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Here is an honest overview about defineyourcareer.com.

My name is Larry LaFata and I am a Career Discovery Coach. If you uncertain about what career you should go into, you have come to the right place.

My one business promise is to help you find the career or business you are meant for. 

DefineYourCareer.com is the best starting point if:

Define Your Career has one mission: your Career and Business Destiny

Our mission is to help you discover the career or business that is your Destiny, regardless of your experience, background or level of education.

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Meet Larry LaFata, Career Development Coach and founder, defineyourcareer.com.

Larry explains the defineyourcareer.com mission and its innovative approach to identifying the career you are meant for:

About DefineYourCareer.com

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About DefineYourCareer.com

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How Does DefineYourCareer.Com help me find my right career or business path?

Using my decades of business marketing experience and research, I have developed a series of career self-assessments that identify the 5 factors of your career destiny.

These self-assessments are based on proven business marketing concepts, applied to you as an individual.

It’s the best known way for you to make the massive transformation to the lifelong employment you are meant for. What I call your Career Destiny.

So you don’t need to end up frustrated, broke, bored, in the wrong gig. And you don’t need to be uncertain of what to do with all your talent and aptitude.

What is Larry’s approach to the career discovery process?

My approach to career discovery and self-assessment can be best described in my Career Destiny Proverb:

Larry LaFata's Career Destiny Proverb

Who operates DefineYourCareer.com? About Larry LaFata, Founder

I am the founder of DefineYourCareer.com and the author of  Define Your Career Destiny, the ultimate career discovery and self assessment program.

I help you find a fulfilling career, without aptitude tests or personality tests – which I believe turn you into a commodity and put you into a box.

About my experience and background, and why I have the skills to help you discover your Career Destiny:

  • I bring a lifelong love of marketing that started when I was 7 years old! I was fascinated with sending away for marketing offers on the back of cereal boxes and comic books
  • This lifelong love of marketing has developed into a deep business marketing background of more than 25+ years in helping businesses and individuals to develop marketing plans
  • As a business evaluation consultant for 25+ years, I have developed sales and marketing plans for  numerous brand name companies, including AT&T, Sears, Dr. Computer and Ceridian
  • I have applied all that business marketing experience to benefit you as an individual, by developing career assessment courses so you can choose the career or  business you are meant for
  • My marketing background, experience and research are applied and synthesized to build home study courses with one goal: to help you to discover your most powerful financial value and to align your career values and beliefs so you can manifest your Career Destiny
  • My education includes a BA In Business Marketing and Business Administration
  • I also have numerous marketing certifications and 600+ hours of marketing course completions
  • I have operated defineyourcareer.com for over 15 years

How I employ multiple career coaching tools to get you real results

My career coaching roles here include many Career Coaching disciplines, honed over 25 years of experience, research and education including:

Career Discovery Coaching

My most important focus is helping you discover the career or business you are meant for – your Career Destiny

Career Change Coaching 

I reduce your anxiety and career transition uncertainty by helping you vet your career decision, so you can be confident that your career change is based on a solid footing

Career Development Coaching 

I help you break down your career path to its most essential elements, prioritize what is most important to work on, then focus on Kaizen improvement & development

Career Mindset Coaching 

I help you align your values and beliefs, in order to remove the values conflicts and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your Destiny 

Career Transition Coaching 

I help you make the transition to a new career role by helping you assess and identify your personal career transition roadmap

Career Manifestation Coaching 

I help you manifest your Career Destiny by building daily intentions and affirmations that connect you to the universal superconscious to supply you with what you need

Career Affirmation Coaching 

I help you compose career affirmations to grow your personal poser and stay focused on your Career and Business Destiny

Not Job Search Coaching 

I do not assist with job search coaching because most career coaches already specialize in that field. I can best add value as a Career Discovery Coach.

Why am I in the career discovery coaching and mindset coaching field?

When my daughter went through college, she needed assistance in deciding how to best utilize her talents.

After a thorough search, she and I found no reliable ways available for her to choose a career.

I took my training and experience helping businesses with marketing discovery, and simply applied it to her as an individual.

Since then, I have continued on the pursuit of the ultimate career discovery and self assessment blueprint to help others define your Career Destiny.

Larry Lafata
Larry LaFata, Founder

It’s not the boss, its the job!

Cubicle hell: Is it your boss, or is it the job?

Why does our career self-assessment process work so well?

Simple. The Define Your Career self-assessment process is based on proven business marketing strategies that successful businesses use. These proven strategies are applied to you as an individual.

This empowers you to self-assess your ideal employment or business venture on a solid footing.

For example, successful businesses know who their target market is. You as an individual can learn how to do the same.

Successful organizations all know what value they best bring to market, and they invest in how to message that value to generate business. You can harness those same powers for yourself as an individual.

So instead of being an expendable commodity worker, just another employee looking for just another job, you are a branded superstar that knows what your greatest marketable value is. You’re someone who knows where they fit and knows where they are going.

The magnetic effect of your Career Destiny

Once you define your Career Destiny, a magnetic affect occurs.

You quickly attract the people, places, opportunities and events that manifest your Career Destiny. Depending how you pull it off, it can happen and manifest quickly.

How you benefit from this breakthrough self-assessment process:

A defined career destiny  supercharges your entire employment mindset and lifestyle:

  • You have job satisfaction – because you are working with the right community and audience, doing what you are meant to do, you are the happiest and most productive you can be

  • No competition – your unique role will unearth career & business opportunities no one else can copy

  • Lifetime job security – when you identify your unique career role, it creates a lifetime employment path that no one can ever take from you or fire you from

  • You overcome the top obstacles that stop most job searches cold – no more uncertainty, anxiety or lack of confidence

  • You believe in yourself and your path! So you stop feeling sorry for yourself, you stop feeling needy – your defined career destiny gives you powerful confidence and an urgent mission that won’t be denied

At the end of the career discovery self-assessment process, you are clear about your Career and Business Destiny:

By identifying the 5 factors that define your destiny, you will be confident about:

  • The career role where you can you be the superstar, in the arena can you dominate

  • Which of your talents or skills can produce the most marketable value

  • Who your target market is – that audience you are destined to serve

  • What field or industry you belong in,  the community you best work within

  • What to do if there is no education path for your defined career destiny

  • If you are an entrepreneur or not – and what business venture is right for you

Once you define the optimal career role you are uniquely suited to, you will be amazed how all kinds of job opportunities present themselves!

Your sharp new focus on your career or business destiny attracts advantageous career moves and new business alliances – and attracts opportunities and alliances to reveal themselves to you.

You’ll soon find yourself “on the shortlist” in any field of job candidates. You are able to “hang in there” when the going gets tough, because you know you are on the right path. Not only do you have extreme job satisfaction and more control in your life, but you make the world a better place. And – when you manage it right – the money flows.

How does the Define Your Career Destiny process work?

You simply slide down a funnel of 10 fill-in-the-blank career self assessments that identify the 5 Factors of your Career Destiny. This reveals what career or business is optimal for you, in less time than it takes to watch your favorite movie.

All Home Study Courses and Career Workshops include hands-on career coaching consults and unlimited email.

This kind of career coaching support allows you to make career breakthroughs that you could never achieve on your own.


What other career development services do we provide at DefineYourCareer.com?


Everything related to discovering your Career Destiny


How to find a career you love:

Lifetime Career Action Plan

  •  The Career Destiny Fast Track 3 week home study course builds on the Define Your Career Destiny home study course. It then boosts your Career Destiny into action, by converting your career plan blueprint into an action plan. This includes Goal Setting, milestones and Career Action Plan steps

Starting a business with Friends just got easier: now friends can build a business together

Career Mindset Coaching:

  • I  support your career assessment process  with Mindset Coaching consults to remove self-limiting beliefs that may be holding you back

In addition to Define Your Career Destiny Courses and Workshops I develop other helpful publications including:

Career Development Plan Templates for businesses and individuals: 

Free Career Decision Making Tools

What DON’T we do at DefineYourCareer.com?


I absolutely NEVER use career aptitude tests, personality tests or psychometric tests.

I believe these tests are designed to put you in a category box like cattle – not help you discover your unique value. 

I don’t charge you for an initial coaching consult

You can’t solve a career problem in 30 minutes. You can only put a band-aid on it.

I don’t offer resume editing services, interview tips or job search listings

There are thousands of trained certified experts who can help you with online job search, resumes and interviewing skills. That is simply not an area I focus on.

I don’t offer vague Life Coaching, social work or try to change who you are

My career discovery and self-assessment process helps you identify what career or business is your Destiny. You don’t have to change who you are or be babysat. I wont waste your time on chasing unicorns!

I don’t offer open-ended coaching packages that string you along

Most career coaching consults turn into huge package commitments of up to $3500 or more. My home study courses range from $99 to $497 flat rate

DefineYourCareer.com is dedicated to help you choose a career by discovering your career or business Destiny

My career discovery and self assessment courses have one goal: to help you to discover the lifetime employment you are meant for. Solo or with friends.

To give you the best results possible, all my home study courses are supported by live, hands-on career coaching guidance. This is the best known way for you to discover your Career Destiny and manifest it with great certainty.

Click on your choice of home study course or workshop to get started on discovering your career destiny today:

 Your Career Destiny Awaits!

Your Career Destiny Awaits!

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