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“The old adage ‘You can become whoever you want to be’ is not necessarily true.
However, you can become who you are meant to be. That is your Career Destiny.”

– Larry Lafata, Author of Define Your Career

Finally, a program that answers the question

“What Career is My Destiny?”

Now there is a proven self-assessment process that reveals your best career or business fit. It includes coaching assistance option to insure you get results!

Define Your Career unlocks your lifetime employment match, by solving the Five Factors of your Career Destiny:

  • How to best employ your talents
  • What will fulfill your passion & interests
  • Who is your ideal audience & target market 
  • Who are the your preferred working peer group
  • How to be employed in tune with your values & beliefs

Define Your Career Destiny by using proven business marketing principles

Define Your Career employs the same universal marketing principles that successful businesses use to market their services, modified to apply to you as an individual. 

These principles concentrate your focus to uncover your ideal lifetime employment, and to maximize your marketable value.

Rather than put you into an ‘aptitude box’ with Aptitude tests, the Define Your Career process empowers you to self-assess your own unique capabilities.

As an experienced career planning coach and dad of a University Student, I know what job seekers are going through. I created this program to focus you on one important thing: to discover your lifelong inspiring Career Destiny. 

For those who desire professional career coaching assistance,
I offer a two week intensive Career Destiny Fast Track
Guided by an experienced career coach

Career Destiny Fast Track Program

A Coached Two Week Intensive

$197 Order Now

My most effective career path planning program. 

For job seekers who prefer or require professional guidance to work through the career self-assessment process.

Having outside assistance from a career coach can provide engaged guidance to help you overcome obstacles not otherwise possible on your own.

Career Destiny Fast Track is a deadline driven, coach-guided two week intensive based on the Define Your Career concepts.

Daily email and weekly phone coaching sessions ensure ongoing engagement that builds momentum to complete the Five Factors of your Career Destiny.

This close coach interaction helps you to identify and work through any obstacles and maximize your results. 

Many job seekers make their big breakthrough from this coaching engagement process, by brainstorming and working out ideas derived from the Define Your Career process. 

Requires a 4 to 6 hours commitment over two weeks to complete the program.

$197 Order Now

For those who feel they can discover their Career Destiny without coaching assistance, Define Your Career comes in book format

Define Your Career

The ultimate career destiny blueprint

$17 Buy Now at in Softcover book or Kindle

This self-assessment program enables you to discover your lifelong career or business destiny, regardless of your experience, background or education.

Do-it-yourself through 10 exercises that uncover the Five Factors of your Career Destiny. 

You will discover the ideal audience you serve, your peer working community, how to build your personal interests & desires into your work, and employment values and beliefs that will guide you for a lifetime. 

Instead of being just another job seeker without a plan, you will gain the confidence of knowing what career and business role that you fit best and what your greatest marketable value is.

This increases your hireability, because when you believe in yourself and your Career and Business Destiny, the hiring manager and professional contacts will too. 

$17 Buy Now at in Softcover book or Kindle

For those who want professional guidance to discover their Career Destiny, I offer affordable one-on-one coaching sessions.

Inidividual Coaching Session With A Seasoned Career Coach

Supportive Affordable One-On-One Coaching

$47 Order Now

Nothing is better than to have a supportive, experienced career coach and mentor to reach out to when you need to. On Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, etc.

Coaching consults can assist you to achieve your Career Destiny by:

  • Offering guidance on course materials in Define Your Career
  • Brainstorm on career or business topics 
  • Overcome any obstacles or distractions that had been holding you back (real and imagined)
  • Become inspired on your outcomes by making it real for you

$47 Order Now

What is Your Career Destiny?

If you want to discover what career or business is right for you, the smartest way to start is with my accurate self-assessment that identifies the 5 Factors of your Career Destiny.

Career Destiny

Free Career Destiny eBook

Larry LaFata

Here to help you discover your career destiny

If you are like many job seekers who want to find what career is the perfect fit, you may have tried aptitude tests,
career tests or tried different career paths, but still struggle to get the results you want. My Define Your Career program changes all that.

After decades in business marketing, I realized you can apply the same proven success secrets of business marketing to yourself as an individual. This lead me to the discovery of the 5 Factors of your Career Destiny, which solves what career or business destiny is your most rewarding lifetime employment.

I am passionate about helping you avoid underemployment, where you are unhappy and burned out in a job that wastes your time and talents. The Define Your Career program is written for you to discover your most exuberant, fulfilling Career Destiny.

Why wait to get started? Millions are waiting for you! 

What People are Saying About Define Your Career

Define Your Career with Coach Larry Lafata's Fast Track Coaching Programs



Name: Stephanie

Rating: 5/5 stars

Full Reivew: As a millennial, I have had my share of rough patches in my career but after reading this book I have realized it was because my jobs never matched my values. Not only did this book help me work through my own career questions but it also showed me I’m on the right path despite the negative forces around me. Thanks for writing this book, Larry! Book Format: Amazon Kindle eBook (Verified Purchase)

Define Your Career with Coach Larry Lafata's Fast Track Coaching Programs



Name: Sabrina

Rating: 5/5 stars

Full Review: This book really did a lot for me. After spending years in a career that wasn’t the right fit, only to get laid off and being stuck not knowing where to go next, this book literally landed right in front of me at the perfect time. This is a great read if you are asking yourself what career is the right career for you. Going through all of the self-assessments, I did exactly what Larry’s method recommended,  being as detailed as possible, writing things down, and taking the time to figure out exactly what my career path should be, based on the 5 factors that I used as a guide to dissecting my life and my values. I am now more focused than ever, and I know exactly where I need to be. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who needs advice on career planning and wants to have more control over their own life, especially college students, those experiencing burnout with their current careers, and even those who are unemployed or underemployed. Book Format: Amazon Kindle eBook (Verified Purchase)

Define Your Career with Coach Larry Lafata's Fast Track Coaching Programs



Name:Sierra Barela

Rating: 5/5 stars

You graduated, now what?? I am Colorado University Grad needing to figure out what career is right for me. It is tough out there! This book gave me the guidance to do so. I would highly recommend this book to any graduate who is devoted to finding a career using their degree. In the book, there is a series of self-assessments that helped guide me to find my ideal career. This book helped me determine by my experience and skills what role in the industry I would be best suited for. Larry, the author, displays a professional and easy approach to this difficult decision making we as graduates have to make! This book made it easy and I am now happy to say that I have chosen to become a part of a wildlife conservation group where I can use my skills and biology degree to target my ideal career. This book makes the decision-making process easy! Throughout the book it stays focuses on isolating the best career path, without detouring and providing information that you DONT need. Larry created the perfect career plan blueprint that helped me find my ideal career! Book Format: Amazon Kindle eBook (Verified Purchase)