Career Destiny Workshop For Friends

Career Destiny Workshop for Friends

Discover your Career Destiny Together!


This workshop’s objective is for friends to discover the Shared Business Destiny you can build together.

Through a series of fill-in-the-blank assessments, you’ll discover what career or business is your Destiny by identifying the same Five Factors every successful business, non-profit and sports teams use to structure their operations.

We then combine friends’ results into a Shared Business Destiny.

Let’s get started on your exciting journey! No more boring work and underemployment! 

If you complete them diligently, these self-assessments hold the key to your career and business Destiny.

#1 thing to do now

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Career Destiny Workshop for Friends
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#2 thing to do now

Please stop what you are doing NOW and schedule in 90 minutes to complete these assessments within the next three days. 

All workshop participants need to complete these assessments in advance or it will bog down the entire workshop for everyone.

How your Career and Business Destiny reveals itself 

  • We talk about one factor at a time so you can easily grasp the concept
  • Then you complete the fill-in-the-blank self-assessment questions to identify that factor for you.
  • We combine your assessments results with friends participating in the workshop to identify if there is a Shared Business Destiny – a business venture you can build together
  • You will have individual results for your own Career Destiny as well
  • You will create a daily intention that magnetizes and attracts the people, circumstances, events, places and opportunities to manifest your Shared Business Destiny

Please schedule in 90 minutes to complete these assessments in the next 3 days, thank you!

See you at the workshop at your scheduled date and time. 

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