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About Larry Lafata

About Larry LaFata

Welcome to

As the Founder of and the author of the Career Destiny Fast Track, I am dedicated to helping job seekers, career changers, student advisors, grads and entrepreneurs to find the shortcut to your career destiny.

Your career breakthrough is my business! ™ – and it’s my only focus.

If you are looking for a new career, are struggling in your job search, or are afflicted with the most awful of fates – bored underemployment – and wish could change your current employment, you’ll find a refreshing point of view here that is definitely outside the box.

As an independent career transition consultant, I work directly with job seekers and college grads, as well as institutional clients such as college student advisors, career advisors, and vocational counseling advisors. I do pro bono work for prisons and shelters. I also assist entrepreneurs, freelancers, and moonlighters to vet their business plans.

I work with you to transition you to your career destiny, using career path self-assessment tools, goal setting, and self-managing action plans.

My main vehicle to assist you is the Career Destiny Fast Track, a career plan blueprint and self-assessment tool that enables you to:

• Define your career or business destiny
• Convert that career destiny into goals to achieve it
• Put those goals into an Action Plan so you can be the Rock Star in your field

An important distinction I bring is that I am available to work hands-on, one-on-one coaching consults. I care about your success and I am reasonable in cost. So any struggling job seeker can take advantage of my services and achieve their breakthrough.

How I help you to discover your career or business destiny

I specialize in transitioning job seekers to their new career destiny, keeping first and foremost what I call your “employment enjoyment.”

The old adage “You can become whatever you want to be” is not necessarily true. However, you can become who you were meant to be: that is your career destiny.

My Mission for and the Career Destiny Fast Track is:

“To help job seekers, college grads and entrepreneurs to discover their
career or business destiny – regardless of their
background, experience or education”

I work with you to resolve your job search and career path questions such as:

How do I get a job in this scarce job environment?
• Help me find a career!
• What career is right for me?

• Am I cut out to be an entrepreneur or business owner?
• What job can I do when I get out of college?
• How can I make money fast to pay off this burdensome college debt?
• How can I make a career change to pivot out of the job I’m in now?
• What do I do with this obsolete university degree?
• Is continuing education a good idea right now?
• How do I get out of stuck in a sucky, boring, burnout job with no opportunity – and underemployed?

Using a simple career plan blueprint and self-assessment process, you will uncover your career path solution. I am here for you with coaching consults if you encounter any obstacles in the process.

If you feel you need coaching assistance with your career path planning, I assist you through completing the CareerPlan Pro, through a structured, intensive, three-week course known as CareerPlan Pro Fast Track.

How I am qualified to help you

My background includes more than 20 years helping 1000’s of businesses and individuals to better market and sells themselves, including AT&T, Ceridian, Sears, and ADT.

Read the success stories that other job seekers have achieved through this process.

You’ll benefit from my years of business marketing experience, used to streamline a short self-assessment process, that quickly uncovers your career or business destiny – in less time than it takes to watch your favorite ball game or movie.

I’m considered unique in the industry because I do not use Career Aptitude Tests or other psychometric tests. I believe these put you into a box – rather than help you think outside the box.

I simply take the same proven branding and marketing process that works for business and apply that to branding and marketing you as an individual.

A lifelong love for marketing

The main reason my programs, speaking engagements, and coaching have been so effective, is my lifelong love for marketing.

Even as a kid, I sent away for every toy I could on the back of Cheerios cereal box, and many ads in my Spider-Man comic books. From Green Lantern Rings to postage stamps, I got them all.
By 5th grade, I was selling creepy crawlers at school for $25 cents each – that I made with my Creepy Crawler machine Christmas present. At age 17 I placed ads in the local newspaper, marketing handwriting analysis.

I then went to college for Marketing, and hold a BA in Business Marketing from William Paterson University. Soon after graduation, I established Julieanne Marketing Group in 1995, and later Working by Design in 2002.

My marketing studies and consulting grew my body of knowledge to author numerous self-published ebooks, including Career Destiny Fast Track, Define Your Career, Quit Smoking for Good, Values-Based Motivation and Using Rewards to Motivate Your Team.

All my publications are designed to improve your life and lifestyle – it is my business promise.