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Larry LaFata is a Career Development Coach and Founder of DefineYourCareer.com

Larry’s Career Destiny Proverb explains how he helps you find the career you are meant for:

Larry LaFata's Career Destiny Proverb

Welcome to DefineYourCareer.com

Larry LaFata, Founder - my mission statement

My mission is to help you discover what career is right for you, regardless of your background, experience or level of education.

DefineYourCareer.com was founded to provide step-by-step career self assessments and other career decision tools, to insure you unlock your Career Destiny.

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About Larry LaFata and how he helps you define your career path

Hi, I’m Larry LaFata, the Founder of defineyourcareer.com. I am a career discovery and self assessment specialist, with one goal: to give you lifetime confidence and direction about what career path best expresses your identity.

If you are uncertain as to what the next step in your career path or career transition should be, you are in the right place.

How Larry LaFata is qualified to help you find your right career or business

My career planning background includes more than 25 plus years helping 100’s of businesses and individuals to better market and sell themselves, including AT&T, Ceridian, Sears, ADT, Doctor Computer and hundreds of small businesses.

I simply take the same proven branding and marketing process that works for business, and apply that to defining you as an individual.

You’ll benefit from my years of business marketing experience. I retooled it to streamline a short self-assessment process for individuals. So you can quickly uncover your career or business destiny – in less time than it takes to watch your favorite ball game or movie.

My precise self-assessments help you self-select the the career or business that you are a fit for.  You identify what career is right for you using the 5 Factors of your Career Destiny., Its an assessment process that I developed over 25 years in the business evaluation field.

The innovation of this career discovery process is that you assess yourself like a business, not like a psychologist with personality tests.

The result? You discover the career path you are meant for. You work in the lifestyle environment you prefer. 

This resolves the main problem of so many job-seekers: they take the wrong jobs for the wrong reason: its convenient, pays ok, a friend suggested it, etc.

This also rescues those who may struggle to make it big in the wrong line of business. If you are in the wrong career, no matter how hard you work, over time you can face burnout.

Book a Free Career Discovery Coaching Call

I offer a Free Career Discovery Coaching Call, where you can discover if my self assessment process is right for you. Book one now, at a convenient date and time for you, and we can chat then

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Step-by-step to choose a new career: Career Discovery and Self-Assessment Courses and Career Coaching Packages

Finding the career or business you are best suited to is my business. And unlike other career coaches, it is  my only focus. I don’t help you with polishing your resume, interview skills or how to job search online.

My career discovery and self-assessment courses are a guaranteed way for you to uncover the career path or entrepreneurial business that is right for you. 

You can define your career destiny by yourself, or you can build a business with friends by defining your career destiny with a group of friends.

Career Discovery Home Study Courses

How do you find a career you will love? My Home Study Courses and Group Workshops show you how

Decide on your right career or business with my innovative and precise career self assessments and career planning tools. 

  • Define Your Career Destiny is a one week home study course with hands-on career coaching. You’ll discover the career or business that is your destiny

  • Career Destiny Workshop for Friends is a 2 hour workshop where friends can identify their Shared Business Destiny

    • Friends complete a joint group career assessment to discover the business, joint venture or project they can all build together

    • This joint process avoids many of the pitfalls that can develop when you start a business with friends

  • Career Fast Track Action Plan – a complete 5 Year Career Action Plan – This two week home study course is only available to those who have completed the Define Your Career Destiny course first.

    • Week One: You convert your Career Destiny into an array of lifetime goals

    • Week two you ignite your short term, medium term and long term goals into a 5 year Career Action Plan that manifests your Career or Business Destiny quickly. 

  • Employee Development Plan Template Kit – for small to medium size businesses – is a lean employee development plan template for department managers and business owners

    • Boost employee performance improvement on day one

    • Focus only on employees job-related proficiencies

Try These Free Career Change and Career Decision Making Resources

I offer several free resources to simplify you career change and decision making, including:

Career Change Quiz

My free career change quiz will give you career clarity quickly. You can size up any job by answering these 5 questions. 

career change quiz: 5 questions to size up if its a good career

Career Decision Making Guide

This career decision making guide helps look at the rules you use to make career decisions.

Free career decision making worksheet in fillable pdf

How to Find a Career You Love - free career discovery and self-assessment guide

Free career discovery and career self-assessment guide, shows you how to uncover your career destiny

How to Unlock Your Career Destiny and find the job you are meant for!

How Larry uses multiple career coaching disciplines as key components of your career discovery and self assesment

An important distinction I bring to my practice is that all my home study courses and workshops include a hands on Career Coach. 

Based on my 25+ years experience in business and individual evaluation marketing, and my deep research into career discovery assessment, I have mastered and written about many types of career coaching.

Because I know that working with you one-on-one is the best way to make your career breakthrough.

My career coaching includes many disciplines:

  • As a Career Discovery Coach – I help you discover the career or business that is your Destiny

  • Career Mindset Coach – I guide you to eliminate limiting beliefs so you can cultivate a positive and abundant career mindset

  • Career Development Coach – I help businesses to boost employee job performance by focusing on job-related proficiencies

  • Growth Mindset Coach – I help you expand your paradigm to cultivate a growth mindset

  • Career Change Coach – I guide those in career transition or career change to make a smooth transition

  • Career Decision Coach – I help you discover the career or business that is your Destiny

  • Self Development Coach – I provide self-growth coaching and fill-in-the-blank templates for you to self-manage your development

  • Lifestyle Coach – I help you to program positive lifestyle choices

  • Vision Coach – I guide you to identify and define a clear vision of your career or business Destiny

This depth of coaching skills gives you the deepest possible level of assistance. Depending on your particular situation, I can provide you with the right kind of coaching.

The importance of the right kind of career coaching is that it provides you with an experienced helping hand, that is OUTSIDE your normal circle. This is often the only way for you to break the inertia that was holding you back to make your breakthrough to manifest your destiny.

Larry's comparison chart of online career coaching services

To find out more about career coaching services, please visit my Online career coaching hub

I care about your success, and prove it with how reasonable I am in my career coaching services. So any struggling job seeker can take advantage of my affordable career coaching programs to manifest their Career Destiny quickly.

My career self-assessment courses are the most organized in the industry, so all you have to do is complete the modules and slide down the funnel to you Career Destiny.

Whether you are looking for a new career, are struggling in your job search, or are afflicted with the most awful of fates – bored underemployment – and wish could change your current employment, you’ll find a refreshing point of view here that is definitely outside the box.

How do I find the career I am meant for: Who Larry helps best

As an independent career discovery consultant, I work directly with many types of job seekers.

If you are looking to change careers and need some assistance with career transition to a new career or business, I can help:

  • Career Change: If you need to make a career change transition at 30, 40 or 50, and want to find the right new career

  • How to decide on a career: If you are undecided what career to choose 

  • How to choose a career: If you need a step by step process to find the career that is right for you

  • Small business ideas: If you are entrepreneur but not sure what business to choose

  • Careers without college: If you don’t have a college degree or job experience and need some direction how to make a career change

  • Career advisors: I help institutional clients such as college student advisors, career advisors, and vocational counseling advisors

Career Transition Coaching: How larry assists you to make a smooth career change?

A career change is a huge, important transition in your life. My innovative approach helps you to transition to your career destiny smoothly. So you avoid making a career move that you regret. Especially if you are making a career change at 40 or 50.

Using career path self-assessment tools, goal setting, and self-managing action plans, I help you overcome the 3 main obstacles to career change.

My most powerful vehicle to assist you to discover your right career, is the Define Your Career Destiny Home Study Course. It’s a career plan template and self-assessment tool that enables you to:

  • Define your career or business destiny and vet that its is the right decision

  • Convert that career destiny into goals to achieve it

  • Put those goals into an Action Plan so you can be the Rock Star in your field and manifest your Career Destiny

What career path questions does Larry LaFata help you resolve?

Finding the lifetime career path that you are well suited to

With 25+ years of evaluating businesses marketing, I developed an accurate self-assessment process for individuals.

So I am able to resolve your career path discovery and development questions such as:

Using my simple career plan blueprint and self-assessment process, you will uncover your career path solution. I am here for you. I include hands on coaching consults to overcome any snags you encounter in the process.

Larry won't put you in a box with personality tests or career tests like most other career coaches do

Most career coaches are trained to help you with job search, interviews and resumes – not identifying what career is right for you.

So they end up falling back to using career tests such as aptitude tests and personality tests. These tests measure you, but don’t define you.

I don’t use them. I want you to evaluate yourself like a business does, not like a psychologist does with their psychometric tests. 

Why Larry LaFata does NOT use career Aptitude tests or Personality Tests, like so many other career coaches do

No career test box at defineyourcareer.com

I’m considered unique in the industry because I do not use Career Personality Tests, Aptitude Tests or other psychometric tests.

I believe these tests put you into a box, category or classification that has nothing to do with manifesting your Destiny.

You may be good at math, doesn’t mean you want to work with numbers all day! You may be introverted, that shouldn’t limit you to certain job classifications.

For example, just ask Elon Musk, who though is famously introverted is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in history.

Why did Larry go into Career Development Coaching?

The main reason my programs, speaking engagements, and career mindset coaching have been so effective, is my lifelong love for marketing.

Even as a kid, I sent away for every toy I could on the back of Cheerios cereal box, and from the ads in the back of my Spider-Man comic books.

From Green Lantern Rings to seahorses, from Venus Fly Traps to postage stamps collections, I got them all.

By 5th grade, my love for marketing merged with being an entrepreneur. I started selling creepy crawlers at school for $.25 cents each – that I made with my Creepy Crawler machine I received as a Christmas present.

By 12 years old I was selling packs of firecrackers, until I got suspended from school in 7th grade! I sold greeting cards and fruitcakes door to door in High School. At age 17 I moved up to media marketing, placing ads in the local newspaper for $3.00 marketing handwriting analysis.

I then went to college for Marketing, and hold a BA in Business Marketing from William Paterson University. Soon after graduation, I worked at an investment banking firm on Wall Street and later established Working by Design in 2002.

How does Larry LaFata improve your life?

Every one of my publications and home study courses are designed to improve your life by helping you choose the right career or business.

My marketing studies, research, and career in business consulting grew my body of knowledge and experience which guides my career discovery process.

The result is I have authored numerous self-published courses, ebooks and blog posts including  Define Your Career and Career Destiny Workshop for Friends.

All my publications are designed to improve your life, lifestyle and manifest abundance – it is my business promise.

To get started manifesting your career Destiny, my step by step career assessment guides you how.

Define Your Career Destiny - one week home study course

How to contact Larry

The best way to contact Larry is to complete this contact form and I will reply shortly

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Larry Lafata, Career Discovery Coach

Larry LaFata is founder of defineyourcareer.com and the world’s only Career Discovery Coach. He is dedicated to help you discover your Career Destiny, regardless of your background, education or experience. His innovative courses include Define Your Career Destiny one week home study course and Career Destiny Workshop for Besties.

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