What career decisions can change your future?

We may not realize it, but the day to day decisions we make, affect us for a lifetime.

So if you are struggling with being underemployed, or broke or uncertain, there might be a pattern of choices you have made that lead to that.

If so, there’s an easy way to break that pattern. Look to your decision timeline – past and future.

What if you decided to guide your choices in a new direction? Wouldn’t that change your life? There is no question about it.

Bill Gates left college before he graduated because he knew he had an idea that could make a big breakthrough. What if he had stayed in school and his competitors scooped him? He would not have founded a start-up now called Microsoft.

Don’t let life just happen to you

This Decision Timeline tool lets you look at your last ten years in terms of career choices and lifestyle decisions you have made so you can make your breakthrough, too.

By examining your past decisions, and what values they were based on, you can lay out a blueprint for a prosperous future – for now, for the next ten years and beyond.

This way, rather than just letting life “happen” to you, you can guide it in the direction that works best for you, like a GPS guiding your career.

Why be frustrated with your current job or financial situation, when there is an awesome career path you could be blazing to secure your future?

Get a handle on your future

Take 5 or 10 minutes to take a stroll through this Decision Timeline tool, and get a handle on your future – starting now. It’s that easy.

Look at your career options, money beliefs and relationship choices, and see if there is an area where new choices and new beliefs can expand your career options brighter than you ever thought possible.

You are not looking to “blame” yourself here. Not at all. You want to examine: What value system guided my patterns of decision making? What values can guide new trends in my choices?

It’s a simple process

Go through past ten years, and examine how it all came about. Then look at next 10 years, and ask yourself what new choices, based on what values and beliefs, can I make to bring me the prosperity and happiness I want?

You might not be able to answer everything, of course, but let this open your thoughts to future consideration.

Ready? Here is your chance to review how you have made decisions in the past, and how to make the decisions that can help you find the right career path in the future.

Past 10 years – Decision Timeline

First, review the decisions you’ve made over the last 10 years:

Looking back at my last 10 years: Did I make hasty decisions based onYes or NoFor all of your ‘yes’ answers,
Did I make hasty decisions based on ask yourself: “How can I avoid making hasty decisions like this in the future?
Under pressure to take anything, desperation
Pride to stay with a path when it’s wrong for me
Family member or friend’s suggestion
“For the money”
My friend works there
Somebody else’s idea?
Easiest to do
Supposed to be temporary
Spur of the moment, how I felt at the moment
Went to school for it
Just showed up and got a paycheck
Money and spending choices
Just enough to pay bills
Spend whatever I made
Didn’t have a plan
Worked hard wanted vacation
Didn’t think ahead
Never thought job market would melt down
Slave to paying off credit and debt I ran up
Saved money, but spent it
My paycheck just kinda disappeared all the time
Had a bad habit
Always behind
Relationship choices
Whoever was around, I just hung out
Under pressure to take anyone, desperation
Spread myself too thin
Family member suggestion
“For the money, car, house, lifestyle, etc.”
My friend dated their friend
Somebody else’s idea
Easiest to do
Supposed to be temporary
Spur of the moment, how I felt at the time
They were great partner, I didn’t invest enough time
Just showed up and met them
Expected to marry someone, anyone
Career choices

What did you discover after reviewing what decisions you made – and how you made them –  over the last 10 years?

What set of beliefs, values or impulses guided your decisions? Are they serving you?

Next 10 years – Decision Timeline

Planning out better personal and career decisions over the next 10 years

“Looking forward at my next 10 years, how do I make solid decisions?“What beliefs and values must I have to ensure I make the most satisfying & lucrative career, money and relationship choices over the next 10 years?”
Based on a defined career purpose
Based solidly on my values and beliefs
Using my most valuable, enjoyable skills
Serving my ideal community & audience
Satisfying my interests and desire
Where I have the most confidence
With a belief that “I deserve the best”
Work in a way that gives me control
Design the career that I want
Look for my “edge” and make my breakthrough
My way, my style, my needs
Follow my lucrative Career Plan
Money and spending choices
Work in my optimal career so I make the most money
Generate multiple streams of income
Put together a money management plan
Only spend money on assets that grow
Build a savings and only spend from there
No more debt unless its towards assets
Dump the bad habits
Look for low cost ways of recreation
Vacation only on saved money, never credit
Make an investment into the wealth I want
Relationship management choices
Improve how I Value my relationships
Value what I bring to a relationship
Choose who I want to spend time with
Plan out relationship strategies that serve me
Dump relationship parasites and vampires
Choose from the belief “I deserve the best”
Look for mentors in areas you need to grow
Spend 80% of my time with important 20%
Have several friends for several activities
I don’t have to be needy or desperate
Build my value so I am more desirable
Join like-minded communities
Be disciplined to not over extend myself
Invest into relationships I want to develop
Plan out my career choices

So what new career and lifestyle options did you discover – after reviewing what decisions you can now make –  over the next 10 years? Write these down and review daily

What NEW set of beliefs and values will best guide your decisions over the next 10 years? Write these down and review daily

Read about some success stories that others have achieved

The 10 year decision timeline is addressed more in depth in Define Your Career

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