – and try to hold on to your old ways.

If you have been frustrated in your job search, in your career change or making the step to a new career, think about what reasons you have been telling yourself for not succeeding.

Take a look at the examples I give under each one of the hidden hurdles above to discover if any of these hidden hurdles are your stumbling block.

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