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college grad job search may require a career coach

College grad job search: Comparing career coaching services

If you are a college grad doing a job search, the right career coaching can be very valuable to focus you on identifying what career path is best for you.

As you can see in this career coaching comparison chart, most career coaches don’t offer the customized coaching you may need.

Some are quite expensive and yet when you are done, you still don’t have a clear plan of action.

The biggest drawback you see here is that they all offer consults based on psychometric tests – those creepy aptitude or personality tests designed to “classify” you into a score, category or type.

They want to categorize you INTO a box instead of helping you think outside the box. With the severe job scarcity you have to deal with out there, not thinking outside the box in your job search will keep you stuck in an underemployment gulag.

A second drawback of most career plan consultants, coaches and advisors is that they come from HR or recruiting backgrounds. Their experience is finding candidates that conform to specific company job requirements – to fit you into that square peg. They are experts in training you how to interview, polish your resume or find hidden opportunities. While those are necessary skills, they are not the skills that will help you rise to the top of any hiring manager’s short list. Having a defined career is.

And finally, there is the cost. Since all these career planners base your career plan on a series of expensive psychometric tests, and consulting on those, your career plan programs can go on for months, and cost thousands. You don’t have to spend thousands to get great results.

A proven way to a better college grad job search

Define Your Career is a proven, organized self-selection process. You determine what your optimal career or business is and put an action plan together quickly to achieve it. Coaching is there to support you the entire way. offers an unparalleled level of affordable career coaching support.

We support you to develop your optimal career plan as quickly as possible, and for your particular speed and style. Starting out from whatever the education, credentials, or experience level you are at right now.

Whether you need a fully coached, one week Career Destiny Home Study program or just individual coaching session for specific issues, it’s up to you. We do not try to play the all-knowing or be your life coach, or lure you into an expensive long-term program.

It’s your choice to get the level of guidance you need to make the most of your job search now that you have a college education.


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