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The five factors every job seeker must know to find their Career Destiny.
If you want to discover what career is exactly right for you, my simple self-
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Success stories from Job Seekers show how Define Your Career has helped them to discover their Career Destiny.
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To really nail down our career path self-assessment, many need a helping hand. My one on one individualized coaching session helps you to get the most out of the Define Your Career process.
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Larry LaFata

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If you are like many job seekers who want to find what career is the perfect fit, you may have tried ‘do-it-yourself’ aptitude tests, career tests or career path planning. Unfortunately, most of you struggle to get the results you want, and need a helping hand to breakthrough to your ideal career. The Define Your Career program is that helping hand. 

My self-assessment programs and coaching sessions focus on one thing: to help you discover your Career Destiny and to put it into action so you can attain the lifestyle you want.  

When you have actualized you Career Destiny, you will believe in yourself, so you gain unstoppable confidence to persist through obstacles. You reduce stress and anxiety, avoid burnout and underemployment and put yourself in control.


The Five Factors of Your Career Destiny

This is the breakthrough process we use to Define Your Career

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