Brandon’s Success Story

How Brandon found his fortune in Costa Rica: A career change success story

Career success story- Brandon in Costa Rica - Defineyourcareer.comBrandon was a partner in a successful construction business in Georgia, but wasn’t enjoying himself in the “rat race” of the declining Atlanta area real estate development industry. He was also in the process of finalizing a divorce and just really needed a change. He was at a point were he had was financially able to try something new without starving.

After going through the 5 factors of an optimal career and defining his career destiny, he then set up career goals in Section 2 of CareerPlan Pro – Career Goals Project Manager. He determined Real Estate was still a business he loved. He also discovered his optimal community was in the tropical weather. He developed goals to enjoy the Real estate business, but in a tropical climate. He researched his possibilities and is now successful – again – in Costa Rica in Real Estate sales in less than a year.

He just emailed me to thank me “Thanks for helping me clarify and set goals, Larry. Not only am I loving it in Costa Rica, I met a lovely lady and am now happily engaged and planning on a new family.” Brandon’s case study reveals what I see often: you are sure about three or four of the 5 factors of your career destiny, and just need to identify and focus on the one factor that you have a blind spot in, to make your breakthrough. You can do it too. These and other success stories like this give me tremendous personal satisfaction. They also give me confidence that you, too, can reinvent yourself, pivot to a new career, or find additional value in yourself by identifying your optimal career purpose.

You never know what options will open up for you when you look for them. This is why one of my mottos is “millions are waiting for you.” It is never too soon or too late to try.

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