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Yes, you can find a career that is a good fit for your talents and skills, regardless of your experience or level of education.

The secret? Assess yourself the same way a business does. 

My step-by-step career self-assessment shows you how to find a career you will love, by using the same evaluation process that successful businesses use.

Starting from right where you are now, you can define the lifetime career mission you are best suited to.  

Avoid making a mistake when changing careers

If you need to make a career change, you want to avoid making a mistake.

My self-assessment process reduces your risk by aligning your career choice with your purpose.    

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Proven ways to find a career you will love for a lifetime

Define Your Career Destiny - the ultimate career discovery and career plan template

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with a lifetime Career Action Plan

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Discover how to choose a career, regardless of your experience or education

Welcome to I’m Larry LaFata, founder and Career Development Coach.

I am dedicated to one focus: to help you find the career or business you were meant for.

So you can travel on a fulfilling career path you will love for a lifetime.

If you are deciding on a career or making a career change, my step-by-step self assessment process helps you avoid making a mistake

My approach is different than any other career coach out there. Here’s why.

Typical career coaches are trained to help you with resumes, interviews and job search. They are not trained to help you discover what career is right for you.

This is why they give you personality tests – which I believe only put you into a box.

My innovative career self-assessments are based on proven business concepts, not psychology tests.

If you want to find a career you love, but are uncertain about what career you should pursue, book a call with me at no charge.

We’ll identify the shortest path to manifest your future, using the Five Factors of your Career Destiny.

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I show you how my process works in my Free Career Discovery Assessment Guide: “How to Unlock Your Career Destiny.”


This Free Guide explains the 5 Factors that identify how to find a career you will love for a lifetime.


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In How to Unlock Your Career Destiny, I reveal the 5 secrets
that every job seeker must know to make a career change
to the job they will love for a lifetime.  



How to unlock your career destiny free report by Larry LaFata

This course really did a lot for me. After spending years in a career that wasn’t the right fit, only to get laid off and being stuck not knowing where to go next, this course literally landed right in front of me at the perfect time. This is a great read if you are asking yourself what career is the right career for you. Going through all of the self-assessments, I did exactly what Larry’s method recommended,  being as detailed as possible, writing things down, and taking the time to figure out exactly what my career path should be, based on the 5 factors that I used as a guide to dissecting my life and my values. I am now more focused than ever, and I know exactly where I need to be. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who needs advice on career planning and wants to have more control over their own life, especially college students, those experiencing burnout with their current careers, and even those who are unemployed or underemployed. Course Format:  (Verified Purchase)


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