Group 5 Mastermind Alliance


Group 5 Mastermind - Define Your Career Destiny

Group 5 Mastermind Alliance – Monthly group of five meet to support the growth and development of each other’s Career Destiny

You can accomplish almost anything when you are part of a powerful team working together. Especially a Mastermind Alliance. Every successful sports star, business leader or entertainment star has a team to guide their trajectory. Why can’t you have one too?

Join the Roundtable

Group 5 Mastermind Alliance is a virtual roundtable of five people who each contribute, invest and support the growth of a each others Career and Business Destiny. Fast growing businesses employ consultants to help them manage growth, you will have five. Each member will lend their expertise and effort to help you with your specific needs to manifest your Career Destiny. The Group may also invest in a common mutual enterprise together.

Supportive team working together

You just can’t beat the benefits of a Mastermind group who have your interests in mind. The return on investment is substantial. You will have a supportive, experienced team of mentors working to advance your enterprise. The Group 5 Mastermind Group assists you to better achieve your Career Destiny:
  • Have a team that is on your side, working in harmony to grow your Career Destiny
  • Offering guidance to solve specific obstacles in the way of your Career Destiny Action Plan
  • Pointing out blind spots you couldn’t possibly see yourself
  • Brainstorm together on career or business opportunities
  • Increase your professionalism with the cross disciplinary exposure of a diverse team
  • Bring resources to bear that you couldn’t bring by yourself
  • Enjoy the camaraderie of a like-minded team with a common purpose

Convenient Monthly Meetings

We’ll talk twice per month on video call with screenshare Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, etc. with an agenda to discuss how to advance each other’s Career Destiny. Each member will have an agreed upon course of action to complete between meetings, for both their own and others in the group. Group 5 Mastermind is not for everyone, an application is required.
  • For defined clients who have completed Career Destiny Fast Track and now know where they are going
  • Application required to determine suitability
  • $37 monthly membership fee
  • Monthly time commitment of about 3 to 4+ hours per month
  • Potential ongoing investments into a mutual enterprise may be required as voted
If you have completed Career Destiny Fast Track, contact me for an application    
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